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When you arrive, our in-country team will greet you along with the other interns (unless you are required to complete a quarantine). After the one-week orientation, you’ll travel to your placement area by bus, train, or plane.

When you arrive, you’ll get a full week of cultural orientation.

You will learn about Japanese culture, language, and society at orientation, as well as build friendships with other teachers over the welcome meal. Visits to famous landmarks local museums that bring the country’s history to life have all been previous cultural excursions.

Master the local greetings, become acquainted with the local customs, put your TEFL abilities to the test, meet new people, and eat, a lot! It’s time to begin teaching English in Japan, whether at a private language school, a private primary or secondary school, or a government school.

Interns have been placed in cities all across the world in the past! As a fast developing country, interactive whiteboards and digital tools are becoming more frequent in private language school classes. Public schools have larger class sizes and less technology than private schools, but they make up for it with high levels of student engagement.

Congratulations, you did it! Be sure  to congratulate yourself on your accomplishment. It’s time to choose whether you want to see more of Japan, travel, or teach (or both).

By renewing your contract, you may be able to extend your stay in Japan and teach for a longer period of time. As a confident and experienced TEFL teacher, your options are limitless.


Hi everyone, My name is Saoirse! I’m from Ireland and I’m currently a kindergarten teacher in Hiroshima, Japan. I’m also an actor and a singer. On my days off, I like to travel, go for walks and buy bagels.

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Although there are positions available in both urban and suburban areas around the country, the majority of positions are in suburban communities. Applicants should express their preferred location, as teachers usually go through an interview process with a school or language centre that has locations throughout the country. Shortly before or during their training week, teachers are assigned a location. Smaller towns are typically used for placements.
Group size 20
availability 10

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If you are interested in teaching English in Japan and would like to learn more, request a call with one of our experienced travel advisors about this opportunity.

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    Before you go, you’ll have an application form to fill out and documents to submit, a video chat, and then you’ll be on your way.

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    Cultural Excursions

    Wondering what you’re going to do with your precious free time? We know there are certain adventures that cannot be missed out on! So make sure to take a look above at these recommendations from past TEFL interns in Japan, and create your own Japan bucket list!

    Outside the Classroom

    Outside the Classroom

    Japan has a well-developed and user-friendly public transportation system. High-speed trains connect many cities. This makes travelling within Japan a breeze. You can experience so much of Japan and what it has to offer throughout your trip!

    Teach & Travel

    Teach & Travel

    With the opportunities we have available, the average monthly income ranges from $1650 to $2300. The savings potential for new teachers is projected to be between $150 and $400 per month, depending on spending patterns and pay.

    Work Schedule

    Work Schedule

    There are two main types of teaching positions available in Japan – public schools and private language centres. The role is slightly different in each school type, as are the working times.

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    Found this diamond of a company. Elaine was helpful friendly and informative. Can not recommend them enough. Check out there page if you need anything TEFL related and teacher training related options.
    shaista S.
    03:08 12 Apr 24
    I just finished an online teaching course with Michelle Benson. It was very well organised, her instructions were easy to follow, and she motivated everybody with lots of positive feedback during the sessions. She showed us through her example how online teaching can be fun and serious at the same time.
    T H.
    21:10 11 Apr 24
    Elaine was v helpful and assisted me decide which course to do. Looking forward to starting !
    Deirdre Marie O.
    19:37 11 Apr 24
    Excellent presentation: in her approach to the material in our webinar, Jessica not only explained but also demonstrated the good humour, patience and energy that helps people learn.
    Fn K.
    10:21 11 Apr 24
    Very well put together presentation, interactive and informative. Thank you
    Jenny E.
    17:42 10 Apr 24
    I just enrolled in the level 5 course after great guidance, conversations and advice from Walter Cullinan, he was a pleasure to engage with!Looking forward to completing my course now n’ qualify.
    Alan W.
    14:34 10 Apr 24
    Having recently taken part in an online webinar hosted by Jess for "Teaching English Online" I would recommend always taking the opportunity to attend the TEFL Institute's webinars. It was informative and supportive with Jess providing many tools and links to help me in my role to teach online.
    Jacquie B.
    12:49 10 Apr 24
    I am about to complete the Highfield Level 5 Diploma in TEFL through the TEFL Institute in Dublin. This online 180-hour course, accredited by Highfield, offered flexibility with a six-month completion window and affordability, often with special offers available for additional learning. Annelies, Rachel and Jenny were always available for assistance and responded to my emails quickly. The engaging course material was both challenging and achievable.Moreover, the online zoom meetings held by Jessica were helpful in terms of looking where to start teaching online. She not only provided useful websites, but gave tips on how to position yourself as the new teacher.Overall, I highly recommend the TEFL Institute Ireland for those interested in becoming TEFL teachers or refreshing their qualifications as well as to anyone interested in flexible working setting form anywhere. Thanks to the entire team for their assistance and encouragement!
    Justina Z
    10:06 10 Apr 24
    Thanks Jessica l appreciate your help.
    Rumbidzai N.
    08:34 10 Apr 24
    Jessica was great, a good seminar with at least a couple of references that I have followed up and found to be really useful!
    Mike F.
    07:29 10 Apr 24

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