Ten Reasons to choose teaching as your career

Unsurprisingly, so many people desire to be teachers when they grow up. Teachers serve as role models for us throughout our youth. They’re a shoulder to cry on when you’re down, a voice of reason when you’re upset, and they seem to know everything, don’t they? Have you ever considered teaching as a career? We’ve got ten reasons why you should consider teaching as a career to get you started, and we’ve listed them below!

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why to Choose Teaching as a Career –


1. You’ll be making a difference

You will find unparalleled job satisfaction if you choose to teach as a profession. Most teachers will tell you that they decided to teach because they wanted to make a significant impact in the lives of their pupils. Working as a teacher will allow you to observe visible development in your pupils’ abilities, leaving you with a grin and a genuine sense of accomplishment. Remember, they will rely on you to assist them in getting to where they want to go. Therefore you will be vital!

2. No two days are the same

We genuinely mean it when we claim that no two days are the same! If you dislike the monotony of office employment and desire variation in your daily life, then teaching is for you. When you’re a teacher, every day brings new obstacles to keep things interesting! It will energise you and make you want to return to your classroom daily.

Because there are so many various sorts of TEFL lessons, TEFL is exceptionally diverse. Every student has varied needs, from basic conversation to coaching for critical examinations like IELTS. That is what keeps life fascinating! Do you want to be able to teach various sorts of TEFL? Then our 300-hour course is ideal for you!

3. You’ll have a job for life

Teaching, unlike specific other vocations, cannot be replaced by technology. Although language instruction applications are available, most students still choose a teacher with whom they can communicate! So you’ll have a job for the rest of your life, which will be very secure! They claim education is recession-proof, and if the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that. So, if you select teaching as a career, you’ll be in good hands for the rest of your life, as you’ll be in high demand worldwide. How much do you make as a TEFL teacher? Take our quick salary assessment!

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4. You can work all over the world

If you’re a certified teacher, you can work from almost anywhere in the world, either in a classroom or on your laptop. Yes, absolutely! We’re talking magnificent rice fields in Vietnam, unique islands in Thailand, or lively metropolises in South Korea. You’ll be able to work and explore simultaneously, whether you’re teaching basic English or a speciality subject in English (e.g. math). Do you want to know where the finest TEFL jobs are? Check out our Jobs board

5. You can be creative

While you may be required to follow a curriculum plan if you are working with a school, you will still have the freedom to pick how to teach the content to your students, allowing you to make it your own and get creative truly! It is encouraged to have fun!

6. Meet lots of new people

Choosing teaching as a vocation will allow you to operate in a very social environment. You will not only work as part of a close-knit team with your colleagues, but you will also interact with students and parents daily. Furthermore, as a teacher, you can become an essential part of your local community since many schools host yearly activities. This is ideal if you’ve relocated to another country to teach because you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

7. The earning potential is huge

Your income potential can be enormous whether you teach in your home country, abroad, or online. We’re talking about $6,500 monthly or $78,000 annually – sign us up! Furthermore, many teaching opportunities abroad include additional incentives such as housing, flights, medical insurance, and paid visas.

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8. You can work from home

Don’t like being around people all the time? If you choose to teach as a profession, you can work from the convenience of your own home. There are numerous options to teach English online in today’s digital environment. From ordinary English conversation to math and arts and crafts, there are multiple things you can teach online. Furthermore, it is flexible; you can establish your hours and be your boss! Do you want to be wholly equipped to teach English online? Look into our 300-hour course!

9. Learn as well as teach

If you have a strong desire to learn, teaching is your career! Teachers can share their current knowledge and wisdom, delve deeply into issues, and learn something new along the way. Whether you take a TEFL course or are plunged into the deep end in one of your classes, every day will be a school day for you, and your knowledge will continue to increase. Want to be confident that TEFL is the correct fit for you before you begin? To discover, take our quick TEFL quiz!

10. Career progression

Choose teaching as your profession if you want to develop a great career! Being a teacher will offer you a solid paycheck and tremendous job satisfaction, and you will also be able to advance your career. From teaching in exotic locations to teaching online from the comfort of your home and even starting your own TEFL company! The possibilities are limitless. Do you want a TEFL qualification that will serve you well throughout your teaching career?  The 300-hour Advanced TEFL Diploma is the ideal choice for you!

As we’ve shown, teaching is so much more than a profession! Are you ready to begin? We completely understand! Get your free TEFL course handbook to get started!

Do you require additional assistance? You can request a free call back, and our TEFL Experts will gladly assist you!

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The Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate is one of the most accepted certificates worldwide. This certificate lets you teach English to non-native speakers across the globe. The main requirement to get a TEFL certificate is the ability to speak native-level English and then you complete a TEFL course. You can complete a TEFL course either online or in a classroom. The different courses vary based on the number of hours it takes to finish.

As a TEFL qualified teacher, the world is your oyster. With a TEFL certificate you can live and teach abroad, teach online while travelling the world or set your own hours working from the comfort of your own home. 

Our 120 hour TEFL certificate is accredited and internationally recognised, so you can teach online or around the world. If you’re looking to teach in your home country at a language centre or would like to go to the UAE, we would suggest you do a higher level qualification, such as the 180 Hour Level 5 TEFL Diploma. This is the requirement in such competitive countries. 

First and foremost, an aspiring TEFL teacher must be a native or fluent English speaker. We suggest people who are at least 16 years old with a C1 level of English or higher. A TEFL course and teaching English is perfect for you if you:

  • Are passionate about teaching and helping others to learn
  • Have a good knowledge of the English language including sentence structure, vocabulary and grammar
  • Are open and willing to adapt to other cultures and languages
  • Want to travel and see the world
  • Are looking for an exciting and flexible career path
  • Are outgoing and confident speaking in front of a class or ready to build your classroom confidence.

You do not have to have prior teaching experience or a degree to do a TEFL course. However, the ability to work using your initiative is important. Our TEFL courses are online, so you will need to be well motivated. 

A Level 5 TEFL course is one that’s regulated by Ofqual according to its qualifications’ framework. 

By taking a Level 5 TEFL course, you’re gaining a qualification that’s assessed as the same level and difficulty as the following: a diploma of higher education (DipHE), a foundation degree, 2 years at university and the CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL teaching qualifications. Once qualified with a Level 5 TEFL qualification, you’ll have access to the most competitive jobs worldwide.

While Level 5 courses are not the same as a CELTA, they are assessed to be the same level of difficulty as a CELTA qualification. The difference between CELTA and Level 5 TEFL is the way they’re delivered. With a TEFL qualification, you’re more likely to study online at your pace while a CELTA course is typically full-time and in-person. When applying for TEFL jobs you may find a small number of employers request teachers have a CELTA.

A regulated TEFL qualification means that it is officially recognised by the government and sits on the Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications.

A reputable TEFL company should have an approved licence number from an independent regulatory body. It should also be a registered company in the country where its offices operate. The TEFL Institute of Ireland is accredited by the ACDL (Accreditation Council for Distance Learning). All our course materials have been externally and independently approved by HIghfield, endorsing our brand as one of high standards and excellence. 

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