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To teach English online as a foreign language, you will need a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification, and that’s where we can help. There is a significant demand for online English teachers, providing the opportunity for you to establish a full-time career from anywhere, or supplement your income from the comfort of your own home. The world has embraced online learning, and virtual classrooms have become the new norm for teaching and learning English.

Once qualified, numerous opportunities become available, including travelling to teach English abroad or enjoying the benefits of teaching English online while working from home. From a cost perspective, online English learning is more accessible for students seeking to improve their English proficiency. As an online English teacher, you can work with both children and adults, and you can specialise in business English or exam preparation to help individuals validate their English competency for work and travel purposes.

Our TEFL courses equip you with all the necessary skills and are open to anyone fluent in English. No other qualification or experience is required. We highly recommend our comprehensive 120-hour course as a minimum requirement, as it provides the knowledge and skills needed to teach English online. We offer full support, and access to abundant resources, and maintain a busy jobs board to help you find suitable teaching vacancies. While it’s possible to teach english online by finding your own clients, we highly recommend working with an employer who can handle the booking and payment process for you.

Teaching English online is now considered to be a superior method compared to traditional classroom learning, especially when working as a one-to-one tutor. Not only is it more affordable for students seeking to improve their English, but it also offers teachers the flexibility to create a schedule that suits their preferences, whether they prefer a traditional 9-5 week or prefer working evenings and weekends.

As a leading TEFL course provider, we are here to assist you in starting your journey as an online English teacher. Our globally recognized TEFL courses provide you with the necessary skills to confidently teach English to adults or young learners online. Consider enhancing your knowledge and earning potential by enrolling in our specialized 30-Hour Teaching English Online Course.

Check out some of the best online TEFL companies below, or talk to us today to learn more about how to TEFL online!


Learning to teach English is quite different from just speaking English well, which is why we have developed a tried and tested method. Our TEFL courses equip you with everything you need to know to teach spoken and written English online, with all the weird and wonderful nuances of the English language!

To Teach English Online, You'll Need The Following:

1. Proficiency in the English Language:

Most students prefer working with native English speakers, but it is also possible for non-native English speakers to teach English online. Non-native speakers must demonstrate proficiency at Level C2 or higher according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You can take a free test to determine your current level.

2. A TEFL Qualification

There are various TEFL courses available, and we have designed ours to be comprehensive, providing the best possible start for our online English teachers. While we always recommend that the 120-hour TEFL is the minimum starting point, we offer other levels as well. Our qualifications are regulated, internationally recognized, and accredited. In the UK, the regulatory body is OFQUAL. It is essential to obtain a TEFL certification with proper accreditation, otherwise, employers may not accept it. Working with us ensures you have the right accreditation. It’s worth noting that while a bachelor’s degree is not a mandatory requirement for a TEFL certification, some employers may prefer English teachers with a degree. However, there are still plenty of opportunities available for online English teachers without one.

3. Equipment and Set-up

To teach English online, you usually need to have a PC or Laptop. There are companies that use mobile phones or tablets, but they are few and far between. You should create your virtual classroom in a quiet space in your home away from anyone else who lives there. The audio equipment needs to be suitable, and many companies will insist on a headset with a microphone combo. It is entirely possible to move your office around the home or even around the world if you have a laptop or can teach from your mobile device! You need to be mindful of interruptions and background noise. For younger learners, you will want to have a few props and visual aides; these will be explained in your course and are usually cheap to buy or even make yourself. As you develop your style of teaching English online, your classroom background and props can help your teaching to be that extra bit fun and interesting.

4. Attitude and Motivation

Working from home can be a unique experience, with some finding it ideal and others feeling isolated. While there may not be the daily water cooler chats with your colleagues, you can still network with other English teachers online and be part of a community. It is advisable to connect with other online teachers to learn from their experiences and stay motivated together.

In the beginning, you may need to put in extra effort to acquire students. However, once you get a feel for online teaching and demonstrate your unique style and skills, you will find that students start seeking you out. Your positive attitude, originality and motivation will be key in setting you apart and ensuring your success in teaching English online. Stay proactive, dedicated, and enthusiastic, and you will attract students and excel in your online teaching career.

How to start teaching English online

Step 1

Be Fluent in English

The first and most crucial requirement for teaching English online is fluency in the language. Many students prefer to work with fluent English speakers, which includes both native and non-native speakers. If you are fluent in English with strong written, oral, and reading skills, you will find our courses fun and empowering, equipping you with the necessary skills. You do not need a degree in English or any subject for that matter.

Step 2

Get Your TEFL Qualification

Although not mandatory, having a TEFL qualification to teach English online is highly recommended. While there are numerous job opportunities available, many companies insist on a TEFL certification that is regulated and properly accredited, such as the ones we offer. Going through a recognized TEFL certification company not only opens doors but also allows you to learn from our tried and tested methods, providing you with a range of teaching techniques and skills for your student’s success.

Step 3

Set up Your Equipment

To teach English online, an internet connection is essential, as it enables you to teach from anywhere in the world. However, it’s important to ensure that you have a fast and stable connection for smooth video chat. While you can use a laptop or desktop computer, using a phone or tablet may present limitations in this sense due to their lower power. Your device should have a built-in or flagged external webcam of at least 720p for effective communication through facial expressions and body language. Additionally, using a headset with a microphone helps maximize clarity and minimize background noise interference.

Step 4

Ensure Your Software is Installed

Most students and institutions use Skype for online English lessons, but other video conferencing software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are also suitable. Some companies may have their own platforms, which they will guide and train you on if you work for them. Video chat plays a crucial role, so it’s important to be comfortable and confident on camera, and not hold back or be self conscious. Remember, students are there to learn, and your facial expressions and gestures are integral to the teaching process.

Step 5

Build Your Online Presence

Working as an online English teacher requires building an online presence, similar to any other career. Create a comprehensive resume and develop your online profile to attract potential employers or students. Highlight your strengths as a teacher, supported by your qualifications and experience, as well as a great introduction video. Consider creating a business page on Facebook and LinkedIn, and possibly even a website, to market yourself as an English teacher online.

Step 6

Set Up Your Payment Channel

To work as an online English teacher, you need a reliable payment channel to accept payments from students or employers. PayPal is an internationally recognized and trusted payment platform, so opening an account with them is recommended. Familiarize yourself with the necessary details to receive payments successfully.

Step 7

Find Work!

You’re almost there! Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to find teaching opportunities. While there are numerous job boards online, focus on reputable platforms that actually connect you with real students, not just empty promises. Initially, you may want to consider working with an online language provider who can provide you with students, allowing you to gain experience. As you become more experienced, you can explore the option of working independently if you prefer.

Step 8

Start Teaching English Online

Once you secure a job or find your students, you’re ready to begin enjoying teaching and engaging with your students online! Remember, we offer ongoing support to all of our students, so don’t hesitate to ask for tips or advice.

How much can i earn?

The question on everyone’s minds is – ‘How much could I earn as an online English teacher?’ Calculate your online TEFL salary now by taking our quick quiz to find out!

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What’s Included

120 hours of Level 5 online TEFL training
20 Hours of Free Zoom Classes
6 Months Study Time
30 Hour Teach Young Learners
30 Hour IELTS Specialist
30 Hour Teaching Business English
30 Hour TOEIC Preparation
Study online at your own pace with 24/7 access
Employer certificate verification
Personal tutor support, student discord chat & Live zoom classes
30 Hour IELTS Specialist
30 Hour TOEIC Preparation

Free Resources

Free 20 Hours Live TEFL Zoom Classes

24/7 Access

Personal Tutor Assistance

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9 Companies that let you teach English Online Without a Degree

Companies that hire (without a degree)


Teacher: Native English Speaker from UK/US/Ireland/Canada/South Africa/New Zealand/Australia 

Tech – PC or Laptop with webcam/Headset and mic/fast and reliable internet


Pay: $0.17 per minute


Hours: Set your own, with no minimum commitment



Teacher: Native English speaker/TEFL certification/2-3 years of teaching experience/Registered self-employed 

Tech – PC or Laptop with webcam/Headset and mic/fast and reliable internet/Zoom account


Pay: €7-€11/$7.85-$12.34 an hour


Hours: Set your own, with no minimum commitment



Teacher: Native English Speaker from UK/US/Ireland/Canada/South Africa/New Zealand/Australia  – over 18 with six months of teaching experience – TEFL certificate

Tech – PC or Laptop with webcam/Headset and mic/fast and reliable internet (min 5mbps)


Pay: $5-$11/€4-€10 an hour paid via PayPal


Hours: Set your own, with no minimum commitment

Companies that hire (with a degree)


Teacher: Native English Speaker from UK/US/Ireland/Canada/South Africa/New Zealand/Australia  — over 18 – teaching experience preferred, not mandatory  

Tech – PC or Laptop with webcam/Headset and mic/fast and reliable internet – Skype platform


Pay: 3 unpaid sessions, $8/€7 per 25 min session, takes 20% in commission


Hours: Set your own, with no minimum commitment



Teacher: Native English Speaker from UK/US/Ireland/Canada/South Africa/New Zealand/Australia, no other qualifications needed 

Tech – PC or Laptop with webcam/Headset and mic/fast and reliable internet


Pay: Choose your own rate-advise between $15-£25 to get work


Hours: Set your own, with no minimum commitment – the more you make, the less commission charged

Open English

Teacher: Native English Speaker North America – TEFL certification – 1-year experience teaching or degree – Spanish as a second language is a plus 

Tech – PC or Laptop with webcam/Headset and mic/fast and reliable internet


Pay: $15/€14 per hour


Hours: Set your own, minimum of 10 hours a week, maximum of 36 hours


Companies that hire non-native English speakers


Teacher: TEFL certificate or teaching experience that can be verified. Non native English teachers can apply if they meet C2 standards. 

Tech – PC or Laptop with webcam/Headset and mic/fast and reliable internet


Pay: Set your own rate; the site takes 15%


Hours: Set your own, with no minimum commitment

Latin Hire

Teacher: US native speakers only, qualifications irrelevant. They have their own testing process 

Tech – PC or Laptop with webcam/Headset and mic/fast and reliable internet


Pay: Varies per subject and tutor quality  


Hours: Set your own, with no minimum commitment


Teacher: TEFL or Degree or Licensed teacher or proof of employment at language school

Tech – PC or Laptop with webcam/Headset and mic/fast and reliable internet


Pay: Set your own rate from $10 per hour – a 15% commission paid to the site. 


Hours: Set your own, with no minimum commitment

How to nail your demo video

    Watch Our Online Teaching Webinars

    Start Up Guide to Teaching English Online

    Download Guide

    Tips for Teaching English Online

    Even in an online setting, creating a classroom environment is crucial. Before you start working as an online English teacher, it’s important to plan how you will present your lessons and enhance the learning experience for your students. While some aspects will vary based on the age group you’ll be teaching, there are general considerations that apply across the board. Here are four valuable tips to create an awesome online classroom and become a sought-after online English teacher:

    Setting Up a Virtual Classroom

    Although there may not be a physical classroom, you can still create a classroom atmosphere. While some platforms provide online environments with useful features, in many cases, you’ll use platforms like Zoom or Skype to connect with your students. It’s up to you to establish the best learning environment in this case.

    It is important to utilize visual aids and props effectively. For example, if you’re teaching fruit names, display a variety of fruits in front of you.

    Some teachers create a backdrop for the camera or set up a dedicated corner resembling a classroom, complete with a whiteboard and other relevant items.

    Also ensure proper lighting in your space. Students can gauge a lot from your facial expressions, so avoid sitting in a dimly lit area. If necessary, consider adding a ring LED light, but any well-lit room will suffice.

    Develop Your Positive Persona

    Learning is a complex process, and some students may require more time to retain information. It’s essential to maintain a positive attitude, even when you are having a ‘bad day’. Learn how to be fun, energetic, engaging, deliver constructive criticism and always praise achievements, regardless of their magnitude.

    Being a positive and happy teacher will attract students more than a neutral or unfriendly demeanor. If you aim to build your client list, prioritizing a positive persona is paramount. Find ways to encourage struggling students and adapt your teaching approach to accommodate their needs.

    Network with Other TEFL Teachers

    Join TEFL teacher groups on social media platforms to connect and network with fellow educators. Building a support system and offering assistance is crucial, especially when you’re new to online English teaching. These communities provide valuable resources and allow for sharing ideas for things such as lesson plans. You can also seek advice on specific challenges you may encounter. Remember to maintain student confidentiality when discussing any issues.


    Utilize Online Resources

    Take advantage of the abundance of resources available online for TEFL teachers. These resources not only provide valuable teaching materials but also share information about job vacancies if you’re seeking additional work opportunities. By staying updated on the latest trends, you can identify specialized areas where you can further your skills through additional courses. For instance, Business English is in high demand and presents a lucrative avenue for online English teachers.

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