How Travel Can Strengthen a Relationship

Travelling overseas together will set you up for a set of challenges that will help your relationship become even stronger. Going on a holiday is different to moving overseas and becoming expats by taking jobs like teaching English abroad. You are both going to be out of your comfort zone and you’ll have to learn how to handle that together.

Here are some of the ways that travel can strengthen a relationship.

No-one is Perfect

You’re not perfect, and here’s a secret that is about to be revealed, neither is your partner. Travelling will expose your flaws, weaknesses, and your strengths. You are going to learn how each other copes under stress, which problems you take to duck like a water to solve and which tasks you put on the long finger. You’re going to learn all about each other’s bad habits and what you find most attractive them. How angry they can get when nothing seems to be going their way and how beautiful their laughter sounds. Travelling with your partner is going to put you in a situation where you will have to see each other at their best and worst.

Become Best Friends

The moment you both decided you were going to travel and teach English abroad that you were setting yourself up for an amazing adventure. Just like in those much-loved children stories when people unite to embark on a quest together, their bond strengthens and they become best friends, and that exactly what it’ll be like between you and your partner.

You will create memories together; time will seem to stand still, and the days will feel full as you make every moment count. Living life to the fullest and finding things to laugh about as you travel overseas will not only make your relationship more meaningful but will make you best friends.

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Trust Each Other

It’s very easy to trust one another when you can predict everything that you’ll do from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep. However, when you’ve taken the plunge to move abroad and enter a different environment where you’re putting each other in situations where anything and everything could happen, you have to be able trust your partner to help overcome challenges.

It might be clinging to your partner as they drive a scooter for the first time on the backroads of a country in South East Asia. Or your other half is communicating for directions on your behalf because they’re picking up the language a little faster than you are. Or keeping the job they’ve got while you’re still looking for one and learning to budget together. These are the situations where you will both emerge as a stronger unit as the bond of trust between one another strengthens.

Fall in Love Again

You don’t mean for it to happen but after some time, you’re special someone might not be treated so special anymore. You take it for granted that they’re there in your life and those butterflies you had in your stomach during those first few weeks are no longer there. However, when you travel together to take on a challenge like teaching English abroad and are in a stimulating environment, you start learning something new about your other half. And it’s exciting. Those sparks are reignited and as you explore your new surroundings, everything seems fresh and full of possibilities.


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Your Values Change

When you travel with your other half, you realise that they’re all you need to light up your day. When you’re at home and going through your day to day routine, you can become easily distracted from what’s actually important. You place value in materialistic items such as the coat going on sale that you needed for the winter season just gone. When you travel, you realise the things that you need in your life suddenly aren’t so important.

You place more value in going for strolls along the beach hand in hand with your loved one as the sun falls behind the horizon from the crimson lit sky. Clinking two glasses together from a skybar overlooking a city at night. Getting lost together and arguing about whose fault it was before figuring it out together. Sharing with each other your stories form the day, such as the child’s smile that lit up their face after you helped learn a new word in class.

It’s these types of experiences that you share with each other that you learn are the thing you value the most.

Have Together Secrets

You know the type of secrets that we’re talking about. The ones that you have with your partner where you’re at a gathering and someone brings up something that makes your eyes meet. Or a mention of some event triggers a shared discreet smile between you. When you travel together, the secrets that are meant for just you two to have and keep to the grave tenfold. You will have so many that you’ll laugh about with each other or swear never to mention again. These are the type of intimate things that make relationships stronger.

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Have Shared Dreams

Travelling together is a bonding experience and the reason people travel to unknown destinations or to have new experiences is because there’s a sense of wanderlust in them that they want to explore. That they want to chase after dreams.

Travelling together to teach English is not something you really do to have something tangible. Maybe you’ll make money out of it but the biggest thing you’re looking to create is memories.

You’ll learn so much about each other and as you face all of the challenges head on together, you’ll form dreams. You’ll share common aspirations and have visions of what your future could look like together if you both took further chances.

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