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Anyone who speaks English fluently can become TEFL certified, whether you are a native or near-native speaker. Whether you are here to launch your TEFL career or travel the world with ease, the TEFL Institute is here to help.

How to Choose the Best Online TEFL course

How to Choose the Best Online TEFL course






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TEFL Acronyms Explained

Anyone considering teaching English as a foreign language will probably have done some research and been confused and daunted by the array of acronyms that are used. Here are a few of the more common acronyms that you’ll likely come across as you c...

How Useful is a TEFL Qualification?

Before putting in the time to complete the 120-hours to becoming a qualified TEFL teacher, you might be wondering just how useful having a TEFL qualification actually is. An accredited TEFL Certificate will open up many doors for you and is the minim...

What is a TEFL teacher?

Let’s start with the most basic question concerning TEFL as you weigh up whether it’s worth your time doing a TEFL Course and that is, what is a TEFL teacher? A TEFL Teacher is someone who teaches English as a foreign language (TEFL) to adults an...

Can I teach English as a Foreign Language Online (TEFL)?

Teaching English online is a growing trend as a result of the pandemic with many teachers wanting to be able to work remotely either at home or abroad. This was an area that was already growing exponentially fast before COVID-19 and it has become one...

Do I Need to be a Native Speaker of English to Study a TEFL Course?

People interested in being paid to travel around the world by teaching English are not just those with a native English-speaking tongue. Becoming a TEFL teacher is an appealing opportunity that many around the world want to experience and you don’t...

How to Choose the Right TEFL Course?

There are so many TEFL courses available that it can be quite hard to decide which TEFL course is right for you and what is the best way to invest your time and energy. It only takes a quick Google of TEFL to find multiple different but similar-looki...

What do you Learn on a TEFL Course?

Doing a TEFL course is incredibly beneficial because of the wide range of topics that will help prepare you for teaching English as a foreign language. By doing the TEFL Institute’s course, you will be getting an accredited level 5 TEFL Certificate...

What Documents do I Need to Teach English Abroad?

Teaching English as a foreign language abroad can be a confusing route to take because each country has its own requirements and documents that you need to have if you want to teach English. Passport You’ll need a valid passport that’s in date wi...

Frequently Asked Questions

There is much information out there about the world of TEFL, mostly with conflicting answers. We have answered all of the frequent questions we are asked including questions on our programs, as well as this, we have tried to simplify and bring clarity to the different types of TEFL qualifications available.
Every job will require you to have good communication skills, no matter what you do for work. Taking a TEFL course will help increase your knowledge and understanding of the English language, which will boost your written communication skills. Open to native or near-native English speakers, all you will need to pass the TEFL certification is the ability to read, write, and speak English.

Frequently asked questions

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