Teach English in beautiful Cambodia with our TEFL internship. Ideal for first-time and non-native English teachers looking to gain valuable teaching experience.


Prepare yourself for 12 memorable months of teaching English in Phnom Penh, the legendary capital of Cambodia, where there will be a lot of activity. Get your heart taken by the breathtaking beauty of the nation and its people, a nation known for its majestic temples, historical underground cities, and delectable cuisine. One of Southeast Asia’s most alluring traditions is the Khmer culture. Find out at the Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And celebrate during Buddhist New Year in April.

You can attend workshops and lectures on Cambodia’s educational system and how to prepare for 12 of the most gratifying weeks of your life between cooking sessions and cycling through mesmerizing Phnom Penh. The majority of the teaching placements are in Phnom Penh’s English-speaking institutions.

Essential information about this trip

Monthly salary of €660/$700/£580 - €940/$1000/£830 (degree holders can earn a higher salary)
120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course
30 Hour Teaching Young Learners Course
Teaching English To Children Through Yoga & Mindfulness Course
Lesson planning guide
Airport pick-up and transfers
7-day welcome orientation and excursions in Phnom Penh
Welcome dinner
Teacher development workshops
Accommodation assistance provided
Visa support and guidance
SIM card set-up
Ongoing in-country support
12-month placement is preferred but shorter contracts are available - please contact our team to enquire.
Participants should generally be from native English-speaking countries: United States, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, Ireland
Both degree holders and non-degree holders are welcome to apply
120-hour TEFL certificate (included)
Age Between 21-40 years old
Must be a native or fluent English speaker
In-country health check is required for the work permit (once in Cambodia)
Must have a clean bill of mental and physical health (please enquire first if you are on medication or receiving ongoing medical treatment)
No criminal record
If you are from a non-native English speaking country, your English needs to be fluent with a clear accent. Please get in touch with our team to fill in an eligibility form before applying
Participants must have sufficient funds to pay for the program fees and other associated costs of the program
International flights
Budget for first 6 weeks of living: transport costs and day to day living expenses.
Comprehensive cover for travel and medical insurance
Travel vaccines: please consult your GP or local travel clinic
Bank account set up fees
Visa costs
Placement accommodation and housing deposit - our partners will provide assistance in finding accommodation

Your Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Getting there

When you arrive, our in-country team will greet you and the other interns (unless you must complete a quarantine). After the one-week orientation, you’ll travel to your placement area.

Day 2-7


When you arrive, you’ll get a full week of cultural orientation.

Our in-depth culture and language orientation takes place in Phnom Penh and is a one-week, comprehensive, active learning, culture, history and language programme.

Workshops and activities include:

· Khmer language lessons
· Cambodian history, culture, geography and society
· Overcoming culture shock
· Cambodian cooking class
· Visit the Killing Fields and museum to learn about Cambodia’s past
· Market trips
· Visit a Buddhist temple to learn about religion in Cambodia

Day 8-364

Your teaching experience

You will have the opportunity to teach in Cambodian language schools as well as private schools.
These two options may have different teaching hours. Language schools, for example, are busiest on Saturday and Sunday. Teachers teach on weekends and then take time off during the week. Private schools typically operate Monday through Friday, so teachers work during the week and are off on weekends. In both schools, you will primarily teach young students, but there are some high school positions available.


Day 365

After your internship

Congratulations, you did it! Be sure to congratulate yourself on your accomplishment. It’s time to choose whether you want to see more of Cambodia, travel, or teach (or both).


All successful applicants will live in the same area of the capital city: Phnom Penh

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    How it works

    Before you go, you’ll have an application form to fill out and documents to submit, a video chat and then you’ll be on your way.

    Cultural excursions

    Outside the Classroom

    Outside the Classroom

    You may enjoy the wealth of activities around on the weekends. Or, you and your other TEFL instructors might go on an adventure to explore all of Cambodia.

    Teach & Travel

    Teach & Travel

    With pupils of various ages, from kindergarten to experienced working adults, your teaching methodology will center on conversational English. And our TEFL course will give you the abilities and information needed to instruct classes to students ranging from absolute beginners to highly proficient English speakers.

    Work Schedule

    Work Schedule

    Your weekly work schedule will consist of 30 hours split between designing lessons, teaching in the classroom, and grading.

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