TEFL Internships vs TEFL Job

If you are a newly trained TEFL teacher or will be soon, you may wonder what your next step should be in your TEFL career. As we’ve seen, there are numerous opportunities in TEFL. When you get your TEFL certification, the world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the adventure and decide what to do with it! Of course, two trendy possibilities are getting your foot on the work ladder and starting your career with a job in TEFL job vs. an Internship. Depending on your circumstances and aspirations, each has advantages and downsides. We’ll review each so you can make an informed decision regarding your future TEFL career!

Here are some points that will clear you about a TEFL Job vs. an Internship –


TEFL Internships

First and foremost, what exactly is a TEFL internship? Training (in TEFL or any other industry) is when you work as a trainee for a firm (or school) to earn initial or further experience. A TEFL internship is similar to any other training you may have heard of; you work somewhere to learn the ins and outs of TEFL.

What are the advantages of doing a TEFL internship?

Reduce your job-searching time!

You won’t have to waste time hunting for work in other schools or towns, which is a huge benefit. Typically, you submit one application (or per country), and the organization matches you with a position. This eliminates a lot of tension. If you’re overwhelmed by options, here is the place to be, and you won’t have to think about which city to visit. You frequently specify your preferences, and then you are assigned a location. The most time-consuming aspect of looking for a job (in any area) is hunting!


Receiving ongoing assistance is one of the most significant benefits of a TEFL internship. This begins with the application and continues through the placement and even after if you require more assistance. This is a massive benefit if this is your first foray into TEFL or teaching. Receiving help and coaching from your TEFL organization will alleviate any tension. They will also assist you in determining your eligibility and determining the internship you are best suited to or qualified for.

This assistance will also include obtaining a visa if necessary. This is useful for individuals who despise paperwork! You can also ensure it will be done correctly and without hiccups! Obtaining a work visa can be problematic, so having assistance with this is a significant benefit!

Support is also invaluable if problems arise during the program. Fortunately, these are usually few and far between, but it’s always comforting to know you have someone to turn to if you have any concerns. With internships, this is often from office employees and staff in the country you have visited. You should contact the school’s support team or a contact person if you have any issues. If you tackle it alone, you’ll have to troubleshoot any problems yourself!

Welcome on arrival

In addition to your assistance, you will most likely receive some orientation when you arrive for a TEFL internship. This will include meeting your fellow instructors (a great way to make new friends! ), learning about the school where you will be working, and even some TEFL classroom inspiration.

Arriving as a group of teachers who will be your colleagues for the foreseeable future creates a mechanical link. This will lead to the formation of ties and friendships. That’s a huge positive! If you do it alone, you may need extra effort to meet acquaintances, which can take time. You could be the lone new teacher at your school.

Assume you travel further away from home, say to Southeast Asia. In that scenario, cultural training to assist you in settling into your new life and what to anticipate from your pupils and the locals is typically included in this orientation! This relieves stress, allows you to relax, and quickly bond with your coworkers – crucial when starting a new life in another country!

Get experience!

This is one of the most significant aspects of an internship. It’s a beautiful approach to obtaining teaching experience if you don’t already have any. They are frequently for newly qualified teachers, so you can get approved sooner and accumulate TEFL hours. If you have no teaching experience, an internship may be the best option. Once you have the experience, you can apply for a more comprehensive selection of positions and will be much more confident in your teaching!

You’ll also get more feedback on your teaching, which will help you enhance your practical expertise. Many internships provide further training in classroom tactics and approaches and a mentoring program in which you are matched with an experienced teacher. This time might help you find your TEFL feet and feel ready to face any class!

Shorter time commitments

If you’re unsure if a particular country or even regular TEFL employment in the classroom is correct, an internship can be an excellent opportunity to find out. Plenty of 6-9 month and even 3-month summer assignments are available! This is also a good option if you have other obligations because you won’t have to spend too much time away. If you fall in love with TEFL and your host nation, you might decide to complete the internship and obtain some experience and expertise!

Trusted partnerships

Any internship you take with a reputable TEFL firm has been thoroughly researched, tried, and tested! TEFL firms have long-term ties with schools worldwide, and their representatives frequently visit the schools and programs in person. This means you may be confident that you’ll be working for a recognized school. If you’re worried, read the internship reviews from prior interns!

A TEFL internship can assist if you’re apprehensive or a first-time teacher. It alleviates many unpleasant or stressful situations, such as visa concerns or having someone to turn to for needed assistance!

Our most popular internships include:

An exciting time in Spain!

Have the summer of your life in Germany!

A far-off adventure in Thailand

And many more!

TEFL teacher in Cambodia with a group of friends - tefl job vs internship

Getting a TEFL job

So, what about the other possibilities you have? Getting a TEFL job frequently entails searching for openings on your own, applying, and, perhaps, interviewing! When you find a job in another country, you usually book your flights and leave! You arrive, get settled, and begin your new life!


The most prominent benefit of applying directly for a TEFL job is financial. You will begin earning a total income right now. Internships may involve a monthly allowance or housing, although they often do not pay as much as a contract as a full-time job. If money is your primary motivator, a TEFL job may be your best option.

This is especially crucial if you have more experience or certifications in TEFL or elsewhere; internships usually pay a predetermined stipend. Your educational background may affect your compensation if you want to secure a job.

The Challenge and Freedom of Independence

Moving abroad alone is a significant undertaking that will make you proud of yourself and your abilities. If you’ve always been interested in TEFL, the pleasure of choosing where you can go and when you can go can be enough to get you started right away! Some people thrive on going alone, making their own decisions, and travelling alone.

Less supervision

For some, this is a significant disadvantage, while for others, it may sound like a nightmare. A TEFL job may be ideal if you like finding your own feet and figuring things out independently. Making decisions for yourself allows you to develop your teaching style. You may also feel less nervous if you are not being mentored. That is not to suggest that the school you choose to work for will not provide orientation or monitoring, so you will not be left to your own devices!

There is no single proper answer regarding TEFL job vs. internship similarly, there is no single correct answer regarding where you should go or what you should do. Every teacher has different tastes and circumstances. Therefore, the decision must be made by you and be right for you. If you’re new to teaching, an internship can help you manage stress and organization. However, if you’re a more confident and independent traveller, getting into education right away can be your best option!

Hope this article cleared your doubts regarding which to choose between the two,  TEFL Job vs. internship, choosing either will guarantee you the experience of being a teacher. you should always make the decision after clearing all your doubts

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