Business English is an ESL speciality that focuses on business terminology, related topics, and corporate culture. It is frequently taught on-site to major company personnel. But you might also teach private English lessons or Business English online. Here, we’ll go over the fundamentals of teaching Business English. Such as where it’s taught, what activities to utilise in these classes. As well as some general advice to help you have a good time.

Make sure you get TEFL certified before applying to online and in-person Business English teaching jobs. Almost all employment in this niche will need you to have a professional TEFL/TESOL certificate of at least 120 hours.

How do I get qualified to teach Business English?

It’s even better if you can acquire Specialized Certification in Teaching Business English after you finish your initial TEFL course online, because this is a competitive sector, and you can make more if you have specialised training. Our 30-hour course covers everything from conducting needs analyses and taking stakeholder expectations into account to teaching English as a global language and using genuine resources.

With 30 hours of advanced online training, you may become a professional in teaching business English. Did you realise that teaching business English and teaching general English are two different things? Our certified course will show you how to adapt your TEFL abilities to give practical courses to this special set of students.

You’ll discover everything you need to know about teaching the world’s business language in seven modules. You’ll be ready to teach in a variety of situations once you’ve completed the course. You can either teach business English online from the comfort of your own home or speak to a group of business people — the decision is yours.

What does it mean to teach Business English?

There are some differences between teaching Business English and teaching a normal ESL class

Your students will always be adults, for starters. In fact, the term “Business English” is occasionally used to refer to teaching adults in general rather than businesses in particular. As you may expect, teaching English to adults differs significantly from teaching English to children. In a Business English lesson, your adult students will often have different motives than in other classes. They usually have a specific, career-oriented aim in mind, and their classes are frequently paid for by their employer. Students will be strongly driven to succeed in a shorter period of time as a result of this.

Companies frequently pay for Business English classes to help an employee advance in their career, start a new job involving foreign travel or communication, or better serve overseas customers or clients. Company management may want you to report to them on a regular basis to check-in and update them on the students’ progress as major ESL stakeholders in their students’ success. Business English classes are frequently more expensive than ordinary English sessions, therefore these stakeholders will be looking for concrete, proven results. This is true of both face-to-face and online Business English sessions.

Businesses commonly pay for Business English training to assist employees to develop in their careers, beginning a new position that requires global travel or communication, or better serving international customers or clients. As key ESL stakeholders in their students’ success, company management may expect you to report to them on a regular basis to check in and inform them of the students’ progress. Because business English classes are more expensive than regular English classes, these stakeholders will be searching for specific, verified results. This holds true for both in-person and online Business English classes.

Finally, it should come as no surprise that the topic you’ll be teaching will be primarily business-related. This could include things like how to speak with clients, marketing jargon, phone etiquette, forming professional relationships, and making formal presentations. While most of these subjects are applicable to any firm, engage with company stakeholders to determine exactly what they expect you to teach so you can offer the best outcomes.

Where can I teach Business English
Teaching Business English Oversees

Business English is taught in classrooms all around the world to adults who want to study it. Niels, a Peruvian teacher, teaches technical English and specialised in the petroleum industry, for example. While teaching adult professionals is extremely widespread in Latin America, there is also a demand for Business English teachers throughout Asia and Europe. Larger enterprises with international clients can generally be located in larger cities, regardless of area. As a result, larger cities, such as Beijing, China, or So Paulo, Brazil, will have more job openings for Business English teachers than smaller ones.

Teaching Business English Online

There are numerous companies that provide adult English classes online. Voxy, for example, is an English as a Second Language (ESL) platform with adult students from all around the world. You can teach English for specific examinations (like the TOEFL), Business English, and a variety of other specialist courses if you collaborate with them. Learnlight is another excellent organisation that provides students with specific training. Clients come from all around the world, and the corporation prefers professors with a business background.

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Alternatively, If you don’t want to work for a company, you can also work as a freelancer and teach online. For freelance online teachers specialised in Business English, there is a specific TEFL/TESOL niche. If you advertise yourself properly, you will be able to attract a large number of interested individuals as well as businesses looking for someone to teach their employees English. If being your own boss and choosing your own fees appeals to you, start by taking this online course on teaching English as a freelancer. playing pictionary

Tips for Business English Teachers
Find out what your students want

You must determine what outcomes your students desire to achieve, just like you would in any other subject. This will not only assist you in determining what subject to cover and how to assess student progress. But it will also enable you to manage your students’ and investors’ expectations from the start. Resulting in a pleasant and successful relationship.

Make your classes exciting

While you should strive for professionalism and remember that your students come from a business background. This does not mean that your lessons have to be dull. Your adult students will appreciate you keeping things interesting with games and other activities. Even if you don’t go to the same lengths as you would in other sessions, such as employing puppets.

To diversify your efforts, try bringing in intriguing resources such as current business periodicals, podcasts about industry subjects, or videos of market news broadcasts. You can effortlessly screen share items like news articles and movies with your students if you’re teaching online.

Understand your students lifestyles

Business English students, unlike students in other ESL classes, are likely to attend class right before or after work. Therefore your hours may be extremely early or late. Additionally, due to work-related problems that emerge. Your students’ hectic lifestyles may cause them to cancel or reschedule their class hours at the last minute. If you can, be understanding and flexible. keep in mind that the higher income usually compensates for any scheduling concerns.

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