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Whether you are here to launch your TEFL/TESOL career or travel the world with ease, we are here to help. The TEFL Institute allows you to become a fully qualified and internationally recognised TEFL teacher.

Katie Troy
Managing Director

Since 2018, Katie has joined our TEFL team. With years of experience teaching herself abroad and a degree of education, she has mountains of information to share and help us grow as a team. With her educational background, Katie is very involved with our academic team and liaises with them daily to ensure the best possible journey for our students.

Rebecca Popova
Operations Manager

As a well-travelled professional, Becky started out as an enrollment officer, and then moved onto becoming a Partners Specialist. Now as head of operations, she has a wide range of knowledge for all departments which is why she is perfect for overseeing all the day-to-day operations.

Ola Flynn
Head of Marketing

Ola is the best person to keep you all updated on upcoming events and news on our courses. We often get recommendations from our students about what type of webinars or info sessions they would like to attend and Ola listens to all of you and makes sure we run the most relevant sessions. She is also very informed when it comes to legalization of certificates and visa requirements and is our encyclopedia on this subject.

emma coleman
enrollment officer

Emma and her team are dedicated to helping aspiring teachers choose the right course and eventually reach their TEFL goals. Whether it’s teaching abroad or online, there is a unique option for those who are not too sure which course package to pick. You can catch Emma and her team on our live chat system and by requesting a call.

technical officer

Przemysław is our in-house genius who is responsible for the smooth running of our dashboard system. To make your experience better and faster, we try to automate a lot of corrections and issuing certificates, as well as fast responses, and Przemyslaw will always make the experience better.

darragh mangan
creative director

With years of experience with the digital arts, Darragh makes sure every image and design is up to his standard (which is the highest of standards). From photo editing to course design, there is nothing Darragh can’t do. Now living in the UK, he couldn’t be happier working on his own initiative and coming up with amazing creative ideas.

Frankie Kiely
North American Ambassador

Residing in Vancouver, Frankie is the head of the department in the North American region. A university graduate, Frankie has been in the TEFL Industry since 2016. He primarily works with our overseas partners to help maintain the high quality services and courses the TEFL Institute provides. Working within the industry for so long, Frankie knows all the tips and tricks to become a successful EFL teacher.

Sarah Foley
Course Enrolment Officer

With a life-long passion for foreign language learning and travelling, Sarah completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Maynooth University in French, Irish and English, and also became a TEFL qualified instructor teaching online for three years. Having caught the travel bug, travelling here, there and everywhere- to Africa, Asia, Australia and all over Europe- Sarah enjoys sharing her experiences with the students of the TEFL Institute and helping them with their course options and job opportunities.

Ella Durrigan
Public Relations Officer

After working as an au pair and teaching English in Spain, plus a solo trip to Italy, Ella was bitten by the travel bug and pursued a career that would allow her to travel. Ella handles our publicity campaigns and PR activities, all while completing a Level 7 degree in Digital Marketing and Public Relations. She’s an asset to the team and enjoys the technical, academic and creative mix of her role.

Head of assessments

Jacob sure has a lot on his shoulders daily as he runs our academic team, ensuring the highest quality courses and grades. He is dedicated to giving the students the best possible education. Jacob is constantly growing our courses and in contact with our accrediting bodies to ensure that our certificate holds an outstanding merit among the TEFL community.

rachel hammond

We at the TEFL institute want to make sure that our students have as much support as they need, even though it is primarily a self-study course. We know that sometimes online courses can be tricky at parts, and Rachel is responsible for keeping our policies going. She runs an amazing tutor team and has the fastest, most detailed response rate we’ve ever seen.

kate popova

Having a Bachelor’s of Education, a CELTA and a Level 5 TEFL, Kate’s resume and teaching experience would shock you. She’s taught in over 23 different countries and knows exactly what employers look for. She runs our 10 hour Methodologies course as well as helping Rachel with our students queries. All reviews have nothing but great things to say about her class and ongoing support.

Anya Shaw

Anya has been working in English language teaching for 17 years as a teacher, teacher educator and assessor. She has the CELTA and DELTA teaching qualifications and has worked as a CELTA tutor. Anya has always been fascinated by languages and, after graduating with a degree in French, Spanish and Portuguese, she started teaching and has never looked back. She's been lucky enough to have lived and worked in Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Sri Lanka.

Steven Hirst

After finishing his CELTA in 2011, Steven’s first job was teaching in a private language school in Portugal. Since then, he has taught in universities in Japan and the UK and worked in countless summer schools. His wealth of experience and love of the industry means he enjoys looking through assessments and giving the necessary advice to get you passed and started on your amazing TEFL journey.

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Your first steps to becoming a fully accredited, internationally recognised EFL/ESL teacher within 4 weeks!

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      Step inside

      Your first steps to becoming a fully accredited, internationally recognised EFL/ESL teacher within 4 weeks!

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        Your first steps to becoming a fully accredited, internationally recognised EFL/ESL teacher within 4 weeks!

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