Have you decided to take the leap and travel and teach abroad? Exciting times! Even more so if you and your partner have decided to take a journey of a lifetime together. With so much choice for TEFL teaching abroad and TEFL Destinations for Couples, it’s hard to pick just one destination. Alas, you do have to choose somewhere that you won’t regret. This decision is even harder when choosing a country for two people. You must come up with a plan together, that suits you both and that you’ll both enjoy. Don’t worry though! We are here to help you. 

You have your TEFL certification and are ready to book your flights, but where to? If you haven’t completed your TEFL course, head over to THIS BLOG after to help you decide which course is right for you. Once you have your destination in mind, this will help you make a better decision for enrolling in the right TEFL course. 

There are lots and lots of great destinations out there for Couples to travel and teach TEFL, but we could only fit a few! Don’t worry if your country of destination isn’t on the list, this is only our top picks. Our top recommended countries for couples are based on the following factors: 

  • Good quality of life for foreign teachers with good teaching contracts 
  • Urban areas available with multiple jobs nearby
  • Accommodation with common preferences of couples (studios and not shared)
  • Romantic getaway opportunities
  • Safe and “non-medieval” countries for the LGBTQ+ community

TEFL Couple

South Korea

South Korea is an amazing destination for TEFL teachers. Not only will you make enough to live, travel, AND save, but you’ll also have a great work-life balance. The lifestyle here is very zen and stress-free. 

With our internship, you’ll get a studio apartment which is a preferable option for couples! They will go above and beyond to place you together and get you both acceptance letters from the same school or schools that are close to one another.

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Thailand is one of the most popular TEFL instructor destinations & good for couples, and it’s easy to see why. Your teaching experience will be second to none, thanks to the competitive salary and perks on offer. The most significant advantage is that, because of its popularity, the TEFL community is enormous, and you will have no trouble finding friends.

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If one of you or both of you don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree but would love to experience South East Asia, then Laos would be our top pick for you. Laos is situated between Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and China, providing it with a diverse cultural landscape. Because of its gorgeous mountain views, friendly population, and laid-back culture, English teachers are often lured to this lesser-known Southeast Asian country. Laos is also an excellent choice for instructors who are just beginning their careers and want plenty of free time to visit this fascinating country.


If you’re not feeling Asia, Argentina has quickly become one of the most popular countries for TEFL instructors. Beautiful landscapes and a diverse landscape will persuade you to relocate to this amazing country. English teachers and tourists alike commonly find themselves in Argentina’s famous Malbec wine region, which is located in the province of Mendoza. To the south, climb glaciers and ski through the Andes Mountains. Many tourists to Argentina struggle to leave because there is so much to see and love; for these people, teaching English has become a way to stay.

Argentina is a great country for couples and even more so for adventurous couples who would love to go hiking, white water rafting, and surfing! Argentinians also work to live, not live to work, and this is a gre4at change to the western world! 

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is appealing in many ways: beautiful beaches, active volcanoes, lush rain forests, and a temperate climate all make this country an obvious choice for tourism, business, pleasure, and…teaching English!

Whether you are looking for teaching jobs in private language schools or just want experience teaching abroad for the first time, Costa Rica is a good option and you can travel to the rest of Latin America after your placement too.

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It’s no surprise that Spain is a popular choice for foreigners looking to teach English in another country. It’s a country with a lot to offer, including a relaxed pace of life marked by the well-known siesta, a vibrant culture centered on flamenco dancing and other forms of the arts, and delectable food and drink.

If you want to gain experience in education, teaching English in Spain is a terrific option to do so while also getting to know a new culture and sampling plenty of tapas and sangria. There are lots of programs here and working together is very common. They even have lots of opportunities for a group of TEFL teachers, so placing a couple together is a piece of cake! It’s also good to know that many countries in Western Europe are friendly to LGBTQ+ people, but Spain takes the cake. 


Q: Which are the best TEFL destinations for Couples?

There are lots of countries out there that are amazing for couples and you can make any country work for you! Our top picks are South Korea, Thailand, Laos, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Spain. You can all the reasons why in the blog above! 

Q: Advantages to doing TEFL with a partner?

Taking a journey abroad is such an amazing experience! You see wonderful sights, meet new people and gain quality teaching experience. You can multiply this by two when doing this with a partner. When traveling, you’ll always have a friend and support along the way, especially if you decide to get TEFL work individually rather than through a program. 

Apart from the support of having another person with you during the big move and settling into another country, there are also some logical benefits to traveling as a pair. First and foremost, the biggest advantage is sharing accommodation. Half the rent, half the stress! You’ll also get to share with cooking and meals, cleaning, and driving. It always helps your mental health. 

In terms of schools and teaching, you’ll also get to share lesson plans, bounce off each other, and have a bit of a rant if needed. Having another person this close to you will help you grow as a teacher. 

Q: Where is the best place for couples to teach in the Middle East?

The Middle East can be a tricky one. It is filled with both modern cities and traditional towns, with lots of myths surrounding it. When you think of the Middle East, you think of women’s rights, the LGBTQ+ community, and unmarried couples. Believe it or not, the Middle East in the past years has grown like many other regions and has been modernized. As well as this, there are parts of countries just for foreigners and a community within itself. 

Taking everything into account, our top pick for the TEFL Destinations for Couples – Middle East would be Dubai or Abu Dhabi as they are very modernized. However, if you are feeling unsure, we recommend you stick to South East Asia, where things are much more progressive. 

Q: Can you teach English abroad with a child?

In short, yes you can. This does limit your opportunities and you’ll have to take things like budget into account, but it definitely can be done! This is why you’ll need a high-paying job when moving abroad. The highest paying TEFL jobs are exam preparation and business English. These are great opportunities, but the requirements are also quite strict in comparison to teaching beginners English. You’ll need the IELTS preparation and TOEIC preparation (common in Asia) course as well as the Business English Course. These are all included in the master courses; the 240 hour TEFL Course and the 300 hour TEFL Course, depending on whether you’d like to do level 5 or not. 

As parents, once you both have the qualifications, try getting some experience online first. This will increase your chances of a nice wage. You might also keep in mind that one of you should fly over first to get set up while the other follows with the children. 

Q: Can I travel and teach TEFL with my partner?

Not only is this possible, but it makes the experience so much more enjoyable (in our opinion). Make sure that you are ready for the move abroad together. You won’t have your family with you or a means of space for the most part. Be in a strong place together and it will be an experience of a lifetime! 

Many couples choose the route of internships. It is the easiest and best way for the organization of things. When you’re planning to move abroad, it can be difficult for couples to find jobs that are close together and close to the accommodation. When going on an internship, you can apply together, get placed together, and work closely. Program providers see this a lot more than you’d think! It’s actually very common.

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