Can I teach English as a Foreign Language Online (TEFL)?

Teaching English online is a growing trend as a result of the pandemic with many teachers wanting to be able to work remotely either at home or abroad. This was an area that was already growing exponentially fast before COVID-19 and it has become one of the biggest ways to earn an income online for those wanting to teach English as a foreign language.

Earning the TEFL certificate and teaching English online makes you an entrepreneur working to your own schedule and making as much money as you decide. You can earn anything from €10 – €50 an hour, depending on the agency you sign up for and your level of experience teaching English.

Starting your career as a TEFL teacher online will give you valuable teaching experience and confidence if your long term goal is to move into the classroom. You also don’t have to move abroad if you don’t want to without losing out on the ability to teach, which is great for anyone who is not currently in a position to travel.

What’s inside?

The 46 page comprehensive TEFL brochure will tell you everything you need to know about teaching English as a foreign language – including the full range of training options, TEFL Jobs, and TEFL scholarships available.

  • Which TEFL Course
  • Why a TEFL Internships
  • TEFL Scholarships Available
  • Best countries for TEFL Jobs
  • Career Guidance Centre

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