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Teaching English as a foreign language is the career path for many TEFL teachers, but not many English language teachers are capable of teaching the business language of the world. By investing yourself in TEFL Institute’s 240-hour Master TEFL Course, you will be undertaking the 120-hour TEFL Course, which is the minimum requirement to teach English abroad.
On top of that, you’ll also be up-levelling your credentials with four of the most popular and in-demand 30-hour specialist courses, the IELTS, TOEIC, Business English and Young Learners. Becoming a specialist in any of these four areas will allow you to carve out a rewarding career in a niche market in the TEFL teaching industry.
Having IELTS on your CV means to any TEFL employer that you’ll be able to teach English abroad in any classroom and deliver effective language lesson online. With the theory and practical suggestions this course provides, you will be able to teach English as a foreign language with confidence that your lesson plans are providing your students the necessary prep work that they need to pass the IELTS exams.
The additional 30-hour TOEIC module is designed to provide you with the specialist skills to prepare those looking to take the TOEIC test with a formal business level of English. Because English is the most commonly spoken language in the business world, there is a high demand for TOEIC proficient teachers.
TEFL Institute’s fully accredited Business English Course will allow you to teach in a variety of settings. After completing this 30-hour additional module, you’ll be able to work from home as a tutor or address a class of business professionals wanting to expand their business vocabulary.
Teaching Young Learners is one of the most rewarding specialist areas in the TEFL world. This 30-hour course is your key to opening doors in this fulfilling career path. This course looks at educational theories, teaching methodologies and specific activities that can be drawn upon to keep your students interested and motivated in the classroom.
With these four specialist 30-hour modules along with the 120-hour TEFL Course, this 240-hour Master TEFL Course package will provide you with everything you need to have the TEFL teaching career you’ve been dreaming of. As a globally recognised TEFL provider, our academic team are responsible for developing and delivering a comprehensive online learning module with extensive course material. The TEFL Institute has a reputation within the TEFL industry for its high calibre of training and producing TEFL teachers of the highest standard.


Module One: How to Make Sense of Teacher/Learner Needs

Understanding your students’ language abilities and why they want to learn English. Get to know the basic principles behind TEFL teaching.

Module Two: How to Understand and Use Grammatical & Teaching Terminology

By the end of this module, you’ll know your present continuous from your present simple tense no problem. Most of all, you’ll be familiar and confident with grammatical terms. We know that grammar can be intimidating for new teachers – it won’t be at the end of module 2!

Module Three: How to Plan Your Syllabus & Lessons

Being the best teacher you can be is down to planning. On this course you’ll get the planning techniques that will not only save you time but will ensure that your lessons run smoothly. You’ll gain students’ respect which of course is great for reviews (especially if you are teaching online).

Module Four: How to Teach Grammar

Now that you know grammatical terms, you’ll fly through this module on how to teach it. Breaking down your students’ English levels, you’ll know which grammatical term to teach and how to teach it. You’ll get so much useful information about how to prepare engaging grammatical building block lessons which work. Watching your students progress will be so exciting!

Module Five: How to Teach Vocabulary

Did you know that there are around 171,000 words in the English language? Don’t worry, you’ll only be asked to teach a few hundred of those! From beginner restaurant vocab like, MENU, PLATE, GLASS, MAINS to advanced business such as, INCOME, EXPENDITURE, RECRUITMENT. You’ll study the tools to teach vocabulary and use them effectively so that your students can use it in the right context.

Module Six: How to Teach Pronunciation 

Help your students speak English confidently by practicing pronunciation. This is the primary reason that they want to learn English from you. As a native speaker pronouncing a word like ‘enough’ is simple for you, not so with many other nationalities. On this course you’ll learn modern techniques to help your students sound as fluent as possible.

Module Seven: How to Teach Reading & Listening Skills

These are called ‘Receptive skills’ because the student is receiving language. By the end of this lesson, you’ll know the most effective ways to engage students in reading English and how to write it. This includes setting listening tasks to music, radio and recordings, to reading letters, emails, Facebook posts both inside and outside the classroom. Oh yes, you’ll be setting a lot of homework for your students!

Module Eight:  How to teach Writing & Speaking Skills

These are called ‘Productive skills’ because students produce language. You’ll learn plenty of useful ideas about how to get your students up on their feet and chatting to you about hobbies, politics or story telling. You’ll also get help with how to teach your students to write English – at all levels, from favorite foods, to the economy in Spain.

Module Nine: How to Teach English for Specific Purposes

Your students have a reason why they want to learn English. You’ll learn how to differentiate these different types of students and how to tackle their lessons. For example, how to teach teenagers, or business people or exam classes to help students get into universities in the US or UK. You’ll end lesson 9 armed with a breadth of knowledge about who you are teaching, why you are teaching them and what you should teach them.

Module Ten: How to Move from Learning to Earning

Here you’ll get up-to-date tips on the current employment market. Once you’ve secured your first job, in this module you’ll receive details about how to get the best career ‘teachers toolkit’ ready to jump into any job online or abroad.


The International English Language Testing System is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers.

Imagine helping your students to open doors to universities and jobs in English speaking countries? This important exam is taken by two million hopeful students annually – and you are the key to their success! Which means that having this accredited certificate on your resume will boost your earning power by at least 30%.

Schools want you, students need you – opportunities galore await!  IELTS really is THAT important.

This seven module course will focus on how to teach the four main areas that students must be proficient in to pass:

  • Listening – students listen to four recordings and answering questions.
  • Reading – students answer 40 questions on various writing materials provided in the exam.
  • Writing – students will be asked to explain data provided to them and write an argumentative essay.
  • Speaking- assessment through four oral. conversations on various general topics as well as more abstract topics.

Similarly to IELTS, the Test of English for International Communications is a global standard in English fluency.

Primarily a workplace exam for those employed in international business it sees over 6 million test-takers annually.

This fully accredited six module course will give you the specialist knowledge to work within a commercial environment and prepare your students for global career success. English is the global language of commerce. This means that you will be in high demand in this very lucrative area.

In this unit you will understand how to improve your students’ score in the main areas of this hugely important exam. This centres around:

  • 45 minutes for Section I: Listening.
  • 75 minutes for Section II: Reading.
  • Approximately 30 minutes to answer biographical questions.

FACT: English is the language of global commerce. Which means that the demand for people who are qualified to teach English in a commercial environment is now one of the fastest growing markets in the (already) booming English language learning sector

This fully accredited How to Teach Business English course will really help you to become a TEFL-PRO. At the end of this course you’ll learn how to teach and what to teach in a variety of commercial settings. This could be one-to-one, online, groups of executives or groups of factory workers.

This seven module course is packed with creative content to make you a competent business English teacher and covers:

  • How to teach the four skills for commercial use (reading, writing, listening and speaking).
  • Intercultural language nuances.
  • Teaching business English for specific purposes.

Teaching young minds is probably one of the most satisfying jobs you’ll do. The demand for your know-how will be vast. You could find yourself teaching online from home on one of the many platforms hiring 1000’s of teachers monthly. If your sights are set abroad, then schools across the world will be eager to employ you. Why? Because they have thousands of students on their books who need English teachers.

Over five jam-packed modules you’ll learn how to optimize real or virtual classroom techniques  and management skills to educate eager young minds. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Teaching grammar and vocabulary.
  • Teaching reading and writing.
  • Teaching listening and speaking.
  • Lots of FUN and ENGAGING activities for 4-16 year olds.

As a globally recognised TEFL provider, our academic team are responsible for developing and delivering a comprehensive online learning module with extensive course material. The TEFL Institute has a reputation within the TEFL industry for its high caliber of training and producing TEFL teachers of the highest standard.

The TEFL Institute’s accrediting body is the Training Qualifications United Kingdom (TQUK), and our center number is C000854. We are also accredited by ACDL, of which our accreditation number is 2854-2540.

The 180 hour level 5 TEFL Course is government regulated by OFQUAL. The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England and vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland. To learn more about Ofqual or to verify TQUK’s status, visit their website: Ofqual

Because we care about your TEFL journey from the moment you decide you want to teach English as a foreign language. We want you to be well prepared, to have the right qualifications and all the skills necessary to realize all of your ambitions. The TEFL Institute assists you every step of the way and offer guidance to ensure you take the right course or internship that best suits your needs. From the moment you get in touch, we are here for you and you become a member of the TEFL Institute family.

Our Core Principles

Passion – Our team is passionate about travel, teaching and building lasting relationships with our clients. We are constantly generating new leads, creating new programs and internships, and generating new content to help meet our clients’ needs.

Genuine & Committed – We genuinely care about our clients and interns and are committed to providing them with personal one-on-one help from our dedicated and experienced team to ensure that his or her TEFL dreams are met.

Partnership & Collaboration – We work with a variety of other companies across the globe to create lasting relationships and partnerships to help service our clientele by providing them with opportunities to live and work abroad. We are continuously striving to create new and lasting partnerships to best serve our clients.

Integrity – We believe in doing everything with integrity and honesty. To uphold the highest moral standards in all we do to best serve our customers as a trustworthy and reliable source.

  • What is a TEFL certification?

    The “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” (TEFL) certificate, is the most commonly accepted certificate worldwide. This certificate allows you to teach English to non-native speakers across the globe. The main qualifications to get a TEFL is to have the ability to speak English at a native-level and then complete a course. You can complete a TEFL course either online or in a classroom. The different courses vary based on the number of hours it takes to complete.


    First and foremost, an aspiring TEFL teacher must be outgoing and confident, and not afraid to make themselves look a little silly, especially when teaching children. Expression is a huge part of the methodologies to be able to get your point across. You’ll warm up to this in time and it all takes practice.

    We suggest people to be at least 16 with a C1 level of English or higher. If you’re not sure, we have a free English test. We also would recommend people who work on their own initiative as it is an online course and you will need to be your own motivation.

    • As a TEFL qualified teacher, the world is your oyster. Our 120 hour TEFL certificate is fully accredited and internationally recognized, meaning you can teach online or around the globe. If you are looking to teach in your home country at a language center or would like to go to the UAE, we would suggest you doing our higher level qualification, our 180 hour level 5 TEFL course, as this is the requirement in such competitive countries.
    • Both courses are your main TEFL qualification and give you the opportunity to start your ESL career. However, there are a few differences between them and the right choice will depend on your story and goals.

      The 120 hour TEFL course is the minimum standard around the world. It is a lovely laid out course with 10 modules outlined in the course content. This certification can be used primarily to teach online and travel the world. It is the fastest route to getting a qualification.

      The 180 hour course is a level 5 qualification and can be compared to a CELTA or TrinityTESOL. This course is harder and longer to complete, but worth it in the end as it opens up so many opportunities. This course should be taken if you’d like to teach in your home country or certain places in Asia.


    You do not need any prior teaching degrees or experience to teach abroad. Once you have your TEFL certificate, you are 100% able to work as a TEFL teacher. A B.Ed. will of course help your resume, but it is definitely not necessary.


    Our courses are filled with course content, videos, podcasts, reflective tasks, and tests. They are online courses and can be completed in your own time and from home.

    Our 120 hour TEFL course has 10 modules with a multiple choice test at the end of each module. You will need 80% to pass. We offer free retests, so if you fail the first time, simply go through your coursework again and retake the test. All examinations are completed online and at your own pace. You are given 6 months to complete the course to accommodate for people who have full-time jobs and dependents, but ultimately it doesn’t take this long.


    The TEFL Institute is fully accredited by the TQUK (center number: C000854) and ACDL (accreditation number: 2854-2540). The 120 hour TEFL Certificate is 100% accredited.


    All of our accredited courses include a PDF version of the certificate. This is perfect for applying for jobs online or abroad. Sometimes, perhaps for visa reasons, you may need a hardcopy. We have options available, but there is an extra cost for print and postage.


    You have 6 months to complete your course. As seen in our average completion times, it won’t take you this long, but is just to accommodate for people who are, say,  full-time workers or parents. If you require more time, that’s ok! We have extension options.

Please see the full FAQs through this link:

who can take the course

You are a native or near native speaker of English

You have always wanted to live and work in another country

Interested in teaching but are not sure if TEFL is for you

You are over 17 and would like a professional qualification

TEFL Accreditation with The TEFL Institute

TQUK (Training Qualifications UK)
Approved centre number: C000854

The TEFL Institute is a fully approved training centre. Our course materials have been externally and independently approved, endorsing our brand as one of high standards and excellence. TQUK, an Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) regulated awarding body.

To learn more about TQUK and their checks and standards, visit their website: TQUK.

(The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation)

Ofqual  is responsible for regulating education standards, certifications and exams in England and Wales. TQUK is an Ofqual regulated awarding body who have approved The TEFL Org as a TQUK centre. A regulated Level 5 qualification means that it has been assessed to be a level 5 course according to Ofqual’s qualification framework. This qualification is of an equal level of achievement and difficulty to other qualifications at the same level, including CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL qualifications.

ACDL Accreditation Council for Distance Learning
ACDL – Accreditation number: 2854-2540

The Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL) have strict standards to which course providers must conform. It’s not just the quality of our courses that the ACDL assesses, but the whole process from start to finish. Our ACDL specific course accreditation means that the course has passed a rigorous evaluation and continues to be monitored regularly.

To learn more, visit their website: ACDL

course benefits
  • Lifetime TEFL job hunting advice
  • Access to your course via TEFL on the Go app!
  • Downloadable TEFL course book
  • Letter of reference from TEFL
  • Access to our Alumni Group
  • Internationally recognised certificate
  • TEFL training approved by TQUK & ACDL accredited
  • Employer certificate verification
What our graduates say

240 hour
tefl course

The accredited 240 HOUR MASTER TEFL COURSE will give you all the skills & confidence you need to start your TEFL career. This TEFL qualification is recognised worldwide.

Average completion time:
5-7 Weeks

240 hour Master TEFL Course
International Standard
REF (1875)
Tuition Fee: 430.00
Offer Ends on
January 31, 2021, 11:59 pm
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30 hour

Receive a complimentary 30-Hour Teaching English Online Course when you enrol into our 240-Hour TEFL Course! Enhance your qualification & maximise job opportunities.

Average completion time:
5-7 Days

verified student reviews
Based on 562 reviews
Based on 168 reviews
Excellent service for a reasonable price. Great communication and support. Great skill to have and a great organization to learn in. Thanks for everything!
Anna W.
17:14 24 Jan 21
I have just completed the 120 hour online TEFL course and couldn't be happier with my experience. The course was thorough and easy to follow. The self learning approach was perfect for me while I continued to work full time. The staff were particularly helpful, approachable and encouraging throughout the duration of the course. Thank you !
Meghan R.
14:26 23 Jan 21
I finished the 120 hour online TEFL course. I really enjoyed the course, I found the course content interesting and informative. 10 modules with videos and informations . Great value . I would definitely recommend this course if you are considering teaching online!
kinga P.
17:15 22 Jan 21
Hey, I would really recommend TEFL, I did the 180hr course it was great value for money and the customer support team was excellent help. In particular, Kate was super helpful. So excited to see what I can do with this course!
I have no hesitation in recommending The TEFL Institute Ireland. They are very professional, are easy and pleasant to deal with, provide excellent training and are very supportive if you have any questions or queries.
16:36 22 Jan 21
About to finish this! It's user friendly.
Caroline D.
09:39 21 Jan 21
I completed the 120 hour Advanced TEFL course last year and found it very interesting and definitely stood to me when teaching online. When applying for jobs I needed my cert to be amended to show my full name as it appears on my passport - something to look out for when applying for jobs especially in Asia. Ola was so helpful and quick to respond! Thanks!
Gill F.
12:14 20 Jan 21
I finished the 120 hour online TEFL course. I really enjoyed the course, I found the course content interesting and informative. I was a bit apprenhensive at the start but as I progressed throught the six modules I found my knowledge and confidence grew. The course is well designed and the modules logically follow each other and help to build your knowledge as you proceed through the course. After the 120 hour course I did the 30 hour Advanced Grammar and found this really really useful and brought together the basics I learned together.I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested to teaching English as a foreign language.
Maura H.
12:31 18 Jan 21
I just completed my 30-hour Teaching English Online course and I found it very interesting and very helpful! The course was easy to follow - includes youtube clips, short audio clips and visuals. The staff were very friendly and helpful! I would recommend to complete a 120-hour course before doing this course.
Roisin T.
23:30 14 Jan 21
I have just completed the 120 Hour TEFL course. I would highly recommend the course to someone who would like to retrain or up skill. The detail in the course and the support from the TEFL Institute is fantastic. I completed the course on a laptop and found it very easy to follow. It has always been a course I wanted to complete and The TEFL Institute have made it very affordable.
laura M.
15:24 14 Jan 21
I have just completed the 120 hour premier TEFL course and I am delighted to have chosen it. I loved it and could not recommend it enough. It was so accessible and user friendly. It comprised of 10 modules which provided videos, references and examples throughout which were very insightful, and had a quiz at the end of each module which could be re-attempted if needed. The staff are so friendly also and I gained a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time!
Lauren S.
13:39 14 Jan 21
After completing my 120 hr TEFL course with I won the Teaching English Online course in a competition on their instagram page. This course was so user friendly and easy to navigate. I completed it in a few days and learned so much. It is full of useful information regarding teaching online including what you need to get started, how to plan engaging lessons, the pros and cons of freelancing vs working for a company as well as some major companies that recruit online TEFL teachers. I would definitely recommend this course if you are considering teaching online!
orla M.
22:47 12 Jan 21
I have just finished my 30 hour Teaching English Online TEFL course and I loved it. The course work is engaging, and the material is interesting. The staff were so helpful the whole time and now I feel ready to teach online and gain some extra funds for my Thailand placement in the upcoming months.
Callum L.
21:53 12 Jan 21
The courses offered are affordable and filled with content. They provide videos, podcasts and examples throughout and are very insightful. The quizzes at the end of each module are extremely beneficial.
chloe T.
11:59 12 Jan 21
I’m almost finished my 240 Hour Professional TEFL course, and I couldn’t be happier! The modules are very detailed and easy to follow, so I would highly recommend them if you’re thinking of starting your TEFL journey. The team are so helpful and are always on hand to help with any queries or questions, whether it be about the courses, job opportunities or TEFL internships. I’m extremely happy that I purchased this course, as it has broadened my horizons a lot and given me the motivation to continue and develop my TEFL career!
Saoirse C.
20:36 11 Jan 21
Alison L.
20:11 10 Jan 21
The 30 Hour IELTS Preparation course was really helpful. I will be starting my new role as an ESL teacher helping students prepare for the IELTS and Cambridge English exams. I feel a lot more prepared for this new role.
Niamh M.
18:00 08 Jan 21
It was really valuable in learning what is expected of you when teaching English online. It was easy to access and very easy to understand. The layout was easy to follow and the podcasts helped to clarify the important parts of the course.
Kate S.
17:53 08 Jan 21
Extremely accessible and easy to use would highly recommend. If you ever had a query or problem there would always be assistance available.
Aine B.
17:08 08 Jan 21
Excellent service a very comprehensive and thorough course that I seriously enjoyed!
Lorcan D.
12:58 08 Jan 21
The Tefl Institute are really great for communicating. If you have a question, they reply almost instantly and once you sign up, they call to wish you the best of luck. Even though you do the work on your own and in your own time, there's someone from Tefl there always ready to help!
Sarah B.
10:45 08 Jan 21
very easy to follow and well planned out course. definatley worth doing to get the certification. Would recommend.
AlyssaMary F.
16:38 07 Jan 21
I have been doing the 120 hour TEFL course and will also be doing the 30hr advanced grammar course. These courses are very easily accessible with lots of learning aid. The team at TEFL are always reaching out via email to offer any support if needed. I have recommended these courses to all of my housemates and we go into another lockdown.
Rebecca C.
16:17 05 Jan 21
Unbelievable level of service and customer care. Emma in particular was fantastic with me. Strongly recommend this company.
Sean C.
15:27 05 Jan 21
Great experience. Would recommend.
16:21 03 Jan 21
I really enjoyed completing my TEFL course. The layout was easy to follow and there is lots of help available if you need it. If you have a query you can call your tutor and have the answers in seconds. There are also good videos to watch which show different teaching scenarios which makes it easier to understand.
Rose F.
12:10 31 Dec 20
The TEFL staff are extremely helpful and friendly, they’re always there to answer any questions I have. The course is extensive and engaging, I feel it will benefit me highly on my path to becoming an English teacher.
Laura E.
16:53 30 Dec 20
I have really enjoyed my time studying for my 180 hour tefl course! Tefl have been a great support throughout my study
Aoife J.
11:10 29 Dec 20
A good introductory course to teaching IELTS.
Mike C.
18:27 27 Dec 20
I recently completed the 120-hour Premier TEFL qualification and I now doing the 30 hour Teaching English online course and I am very satisfied with the experience! The content is clearly organized, well presented and the topics are full of clear examples. The ability to work at your own pace is a big plus, nicely fitting in with the other responsibilities you may have. The course is certainly an eye opener as to what is needed to teach and has a very positive tone to the material. The quizzes were very useful in highlighting important aspects of the course. I think these courses are a great way to capitalise on a skill many of us don’t realise we have and use it for the benefit of the non-English speaking world. This qualification is the key to opening the door to that world.
Michael D.
17:21 24 Dec 20
I couldn't recommend this course enough! I'm a single mom with a 6 month old and work full time. I've been wanting to get my TOEFL certification but i haven't been able to, I thought i might not ever get the time. However this course since it's entirely self study and allowed me to take it at my convenience, was a real life saver!! I can't wait to complete other specialty courses so I can further advance in my carreer. If you're looking to get your certification, don't look any further!
Nicole R.
16:03 23 Dec 20
I really enjoy doing the courses with and I would definetely reccomend it if you plan to teach in presence or remotely, the latter being a very valuable alternative in these times of pandemic. Special modules are also available for the different audiences, kids, business people,... The material and platform are well designed and the staff always kind and available. Good balance between theory and practice ; there are lots of activities to organise the lessons in a funny, engaging and efficient way! Thank you!
Elisa T.
13:48 22 Dec 20
I recently completed the 120 hour TEFL course and would highly recommend it to anyone interested. The course content was easy to follow and was very informative on the topics that it covered. In total there was around 10 main topics to cover with a small quiz/exam at the end of each topic to test what you have learn't. The staff in where extremely friendly and helpful with any questions or queries and where always there if needed. It's great knowing that I can teach english now abroad or online which is a great option especially during the strange times we are in with Covid19.
Thomas C.
12:54 22 Dec 20
The quizzes at end of each module are good for testing what you have learned. I also enjoyed the practical videos in each module showing the teachers in classroom . Navigating the course was straightforward and easy
David R.
17:53 21 Dec 20
I really enjoyed the quizzes at end of each module and the practical videos to see teachers use their expierence in the classroom relating to the coursework .
David R.
17:50 21 Dec 20
I recently completed the 30 hour teaching English online course and it has been a beneficial introductory course to teaching English. It has given me a better idea and understanding of the profession.
Lauren C
16:10 21 Dec 20
The tefl is such a good way to study and get to travel abroad while helping people get to understand the english language more.
Rhys F.
10:35 21 Dec 20
I am currently doing a programme with the Tefl institute. The course is well organised and the online support staff are very quick to communicate.
Padraig M.
16:33 17 Dec 20
Zinnia J.
10:13 16 Dec 20
Excellent value for money, I found the course really useful for employment options and it was enjoyable. It was interesting and concisely put together.
Jen M.
12:47 10 Dec 20
Great course, excellent value and proved really useful for employment. Really found the course worthwhile
Jennifer M.
12:45 10 Dec 20
The TEFL 120 Premium English Teaching course was an excellent way to prepare myself for teaching English online. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has ever had an interest or passion for teaching in a foreign country or online.
Peter L.
14:54 09 Dec 20
I will shortly embark on a 120 hour TEFL course with the TEFL Institute, who were recommended to me as top in their field. I found the booking of the course to be efficient and easy with great customer service. I'm really looking forward to this course!
Sonia B.
12:54 09 Dec 20
jelena I.
18:05 08 Dec 20
I have just completed the 120 Hour Premier TEFL course, and I would 100% recommend it to anyone. From the amazing support offered from the staff, to the well structured layout, this course is absolutely brilliant. The course material is thoroughly engageable, and extremely interesting. The fact that you can do it at your own pace and while on the go through the app, is truly fantastic. This course provides you with everything you will need (and more) to taking your first steps into the teaching world.
Alan J.
14:42 08 Dec 20
In the beginning, I wasn't sure which course would be the right one for me but The TEFL Institute of Ireland team were so responsive and supportive in giving me all the right information to make a decision. I decided to go for the 240 Hour Professional Course and I've had such a positive experience to date - I love how I can go at my own pace and all the materials are really clear and easy to follow. It definitely makes distance learning a lot easier! Something that also stands out for me is all the resources, guides and tips the team share on the website and social media about teaching in certain countries or even how to prepare for interviews - they think of everything! Looking forward to continuing my TEFL journey :)
Niamh E.
20:27 06 Dec 20
I've just finished the 120 hours Premier Tefl course.I found it very interesting with good available materials. And also the app for mobile phones was very useful.
José M.
23:30 05 Dec 20
Teaching English online is a fantastic opportunity for a number of reasons if you speak English and are someone who is sociable and likes helping others. Having just completed the 30 hour online course with The TEFL Institute of Ireland I learned that there are lots of different routes you can take in terms of where English Teaching can take you. These can range from the type of students you will focus on helping to the way you reach them online. You can work for yourself or for an established company who will provide the lessons for you. You don’t need to have any teaching experience in many cases where you work for established companies and it can be a great way to earn money on the go as well as giving you a fantastic insight into other cultures from the comfort of your own home or wherever it is that you currently call home! I would definitely recommend this course and the TEFL Institute who provide it.
Ciaran de B.
09:48 05 Dec 20
The team were extremely helpful and quickly answered any questions that I had. The course content was really interesting and engaging plus it was simple to follow. Highly recommend this TEFL course
Emma B.
13:37 04 Dec 20
Such an easy sign up process, the team were so helpful when I had questions and an overall enjoyable experience 👍
Kieran C.
22:36 03 Dec 20
I have just completed the 240 hour Professional TEFL course. I found the TEFL institute very helpful and they made it clear that if I had any queries - I could count on them to help me! The layout of each course is excellent. They provide a great mix of resources - youtube videos, mock exams, lesson plan examples etc. Having a quiz at the end of the each module was very helpful, and being able to retake the quiz until you got full marks was a great way of testing yourself and helped with remembering everything. I'm delighted to have my TEFL qualification and look forward to opportunities abroad next year. I would definitely recommend TEFL courses - they're enjoyable, great value and are a brilliant asset to have for the future.
Sarah H.
19:02 03 Dec 20
TEFL provides a great service and opportunity for travel and a means for steady employment in many destinations. The course itself is well structured and concise. Would recommend.
Emmett R.
11:49 03 Dec 20
I recently completed the 120 hour TEFL course with The Tefl Institute of Ireland and can safely say I thoroughly enjoyed it! The course was well structured, very informative and very easy to follow! The team at TEFL Ireland are amazing! So helpful, often checking in to see how you are doing and always there to answer any questions you might have! Would definitely recommend.
Fiona O.
21:09 02 Dec 20
Asiya T.
17:14 02 Dec 20
I started a tefl 120 hour course with this summer. I have had to take my time studying due to moving house and other 'life' events, but whenever I am able to study, the tefl course is easy to pick up again, it is clearly laid out and engaging. The staff at are always on hand if I need any help, and I am looking forward to starting my new career once qualified.
Victoria P.
12:24 02 Dec 20
The company provides excellent good quality courses. The team is very helpful and available to assist with questions. The professional teaching and specialist courses giving that extra knowledge.Courses are excellent value for money. Recommend the company for future students.
Aliyu H.
09:48 02 Dec 20
Great course, very insightful and great value
Mairéad G.
23:04 01 Dec 20
My mum successfully completed a course with the TEFL Institute of Ireland many years ago and now in 2020, the service is still as professional and flexible as it was then.
Maura C.
12:45 29 Nov 20
Completed the Business English course, making use of the current lockdown! Great course, learning at my own pace. Highly recommend!
Brian O.
17:56 28 Nov 20
I just completed 3 courses with The TEFL Institute of Ireland, I would highly recommend them. Kate was particularly helpful when I was deciding what course to do. :)
Rachael S.
10:08 27 Nov 20
I have just completed my 30hr teaching English online course. I really enjoyed it. I have gained more knowledge and understanding to the world of online teaching. I am confident to apply for jobs and explore the possibility of working online full time. Always love learning with TEFL Institute of Ireland. Thank you. 🙂
Moira H.
17:22 13 Nov 20
Currently finishing the 120 hour course and have completed 10 hour online through zoom. Very informative and great way of a introduction into teaching English online.
Ciara M.
13:29 01 Nov 20
I have done a thorough search of the web on online TEFL courses and I eventually selected the TEFL Instite of Ireland; I am very happy with my choice as it is a rewarding experience. At the moment I am doing the 120 h Premium TEFL course and I extremely satisfied with the course platform, the methodology, the material, the videos,.. I am learning so many things!
I already look forward to my next course "Teaching English online", especially at these times online courses are the only choice teachers have to meet with their students and so it gets important to learn how to organise remote lessons and build a positive atmosphere with the virtual class.
I take this opportunity to thank the staff of the TEFL Institute of Ireland as they prove to be very professional, attentive, collaborative and sentitive persons.
Highly reccomend!
Elisa T.
14:03 27 Oct 20
I am extremely grateful that I completed the 120 hour tefl course with an extra 30 hour advanced grammar course. I gained a lot of knowledge on teaching mechanism and I would highly recommend to start a tefl course as there is great job prospects and an exciting learning experience!
Grace K.
17:53 21 Oct 20
I signed up for the 10 hour Virtual Training course at the last minute, and I'm glad I did! Both tutors Michelle and Kate were very inspiring. They were extremely helpful and supportive. In fact, just watching how they handled the course itself gave me ideas to apply in the virtual classroom.

Having spent the last few months completing the 180 hour level 5 TEFL Certificate online, it was great to get that collaborative experience and added boost in confidence, while practicing teaching skills online. It was also brilliant to get feedback from tutors and other participants.

Well worth it!
Rebecca M.
14:22 16 Oct 20
I recently completed a 30 hours Teaching Young Learners course which was very interesting. Everything is covered on skills needed for all age groups from younger learners to teenagers. Very self explanatory and I have learned a lot from the course.

Highly recommended ;)
D.S. M.
17:24 04 Oct 20
i've done the TEFL 120hrs, in my opinion, the course is good, it gets you prepared for teaching abroad. All modules were created to make that easy to get. Thank you!
Jaqueline A.
22:25 27 Sep 20
I completed the TEFL 120 premier course which was exceptionally put together and extremely informative. If your thinking of doing a TEFL course I'd highly recommend this company.
David C.
21:10 09 Sep 20
I really enjoyed completing my 120 Hour TEFL course. It was really easy to follow making it easier to enjoy. I really loved the material we covered, particularly how it was like an introduction to basic linguistics in many areas while still remaining accessible. The course is flexible in terms of time and the team are also very quick to assist you in anything you may need help with. Really can't recommend it enough!
Eri Ni F.
10:22 03 Sep 20
After 9 years of teaching English as a foreign language in a classroom setting, I decided to take a tefl course in order to also work for an online company. I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did from this course. It was very well organized and informative. I recommend it, especially for new teachers as the course provides a wealth of resources and class ideas.
Amber J.
13:59 22 Aug 20
I would highly recommend TEFL Institute of Ireland. The 120 hour TEFL course was extremely easy to follow, interesting and very informative. The team were professional, friendly and very helpful to deal with. If you are considering completing an English course, look no further. 200% recommend you email or call this company.
Catherine H.
08:34 22 Aug 20
I had a lovely experience completing my Tefl course the staff are extremely helpful 10 out of 10 👌🙏
Jo Scanlon D.
15:41 20 Aug 20
I have just completed the 120 Hour Premier TEFL Course, with the 30 Hour Teaching For Young Learners Course, and the 30 Hour Teaching English Online Course. I recommend taking these classes if you have no experience in teaching and looking to start teaching English Online. The lessons are very informative, with interactive videos, podcasts, useful websites... Staff is friendly and they follow up on you to check how you are getting on.
Ingrid D.
08:54 19 Aug 20
Easy material and given enough time to complete.
Sandra S.
15:22 18 Aug 20
Just finishing up the 120 hr course and have loved it so far! The material is interesting and easy to navigate through. It really keeps you engaged by adding videos and activities throughout the modules. The staff have been very friendly and helpful whenever I had questions and answers emails promptly. Highly recommend!
Hailey K.
13:35 17 Aug 20
For anyone seeking to build upon existing TEFL credentials I would definitely recommend the TEFL Institute of Ireland for its range of specialist courses.
These include among others (i) the 30 Hour IELTS Preparation Specialist course and (ii) the 30 Hour TOEIC Preparation Specialist course. From a personal perspective I found both of these courses to be very accessible and comprehensive. All in all a really good fit for someone like me. Many thanks to the TEFL Institute of Ireland. Best Regards, Cathal.
Cathal L.
22:57 14 Aug 20
I completed the 30 hour teaching English online specialist course. I would highly recommend it. The course gives you all the knowledge, skills and confidence to start a career Teaching online. I have been teaching English online in Spain and this course to have the certification to do it correctly. It opened my eyes to all of the different platforms and programmes to assist you. If you want a career in online teaching this is the course for you.
Philip L.
14:29 12 Aug 20
I have just finished one of my modules and I am super excited to do more. Course material is challenging and interesting. And kudos to the girls working in the office, it was a pleasure dealing with them, got all my questions answered promptly, signed up for a course, got a good discount also. Very satisfied :)
Ria M.
21:10 03 Aug 20
I am currently doing the 120 hour couse and also the English for Business. Although I have spent many years training adults in the workplace for specific requirements, I did not have to teach the language. Both the 120 and 30 hrs course are very informative with lots of tips. The training material suppplied is excellent. I fully reccommend the Tefl instute. In addition, the staff are extremely helpful.
Judith K.
10:57 27 Jul 20
I did the 120-hour course which the Institute had suggested for me. It was a great experience. It was very informative and they gave lots of inputs to help me start my teaching career such as materials and resources. Thank you TEFL Institute of Ireland. I will definitely recommend you.
Jackie A.
12:58 22 Jul 20
Finished the 120 course. Great course that can be done at your own pace and is well organised. would recommend.
Colin R.
13:30 14 Jul 20
the 120 hour course was informative and enjoyable. It was relatively easy and good quality and value.
its great if you want to teach english or to have if you plan to travel.
Sheena D.
12:38 08 Jul 20
The 120 hour Premier TEFL Qualification is a bargain! It is very thorough and relevant in its content. Being new to teaching, its brought me up to speed in a relatively short time. It includes history of teachings styles and their applications and efficacy. Also it is absolutely packed with examples and engaging tasks. I recommend this course to any beginners like me.
Charlie G.
14:33 06 Jul 20
I would really recommend the TEFL course to anyone that wishes to travel as it opens up a lot of doors and there is a variety of courses to choose from depending on how much time you have to complete it! I chose the 120 hour Tefl course as I’m a full time student and this one suited me best! You can always contact someone from the Tefl institute and they’re always great help! 10/10!!
Vicky E.
14:27 28 Jun 20
At first I was not really sure if this was for me. I thought I may find it difficult to take on something totally new to me, as I am an elderly student. I also had some health issues at the beginning of my course. I need not have worried. From the very first contact I had with TEFL everything was absolutely wonderful. I had an absolutely brilliant experience. The staff helping me to do the 120 TEFL course were the most helpful and understanding people I could have wished for. All and any questions I had were answered and solved in no time at all. Every time. There seems to be someone available to help on the other end of a telephone at almost any time of day. The course itself is so very easy to follow and since I downloaded the app it makes it even easier to use and to access my course from anywhere, anytime on my phone. This was so helpful to me as I could not always access my computer.
On a scale of 1 to 10, Learning to teach English with TEFL is a robust 10, no doubt about it.
If you are considering a course with the TEFL Institute of Ireland, I say go ahead. Don't hesitate! You will not just learn to better use your own language. You will open up a whole new world of opportunities you never thought were possible.
Thank you TEFL . . .
Paddy B.
11:25 24 Jun 20
I had an absolutely brilliant experience undertaking the 120 TEFL course from The TEFL Institute of Ireland.
They were extremely helpful and understanding with any and all questions I had regarding the course.
The course itself is very accessible and they have an app that makes it easier to complete on the go, which I found helpful as a college student!
Overall I enjoyed my experience of completing the course and would highly recommend The TEFL Institute of Ireland to anyone who is considering taking a course.
10/10 in all aspects!
Katie Ní S.
12:44 22 Jun 20
Totally enjoyed the 120hr Premier Course. It was most informative and worthwhile. I strongly recommend it.
Cathy O.
14:50 18 Jun 20
I just finished the 120 hour TEFL course, I found it very worthwhile and manageable at the same time. It will be a great addition to my c.v.
Ciara Ní L.
14:27 18 Jun 20
Just finished my 120 hour course and couldn't be happier! The service I received was great, members of the TEFL team touched base with me both via phonecall and email, in order to check everything was going ok.
The course itself was clear and concise, and there were plenty of great activity suggestions and recommended resources for lesson plans.
Amy Fleury W.
10:14 15 Jun 20
I just completed the Advanced Certificate in TEFL Classroom Methodologies, a course that was run over the weekend virutally. I would highly recommend it. I learned a lot about teaching methodologies, we got to do teaching practice and it was just a fantastic course, great tutor and great group.
Triona M.
12:36 07 Jun 20
I have just complete the 120 hour TEFL course. The team at the TEFL Institute were so helpful and I knew they would be happy to help with any queries! The course was very enjoyable and I'm looking forward to continuing on with them by signing up to more of the courses they offer :)
Rachel T.
18:23 04 Jun 20
I recently completed the 120 hour TEFL Course and the 30 hour teaching online course and found the course easy to follow, the modules were well structured, with lots of tips and follow up readings. The TEFL Institute of Ireland team are helpful and quick to reply to any queries you may have. Their chat function on their website is a great feature, as you can reach them anytime.
Ursula O.
12:15 04 Jun 20
I recently Completed the 180 hour TEFL course and it was so worth it. Really interesting to dive into the complexities of English and how too approach teaching it. Would recommend to anyone. It was so easy to follow and well broke-down into individual modules and good follow up readings on topics. Look forward to using it in the future on my travels.
Oisin Mac S.
09:43 04 Jun 20
The team are so helpful and you can get through the content in your own time. It is challenging but its great that I can add this service to my existing clients to help them improve their english. I am delighted to have finished all 180 hours. Thanks for all your help
Amy C.
15:12 03 Jun 20
I've just completed my 120 hour online course and I'm excited to add it to my CV...due to COVOD-19 unemployment I need to re-evaluate my career moving forward with my love of traveling so this is an ideal situation and I like all the support that offered.
Sinead D.
14:51 27 May 20
Just finished their 30 Hour Online Teaching Course. It was really well structured, easy to navigate and full of helpful material. The course leaves you feeling really well equipped to dive into the world of online teaching.
Eoghan M.
13:39 14 May 20
I just completed the 120hr online course. It is clearly structured, accessible, flexible and engaging. I learned a lot and enjoyed it emensely. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to expand their skills in a practical and professional way
Sinead G.
15:45 11 May 20
Amazing course that I found very interesting and useful, the institute is very professional, responsive and helpful.
Gavin M.
10:32 11 May 20
Great courses, really interesting . And the customer service is amazing 😊
Valentina R.
13:16 16 Apr 20
Please the giveaway code
Salis Mohammed S.
10:20 14 Apr 20
I was lucky to win the 30 hour teaching young learners qualification course through's weekly Tuesday giveaway. It was a brilliant course with great content - very easy to understand. Would definitely recommend to anyone who may or may not have teaching experience but is interested in learning the basics of teaching spoken/written English to different age groups.
Kayleigh T.
10:34 13 Apr 20
I applied for the tefl internship in Thailand. I completed the 120 hour course which helped me loads on my way to become a teacher. I hope to go to thailand to Teach later this year and I can’t wait!
Would definitely recommend this course and I plan on doing more courses to further my teaching education.
Jenny C.
16:44 26 Mar 20
I don't hesitate to recommend TEFL.IE to everyone!
Very friendly and professional customer service, recognised qualifications for affordable price.
Simply excellent!
Marie E.
17:22 18 Mar 20
I could not recommend this company enough. I signed up for the 5 month internship in Vietnam and headed off in January 2020. Unfortunately I didn’t get to teach for long due to coronavirus and schools closing, but the support I received from was invaluable. They kept in touch making sure I was ok and were only a phone call or email away if I needed anything. Unfortunately I’ve returned home early but will definitely be completing more courses with this company and recommending this internship to everyone ❤️
Niamh H.
17:21 18 Mar 20
Great chance to live and work abroad!
Johnathan C.
02:40 03 Mar 20
Fantastic course with a good insight into becoming an ESL teacher,would highly recommend this course plus your qualifications are recognized worldwide which gives you so many options!!Great support network also!!
Orla Mc L.
14:23 31 Jan 20
Excellent training and support
Eric Jason E.
21:55 20 Jan 20
I am so happy that I signed up to the 120 hour course when I did! I just finished it and can't wait to get started teaching. So easy to follow and has very practical information. Thanks a lot!
Dylan W.
06:49 31 Dec 19
I'm nearly finished the master package from the TEFL Institute of Ireland, which is the 180HR course plus 4x30HR mini-modules, and I'm loving it! Overall I've found it to be a brilliant course, very well laid out and extremely detailed and informative. Also, the information given to you and the assistance with internships and careers is invaluable. They generally have good sales on their products, so they're worth keeping an eye out for. After hearing such good things about their 10HR day crash course, I will be signing up for it soon!
Laura O.
00:38 20 Nov 19
I have just completed 120 hr Advanced TEFL Qualification, 30 hr Teaching English Online Qualification and 30 hr Teaching Young Learners Qualification courses. I would highly recommend the Institute... Course material is very detailed and gives a huge amount of information to use and apply to teaching. Thank you guys 🤩
Fiona C.
13:33 12 Nov 19
I did the the 10 hour course and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of taking a TEFL course. Michelle is a great teacher and made the day really fun.
Rob G.
18:23 09 Nov 19
I think it was a very positive experience! I think Michelle is an extremely engaging teacher. You can tell she has a lot of vital experience in the field of teaching and teaching English. Her personality is what carried the class so smoothly and made it very enjoyable. She gave a lot of example exercises that can be used in any classroom scenario which will be extremely beneficial in our future teaching practice. Her methodologies and teaching approaches were clear, concise, interactive and engaging.
Deirbhile S.
18:22 09 Nov 19
just completed the 10 hour classroom day with Michelle. it was fantastic. Michelle is a brilliant teacher. the class was such fun with loads of group work encouragement and participation. the day flew and I would strongly recommend this day course
Mary D.
18:21 09 Nov 19
Very nicely structured, well presented, enthusiastic teacher and enjoyable lessons
Prasun R.
18:20 09 Nov 19
The day was brilliant! Michelle explained everything really well and the whole day was so enjoyable and informative! I feel prepared now going ahead in my tefl course online!
Ciara W.
18:19 09 Nov 19
Great teaching practice day today. Delighted with Tutor Michelle Benson’s presentation and personality. A Saturday well spent. Thank you so much.
Laetitia L.
18:18 09 Nov 19
The 10-hr day course with Michelle was an excellent way to spend my Saturday! I felt it was very informative and rewarding. Thank you Michelle!
Clara Ffrench D.
18:18 09 Nov 19
I really enjoyed it! I thought it was very professional and well-structured.
Fergal Q.
18:16 09 Nov 19
Currently doing the 120 hour online course and am loving it. Everything is so easily laid out and easily accessed. I was nervous about doing a course online as I felt it would be difficult due to the lack of face to face encounters, but I have ran in to no difficulty. Definitely recommend doing this.
Laura C.
17:07 08 Nov 19
At first, I didn’t know what to expect when I chose the TEFL 180 hour - Level 5 course and was amazed by how user-friendly the course was. Each module is broken up into bite-size amounts so it didn’t feel overwhelming with information. The course included lots of links to books and videos and gave you all the materials you needed to progress quickly through the course. I’d highly recommend the TEFL Institute of Ireland to anyone looking into teaching English abroad.
Mark O.
16:00 04 Nov 19
Just finished the 120 hour advanced TEFL course, it's an excellent course which I would recommend to anyone. I have also completed the 30 hour IELTS preparation qualification, which was also very interesting.
Kate D.
12:04 03 Nov 19
I have recently completed the 120 hours course for TFEL teaching, it has been very organised and easy to learn, and I am sure that is is going to help me in preparing the material needed for my future students,
Alexandra A.
11:51 30 Oct 19
I highly recommend these courses to anyone interested in tefl.The people at tefl Ireland are very helpful and will ease any problems or worries you might face. The online courses are really enjoyable and easy to navigate!
Barry John S.
11:02 25 Oct 19
I've loved doing the 30 hour Teaching Business course, and I can't recommend The TEFL Institute of Ireland enough. They have been great.
Iain M.
18:26 18 Oct 19
Being in my 50s. I was rather apprehensive about doing this course, but from the outset I have found the support absolutely fantastic. No question is too stupid. I am told that Sometimes doing an online course is quest lonely but honestly with the support it feels like your ins classroom. Anyone thinking of doing this course should look no further than The TEFL Institute of Ireland.
Damian H.
20:08 14 Oct 19
I would recommend these courses to anyone who has an interest in teaching abroad. The courses themselves are very user friendly. I did the 120 hr TEFL course and found it very enjoyable. I also had a few questions which i emailed to The TEFL Institute of Ireland and they were very helpful.
I now live in cambodia where i was offered a lot of teaching jobs with this course.
Rory C.
13:26 14 Oct 19
The 10 hour practical class today was great. Michelle was so informative and fun. I learned so much
Catherine Q.
17:02 28 Sep 19
I have just completed the 120 hour option course the course was well laid out and easy to follow every thing was clear and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this option for people 😊😊
Aine O.
17:06 23 Sep 19
Great support and service 👌🏻👍
James C.
11:55 18 Sep 19
I attended the TEFL 10 hour course today at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cork . I cannot praise our teacher Michelle enough. She was an amazing teacher who with her ice breakers got us to relax, mix and most importantly enjoy the course. Michelle is a superb teacher who has a bubbly, friendly and enthusiastic personality and is passionate about teaching. It was also lovely to meet Emma and Roisin, 2 of the girls who worked in the TEFL office.They too were great fun. The group bonded well due to Michelle's attitude and we laughed our way through the day. We worked in pairs and also in small groups. Towards the end of the day all of the students took part in an exercise to show what teaching skills they had developed . I must say that the day flew by. I would highly recommend the 10 hour course as it gives you such an inside into what real teaching is like in a classroom. Thank you Michelle for a fabulous day.

Trish M.
19:52 14 Sep 19
The 10 hour practical course in Cork was very interactive and informative. Michelle is a great tutor & brings fantastic energy into the room 🥳
Mary G.
14:56 14 Sep 19
I have recently completed the 30 Hour IELTS Preparation Qualification Certificate and the content was absolutely fantastic,easy to learn and complete. Highly recommended
Stefania S.
19:12 11 Sep 19
I just completed the 120 hour advanced TEFL Qualification. I already have two years of ESL teaching experience, and I wish I had known about this course when I started. The content was well organized and it was easy to go through. Many of the things I learned through this course I had found on my own after many hours of research and reading, but thanks to the Institute of Ireland now I have a certificate to demonstrate that I know a little bit about teaching.
Victor R.
10:07 22 Aug 19
The TEFL Institute of Ireland is a fantastic resource for anyone searching for a comprehensive, user friendly and well laid out TEFL course. I completed the 120 hour course, which was thoroughly enjoyable and informative. The videos and multimedia resources were extremely helpful, alongside the real life classroom examples. Highly recommended!
Richard W.
11:16 20 Aug 19
I attended the 10 Hour classroom course on the 17th August in Dublin. I really enjoyed the entire day, I learnt alot and the Tutor Michelle Benson was excellent, she made each module fun and easy to follow. I am now looking at the next step of doing the 120 Hour online course. I would highly recommend doing the 10 Hour classroom course to anyone that had any interest in doing a TEFL course
Eilis C.
09:45 19 Aug 19
I have completed the 30 hours IELTS preparation course; it was well designed into digestible chunks on all areas of IELTS, contained loads of background information and handy videos to reinforce learning and illustrate examples. Overall great course to do, very handy and accessible on the go.
Tunde R.
11:45 18 Aug 19
It is my first experience in passing international exams, therefore I`m very excited to take the TEFL exam made by the Institute of Ireland. The contest and module materials are extremely useful and actual for modern English teachers. As a young specialist, I got inevitable experience and knowledge for my future career in teaching. Thank you for a well-planned exam. It is a great helper for teachers worlwide and for me in particular!! 😀😀😀😀😀
Kateryna Z.
18:21 13 Aug 19
I took the opportunity of doing the advanced 120 hour course; it was very well designed, contained great resources and advice and explained the concepts involved clearly. It also provided good practical examples, and videos of teaching English in action. I feel it was great value for money, and a huge boost
Geraldine B.
11:08 06 Aug 19
what's up, I did the 120 tefl hour course online. it was cheap enough and super easy to complete. I didn't learn anything but was able to blast it out in about 4-5 hours. if you need the qualification fast to work abroad I highly recommend this one.
Connor Mc D.
03:49 18 Jul 19
Moving to Japan in a few months to teach English, had no idea where to even begin when designing lessons or finding a job. The 120hr course has been really beneficial and I feel much more confident in my teaching abilities
Michael A.
20:38 30 Jun 19
I would recommend. This course gives you all the tools and knowledge to help you succeed!
Michael G.
07:29 24 Jun 19
I highly recommend the 10 hour classroom with Michelle. The class really prepares you for going into a classroom environment, how to be interactive with the class and provides excellent ideas for lesson plans. Its very well presented, the instructor is fantastic.
Isabelle Tara B.
16:31 15 Jun 19
I would 100% recommend the 10 hour classroom course to anyone in the future. Michelle was super informative and as we went through all the material for the course, I found that all the group activities were enjoyable throughout the day while learning at the same time!! Looking forward to getting the opportunity now to travel abroad while having the experience to teach English to students😀😀
Isabella T.
14:57 15 Jun 19
I recently completed the 120 hour Advanced TEFL Qualification. I would certainly recommend this course as it was extremely simple to follow, and if you dedicate enough time to the course, you will be able to complete the course in less than 120 hours.
Eoin B.
14:47 10 Jun 19
I had completed a 300hr TEFL course and it was absolutely worth it. Staff are super helpful and do their best with any question queries during and after you finish your course.
Currently, I had applied for a TEFL teaching position and received a response from Emma, the recruitment manager within a couple of hours. She was extremely helpful and encouraging which made the application process easy. Emma had listed all documents required and once I had forwarded them to her, she had sent off my application within a few hours. I was very impressed with how helpful, positive, fast and eager she was to get my application to the client but also her prompt replies and dedication in getting me placed as a TEFL teacher.
I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in becoming a TEFL teacher to take on a course with The TEFL Institute of Ireland as the courses are very interesting and set in a way to give you a clear understanding of each module. Staff are very friendly, dedicated and do their best to get you where you want to be.
Kon P.
23:09 30 May 19
Really wonderful courses! Staff are also super helpful if you have any questions or queries during your course. Fantastic group!
Charlotte H.
11:22 23 May 19
Really informative, user friendly and helpful staff!
Niamh G.
10:44 23 May 19
I did the 120hour online TEFL. I would highly recommend. It was very easy to navigate and the app made it easy to learn whilst away from your computer. You can download and keep materials and lots of extra resources!
Ridlëy S.
00:53 22 May 19
Fantastic course and really glad I did it.
David K.
18:21 12 May 19
Really informative and overall a great experience!
Lisa O.
15:55 11 May 19
The 10 hour day course was a Fantastic interactive event. Lots of fun, I highly recommend it. Michelle was brilliant, I couldn’t praise her enough for a job well done.
Kevin K.
15:55 11 May 19
Good people to work with and very genuine.
David W.
14:05 02 May 19
Super user-friendly; well-executed and spaced-out content; and an amazing customer-service team who genuinely want you to get the best experience from the course. 5*
Natasha Ní B.
13:11 26 Apr 19
Very good at outlining grammar aspects in detail, very useful notes overall.
Saorlaith Ní N.
15:39 25 Apr 19
I chose to do the 300 hour course and I found it really good. They give you tonnes of resources to help during and after your course and the support team are really helpful. I would recommend it to anyone looking to qualify to teach English abroad.
Samina C.
11:57 23 Apr 19
I've been a teacher for several years in Korea and when I came across the TEFL Institute of Ireland's Master Course, I had to do it! I decided to pick the 300 hour program to get the best results in my teaching. TEFL Institute of Ireland has a really good course and even though I've taught for so many years, I have learned a great deal. Whether you are experienced or inexperienced, I would recommend you do this course. And best of luck for those who are completing their courses.
Kat K.
04:16 21 Apr 19
I am so glad to have signed up to this TEFL course, I chose the 120 hour option and have found it to be fantastic! Everything is so clearly laid out for you and easy to understand. I was hesitant in the beginning as I had never undertaken an online course before but can say now that I could not be happier with my choice!
Nikki N.
15:28 10 Apr 19
This is a very compact yet concise course which has truly helped me understand the important factors of teaching at the greatest levels- which is wherever your heart takes you! 100% recommend it :D
Jack E.
20:43 08 Apr 19
Amazing course! It's a very interactive training course and you for sure will get very familiar on how to teach English abroad!
Marisol J.
12:44 06 Apr 19
The day course in Dublin was fantastic, really engaging, fun and informative! Michelle is a brilliant teacher and I learned a lot. The online course is really easy to follow and really interesting. 100% would recommend this course!
Mia P.
12:41 06 Apr 19
Michelle is a great teacher. Ane batam toru 😁 Great ideas how to teach. very excited to continue on my TEFL journey 👍
Denise K.
12:04 06 Apr 19
I would highly recommend the TEFL 120 hour course. I am currently completing it and I am finding it really enjoyable. The website is easy to navigate and easily accessible, the TEFL app is also great to get some of the course done on the go! Great experience so far.
Eimear F.
15:37 03 Apr 19
When I first started considering a tefl course I wasn’t sure which course was right for me and who to get my accreditation with. However with the consistent support and guidance of the Tefl institute of Ireland staff having chosen to do the 120 hour course with them I am confident I made the right choice. The course is jam packed but very well structured making the learning process both accessible and enjoyable!
Aisling S.
22:21 26 Mar 19
Very impressed with the day course I attended in Cork! The teacher was very helpful, good sense of humour and brilliant at explaining concepts. Had a good group of people and felt like I learned a lot! Came as a beginner and it was a great introduction to the world of teaching English as a foreign language.
Joey D.
17:09 23 Mar 19
Their courses are very well organised and packed with lots of relevant information. Their deals and specials are a great way to get started and are well worth the money spent. Now on to the next course I have with them.
Shireen D.
14:50 16 Mar 19
I have just finished the 120 hour TEFL certificate and thanks to the great service and easy-to-use layout I was able to complete it within a week!

Thank you!
Trần Thị Thảo T.
19:23 15 Mar 19
Just completed the 30 hour IELTS Preaparation Qualification and I´m more than happy with their service. It´s well-structured, support answered immediately and I received my certificate right after completing the course!

Highly recommended!
Fabian S.
03:18 11 Mar 19
Highly recommend this institute and course. The tutors are very helpful and supportive. Enjoyed the course hugely
Vicki Ní M.
21:38 07 Mar 19
I completed the 120hour online course and I couldn't recommend it enough. The course allowed me to continue working full time as well as completing the course over a 6 month period. The course is laid out in such a way that aided my learning and also made it enjoyable.
The institute itself is wonderful- I've had many questions which have been answered quickly and there is always someone to help guide you in picking which course to choose.
Lydia V.
19:53 27 Feb 19
All the staff at have been so helpful thoughout the course with speedy responses and tentative care.

The course is so in depth and interactive. It also inscludes lots of snippits of the life TEFL teachers are leading for inspiration to keep going.

Would definitely recommend!
Molly K.
10:37 27 Feb 19
The course is very good, lots of information. Highly recommended TEFL.
Sarah S.
12:50 25 Feb 19
Lots of information to process but easy to understand and they have great staff to help if you have any issues :)
Sinead L.
08:24 20 Feb 19
Just completed 2 courses. The 120 hour and 30 hour young learners. Delighted to be finished this fun course. It was easy to navigate, great layout and easy to read.

But it was the staff who where really amazing. Always on hand if you ever needed anything. Very quick to respond and extremely helpful.

I will be recommending them to anyone who is thinking of doinga tefl course.
Juliet Pearl L. K.
13:32 26 Jan 19
Great course overall. Easy to navigate through. Fun to learn. Wonderful support from the online team. Always quick to help you out if you need anything. Would recommend this course to anyone for sure. And let’s hope it gets my wife and I a job teaching in Asia somewhere. Here’s to our new careers.
David K.
10:23 22 Jan 19
Just completed the 180 hour course and I found it super easy to follow and full of useful guided information. I found the progression between modules seamless and enjoyed the use of videos and real life classroom examples to further explain some points. Would recommend The TEFL Institute of Ireland to anybody looking for a TEFL qualification!
Aoife R.
18:04 15 Jan 19
The TEFL course I am doing is very interesting and it gives many different ways to help me teach English to my students through different interactive activities. These help my kids to be included more in my lessons.
Robyn W.
20:11 09 Jan 19
The staff are very helpful and the course layout is easy to follow with clear instructions.
Róisín Mc C.
13:31 07 Jan 19
Just completed the 120-hour advanced TEFL course and I highly recommend it! The course is very comprehensive and gives you plenty of advice/activity examples that you'll be able to take into the classroom. It's definitely worth it!
Silvia S.
18:38 02 Jan 19
Great staff, super supportive and knowledgable, and really easy to get hold of due to the chat on their website.

Course is interesting and easy to follow, well explained and gives you all the tools to be able to teach. I found the approach to the course with videos, samples, scenarios, material and soundbites really good and inclusive.
Antje W.
12:23 02 Jan 19
smooth and very useful. There is a lot of tips and examples which can be used later on while teaching. Thank you TEFL
Alicja A.
17:44 20 Dec 18
120h Advanced level certificate is a great enabler course to introduce you to the world as teaching English as a foreign language. Course content thorough and yet easy to follow
Jack M.
07:36 27 Nov 18
The 180 hr Advanced Level 5 TEFL suited me so well alongside my current university studies and at times complemented them in terms of critical thinking and resource management.
It encouraged high standards and focused on exploring the ways of improving class cohesion and suitability to plans for different students.
It also had some really insightful podcasts and interactive videos that round out learning, overall extremely helpful and flexible.
Éamonn G.
16:27 21 Nov 18
The course was easy to follow and the staff were very efficient and helpful. It is a great way to study and gain a really useful recognised qualification. I'm looking forward to starting my next course now!
Ger O.
09:21 19 Oct 18
My experience with Kate In TEFL Ireland was really helpful. She was always friendly, really efficient and answered my questions as they arose. I will be extending my course time due to outside circumstances but there was no issue. Looking forward to a new qualification and new opportunities.
Joni S.
21:06 17 Oct 18
All the staff in TEFL Ireland were so helpful when it came to making my decision to teach abroad. They gave me great advice about my placement and were always so quick to reply to any queries I had. Doing TEFL was the best decision I ever made. It provides a great opportunity to travel and experience different cultures.
Meadhbh A.
13:09 10 Oct 18
I have done the 120 hour online and then on 22 Sep I did the 10 hour practical workshop in Dublin. Was really concerned that it started at 9:30 and finished at 7pm that I would be bored and fall asleep.

From the outset Michelle (perma smile), Kate and Katie kept the pace going, engaged us all in a great day of practical learning and good fun. It flew and my goals were fully achieved as after the 120 hour I felt good about the content but needed practical help and some experience. There were 12 of us and it was really a good and and a great group of people. Made a show of myself a few times.

Thanks again ladies and and look forward to working with you in the future.
John O.
16:16 25 Sep 18
Interesting, interactive classes well explained and good fun.
Rí Tee O M.
12:44 22 Sep 18
very nice friendly, helpful staff, who helped me out when i had a little issue with my account😁😁😁😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Avril T.
13:32 07 Sep 18
lovely friendly staff who sort any little problems fast and can admit if any errors do happen . in my case there was a small technical issue but it was sorted fast and with no fuss. Thank you I will study with you again
Anne S.
09:50 04 Sep 18
I really enjoyed the online 120 Advanced course very well structured, coherent and consistent. The modules layout flowed well and contained applicable information essential for self-educating oneself. I found this course both exciting and rewarding as I can walk away with a wealth of knowledge of English grammar structure and syntax. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to complete a TEFL, at a pace to best suit yourself.
John-lee H.
13:40 13 Aug 18
msndhzusns s ajuns s s sbsbs
Vyo L.
20:44 12 Aug 18
I found the online 120 Advanced course very well structured, concise and clear. The modules flowed well, were diverse and contained the relevant information necessary to self-educate oneself on the nuances of teaching English as a foreign language. Overall, I am very satisfied and would recommend the course to anyone looking to complete a TEFL course at their own pace and convenience.
Dáithí O.
16:51 01 Aug 18
Having finished a degree in theology, I struggled to find work. I came across TEFL Institute of Ireland which was offering a great deal for its 120hr online course. It is clear, accessible, flexible and engaging. I am so grateful to have found it as it has opened doors for me to find work, not only in Ireland, but in interesting and exciting places around the world! I recommend it to anyone who wishes to expand their skills in a practical and manageable way (and for those thirsty for adventure!)
Stefano T.
23:27 24 Jul 18
Really great course, easy to follow and great interactions via videos and voice lessons!
Christopher C.
19:24 04 Jul 18
Brilliant Course , very thourough and easy to navigate
Scanty J.
22:01 18 Jun 18
I am currently taking the 240 Hour TEFL Course. So far I have completed the 30 Hour IELTS Qualification and the 30 Hour TOEIC Qualification. I will soon complete my 180 Hour Level 5 Qualification, which will make me fully certified.

I find the service TEFL Ireland provide very helpful. The website is easy to use and it gives very clear instructions. There are lots of good links for extra information, too!

Overall I am very pleased with this course! :-)
Jordan Fitzpatrick L.
19:43 29 May 18
Having seen my friends take the course and knowing of their success my curiosity grew, I drove to the office in Youghal and talked with the staff there who are beyond fantastic. Since late January I have been doing the course whilst working and as of an hour ago I have completed the 240hr master course.100% Recommend to anyone!
Rory S.
21:06 22 May 18
Almost finished a 150 hour specialist TEFL course. The course is very interesting, helpful and will be a very good qualification to have. Customer service very helpful whenever I had any questions.
James D.
00:12 12 May 18
I was hesitant to take on an online course for the first time but I can honestly say I am glad that I did. I am doing the 120 hour course and find it to be laid out very well with well presented information. The support from the institute is very good. I also love the flexibility that doing an online course gives me. Would recommend TEFL to anyone looking to take on an exciting new challenge
Carla D.
13:57 04 May 18
So happy to have finished TEFL 120 course, it showed me how much can be done in a classroom to make teaching not only fun but more informative for everyone involved. Also the online resources and book recommendations are beneficial for how and where to start when it comes to entering the classroom for the first time.
Ciaran O.
18:13 26 Apr 18
Yesterday, monday march the 12th, I completed my 120 h advanced TEFL courses. Those online courses are well designed and very useful. I've learnt a lot about the methodology, the materials ans the content ! I just hope that not being a native English speaker (french citizenship) won't be an obstacle to find a teaching job of English abroad.
Nicolas C.
16:55 13 Mar 18
Very clear course material with a great amount of information at your disposal when taking the TEFL course
Evelien L.
18:48 07 Mar 18
Recently completed the 30 hour teaching young learners course. Very insightful with clear and understandable teaching methods. I learned a lot and am looking forward to studying more with TEFL to further my knowledge and qualifications
Dara Flores M.
21:20 06 Mar 18
In the process of completing the Masters TEFL course. When deciding which course was most appropriate to me the staff were so helpful and took the time to discuss my options for getting work.
Very helpful.
Katie M.
09:08 25 Feb 18
Just completed my 30 Hour Teaching Young Learners Qualification. Really easy to access all the information you need. The content is perfectly explained and interesting. Would recommend for anyone that is looking into teaching English abroad.
Leo L.
20:53 20 Feb 18
Just completed the TYL Course which is a part of my 240 hour Master Course, The modules are really instructive and full of helpful links and videos. I've learned a lot of new things during completing these courses and I am looking forward to finish them and start teaching English ASAP.
Alexandra B.
18:00 14 Feb 18
Just completed the 120 hour TEFL component of a 240 Hour Master Class. Modules were informative; well structured and very educational. I learned a lot and have a greater appreciation of written and spoken languages and linguistics. The Great advantage of this system is one can do the training in your own time and start back into a module wherever you left/logged off. The browser, at least in my experience, was initially difficult to navigate. Compatibility was best by accessing the TEFL site using Google Chrome rather that Internet Explorer
Dáithí B.
17:14 24 Jan 18
I have just recently finished the 30 hour IELTS Preparation course and I must say it was very structured with everything that I needed to know over the subject. It is organized and extremely well put to have a clear understanding of it.
Caroline S.
23:50 27 Dec 17
I just finished the 30 hour IELTS Preparation Qualification. The material was very informative and easy to understand... I am happy that i chose to do my TEFL qualification with this institute..
Buhegwendzimu T.
04:30 04 Dec 17
Just finished up my 120 hour Advance course today. Very handy to have all the information online with easy to print out option. Lots of useful links to sites and books included to make the process a little easier for new people like myself.
Craig B.
16:12 10 Nov 17
A wealth of educational support and knowledge that gently coerces your transformation into a TEFL Ninja!

Easy, friendly and well presented.
Gregory Srikrish R.
13:18 25 Oct 17
Just finished the 120 hour course. Excellent course. Easy to read, well laid out, informative. I am very excited about this qualification/ I feel well-prepared and enthusiastic about using my new skills. Highly recommended course for anybody interested in teaching as a English as foreign language
Patrick J P.
07:35 19 Aug 17
I would highly recommend this TEFL course to anyone who would like to teach English at home or abroad. The website is user friendly, the course itself is comprehensive and informative and customer care is outstanding. I feel extremely confident taking what I have learnt from this course abroad next summer. If you have an interest in travelling and teaching English I couldn't recommend this course enough.
Lauren C.
20:08 07 Aug 17
Course was absolutely excellent, simple and user-friendly but at the same time comprehensive, topped off with great customer service. I´m confident I can take my learnings around the world or online - go for it!
Kieran O.
19:15 31 Jul 17
This TEFL course is unlike any other I have come across. The customer care was 10/10 and the website was extremely user friendly. The course itself was interesting and informative. If you have an interest in TEFL I would get in touch with the TEFL institute Ireland, they know what they are doing!
Jess K.
17:18 28 Jul 17
Great Company. Real experiences at affordable prices. Get me on the plane now! :)
Kate P.
18:05 21 Jul 17

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