How Much Money Can You Make Teaching English Online

Ever wished that you had some sort of skill or experience that you could use to make extra money from? If you’re a fluent English speaker then you already have the skills to work online as an English teacher. But, wait, you can’t really make much money from that or make teaching English online a career choice – of course you can! With all of the latest advancements in technology, it’s never been easier to supplement your income by teaching English online.
There are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to how much money you can make working as an online English teacher. This includes how much time you’re willing to put into teaching, which online teaching platform you sign up for, the type of teaching that you do and what type of qualifications and experience do you have.


So how much time do you have to put in to make money out of teaching English? Many learning platforms that you sign up for pay by an hourly rate so it all comes down to how many hours you can dedicate. There are some companies that allow you to teach English using just your mobile phone. This means you can work part-time teaching English whenever you have the time. An hour here or an hour there every day and suddenly you’ll be teaching enough to make a difference to your bank balance.


Generally, companies pay hourly and the average rate that companies pay is between €10-€20 an hour. These online English teaching platforms usually have their own set of requirements and target market students. Some companies offer incentives to make extra money, like referral fees for getting someone else to sign up to teach, or bonuses for picking up classes at the last minute.

There is often a minimum commitment of hours per week that you have to agree to before you’re accepted as one of their English teachers. Other requirements can include being a certain nationality or having the right qualifications.


The more experience you have means the more skills you’ll have and you will earn a higher salary. If you have experience in teaching English as a foreign language online, you will be given more classes, trusted with particular clients and will be able to earn a higher hourly rate.

Being Good

It goes without saying that if you’re good at your job then you will be rewarded better than someone who is only adequate. The same is true in teaching English online. If you’re one of those teachers who can be engaging and stimulating with their students using your enthusiasm for teaching or props to help your students learn, you’re going to get a lot of positive feedback. Lots of online English teaching platforms are set up so that you’re rated by your students after each session. The higher rating you hold, the more sought out you are from other students and the higher you can raise your teaching rates.


Being able to teach English online is one of the major benefits of being able to work remotely. This can make a huge impact of how much money you can make. If you decide to live in a country in South East Asia where the cost of living is cheap, you could carve out a wonderful life for yourself and save lots of money.

Teaching English Online for a Specific Purpose

Teaching online doesn’t have to be for a company. You could start your own online tutoring business or freelance and teach business professionals who require Business English. Putting in the time to learn a specialist skill and qualification can mean the difference between earning a living and earning the big bucks. Designing your own course material specific to your niche skills and teaching Business English could make you a highly sought-after individual by enterprises of different descriptions. Teaching Business English is one of several 30-hour modules that you can do to add to your TEFL certificate to increase your salary expectations.


The criteria to be hired to teach English will differ from company to company, however, these are the general requirements.

  • The first requirement that you need to meet is having a strong command of the language, which means you need to be fluent. The minimum standard to be considered fluent is C1.
  • You will need your TEFL certificate or some sort of teaching qualification. Doing the 120-hour TEFL course is generally the minimum amount that would be accepted as the training in this course is designed to make you a competent and capable English teacher. Another good reason why you should do this course is because with the 120-hour TEFL certificate, you can also teach English abroad in a classroom. So, teaching English online could become an extra job you did in your spare time to make extra cash.
  • There are some teaching English companies though that will hire you to teach English online, even if you don’t have your TEFL certificate. However, you will need at least a university degree to compensate or plenty of online teaching experience.
  • Several companies, depending on where they’re based themselves, will only work with you if you’re of a particular nationality.

If you feel that you need some further insight into how to make money teaching English online, we offer a 30-hour module that provides everything you need to know.

 So How Much Money Can You Make?

How much you earn really does depend on how much you’re willing to commit to turning online teaching into your professional career. However, let’s answer the question for arguments sake so you can get a rough idea what you could earn teaching English online.

If you managed to set your rate at €20 per hour, and you decided you’d work 25 hours a week at a flexible schedule, you could be earning €2,000 a month.

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