The TEFL Institute brings over 30 years of experience in the English as a foreign language (EFL) industry. Together with our team of academic experts, we will help prepare you to teach English with practical and accredited TEFL courses.


The government-regulated Ofqual Level 5 TEFL courses guarantee the highest standard of teacher training, which means our TEFL training and teachers are highly rated and in constant demand by employers worldwide.


The TEFL Institute has the experience, global reputation and the curriculum many employers have come to respect and trust.


Online TEFL Courses
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120 Hour Advanced Tefl Course

The 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course is globally recognised and independently accredited. This TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) course is completed 100% online.



240 Hour Master TEFL Course

The 240 Hour Master Course will make your resume stand out. It gives you the chance to gain two exam preparation qualifications & teach students of any age.




180 Hour Level 5 Regulated TEFL Course

Boost your earning potential with this government regulated Online TEFL Course. This qualification is one of the highly regarded courses by most employers.



300 Hour Level 5 Regulated TEFL Course

This is a CELTA equivalent online qualification which will provide you with plenty of employment opportunities. This course is giving you a certificate with worldwide recognition.

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I signed up to the level 5 300 hour course. I absolutely flew through it as the modules are jam packed with information, extra reading materials and useful links. I am delighted to be finished and looking forward to finding a job in the field. Rachel Hammond was my course assessment officer and she provided great feedback for me to put the finishing touches on my work. Emma Coleman was a fantastic help when I finished my course as I was unsure what to do next regarding certificates etc. A quick phone call changed that and she pointed me in the right direction. I want to say a massive thank you to the whole team who helped me throughout my course. Now off to sunny Spain with my teaching qualifications 🎉
Yvonne C.
17:14 11 Jun 21
Hi there, I'm Garet. I've completed's 180 hours TEFL e-course. It's a well structured course providing you with what you need at each step so its perfect for busy people. The website is very well designed for the course and the support is superb!
Gary K.
13:33 09 Jun 21
The TEFL Institute of Ireland is brilliant. Very supportive & there's always soemone to help out along the way. Even on my first week of starting I got a phonecall from the institute to ensure I knew my way around the course and had all the information I needed! I would definetly recommend this to a friend! Kate was a great help!
Jill J.
09:20 09 Jun 21
I’m really glad I took the chance and paid for the 120 hour course. It was easy to understand and the modules were enlightening. The tutor support service they offer was so helpful. My tutor, Sarah, is really hands on and the customer service is amazing. My emails were always responded to on time, and I think that’s a huge deal. I would definitely recommend!
Vivien U.
23:19 08 Jun 21
I am currently studying the 240 Hour Professional TEFL course and I find it very interesting and beneficial. The modules are enjoyable and have equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to teach English. Also, the blog posts and online resources are incredibly useful and the staff are really friendly and helpful - Ola was especially helpful when I requested a study extension for my course
Orla C.
17:10 08 Jun 21
Very good course. Enjoyed my time doing a 30hr course, and currently completing a 180hr course :D
Natalia G.
17:47 04 Jun 21
I purchased this course last September as I've heard from many colleagues that this the best TEFl course available. My purchase expired 2 months ago, but Sarah from the TEFL Institute Team was extremely helpful and renewed it immediately !!! Its Great !
John O C.
15:30 04 Jun 21
Hello, my name is Patrick and I am doing the 310 Hour course with the TEFL Institute in Ireland.I just wanted to really say that TEFL have been a great help throughout the duration of my course. The staff are incredibly kind, helpful and patient. They value the people they work with and do care about your (potential) career path in teaching English!I, recently, completed the 10 Hour Methodology course, under the leadership of Michelle Benson. Michelle is an amazing teacher and really simplified how we should teach and learn. She is undoubtedly helpful and supportive when it comes to her work with her students. Michelle did not just help me individually but helped the group to gel together in a short space of time (we stay in contact with each other via email!). It can be daunting when you do something, and you do not know anybody else! Allow yourself to be nervous, that is normal. This was true in all our cases, but (to put it short) Michelle eased us all and we just ended up having fun! This element of learning is key aspect. You must know there are people here who care about your future. It was this breath of fresh air that really helped us all to learn, both, individually and collectively as a group.I would highly recommend this course (incl. the 10 Hour Course!) to anyone interested in pursuing a teaching career, or ready to escape Covid-19, and travel abroad, in the future. If you are training to be a teacher, like me, or are new to this type of atmosphere, it does not matter. Pursue it and go! We are treated equally and learn from one another. TEFL, and Michelle, are reliable when answering your questions and want the best for your future. Again, I would highly recommend their courses! I want to thank everyone at TEFL, and Michelle, for all their help, and support, so far. The experience has been very enjoyable!All the best,Patrick
Patrick O.
12:36 04 Jun 21
Really good course. It is easy to use and clear, they also have plenty of staff to offer help to you, which I found hugely helpful. They give clear examples and have audio recordings to help too. The app is a little hard to use and seems outdated, but on a computer it is perfect.
Michelle S.
20:28 03 Jun 21
Happy with my experience with TEFL. Kate in customer service was very helpful and responsive with my query.
Gráinne C.
15:21 03 Jun 21




With a global reputation for the quality of its curriculum and training, a certification from the TEFL Institute will guarantee you the best chance to become a successful ESL teacher.



Our main TEFL qualifications, specialist courses and 10 hour Methodologies course are all completed online and ideal for students to learn from home or abroad.



Since 2017, the TEFL Institute has built a strong name within the TEFL industry, creating reputable certifications for our learners and connections worldwide.


level 5

Our Level 5 Government Regulated course is equivalent to a CELTA or TrinityTESOL, meaning that you can work in countries that require a higher level qualification.


5* reviews

We are proud of our reviews on both Google and Social Media platforms, showing a genuine positive response to our courses, services and quality assurance.



Having certified over 21,000 people from 33 different countries, our growth has been substantial, and you can be assured that our courses are the right fit for all.

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