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In 2023, life was almost back to pre-pandemic days, and it felt like the world was back on track. Doors were opening, and living and working abroad was once more an option. For TEFL teachers, it was a breath of fresh air after waiting on the sidelines for so long. The best news is that things are set to get even better, and 2024 will be a fantastic year for TEFL teachers. Globally, there have been some changes; China will no longer allow private tutors to work with school-age children, which means the demand for TEFL teachers in the country dropped dramatically. However, there are still some opportunities there, and in plenty of other countries in the world, the market is bursting with demand and this blog will exactly show you the top destinations to TEFL in 2024.

Also, more than ever before, people are embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, creating their own freelance English tutoring businesses. People are also exploring less-travelled places, like South America and deep into South Asia. Since the pandemic, the TEFL world hasn’t just come to life; it’s bursting with opportunities.

Step 1 – Get Your TEFL Certification

TEFL courses provide valuable insights into effective teaching methodologies, lesson planning, and classroom management techniques. These skills are crucial for delivering engaging and effective English language lessons. Having a TEFL qualification can also boost your confidence as a teacher, equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to handle diverse classroom situations and cater to the unique needs of English language learners.

Many employers, especially reputable language schools and educational institutions prefer and, in many cases, require candidates to have a TEFL qualification. It demonstrates your commitment to the profession and your preparedness to meet the challenges of teaching English to non-native speakers. Some countries and institutions have specific visa and employment requirements that mandate TEFL certification. Holding a recognised TEFL qualification broadens your options and allows you to explore teaching opportunities in various locations around the world.

Accredited TEFL certifications are recognised globally and set you apart from others who may not have formal training in language teaching. TEFL courses are not just for beginners; they can also be valuable for experienced teachers looking to refresh or upgrade their skills. Accredited courses often include ongoing professional development opportunities, informing you about the latest teaching methodologies.

Accreditation on courses such as ours proves that the TEFL course meets specific quality standards. Accredited programs are reviewed by external bodies, providing assurance that the curriculum, instructors, and assessments are of a high standard. Joining an accredited TEFL program connects you with a community of educators. Networking with fellow teachers and instructors can be beneficial for sharing experiences, gaining insights, and accessing job opportunities.

You can study entirely online, which gives you flexibility around your current commitments and enables you to transition into a new career without having to leave work to retrain. As well as choosing an accredited course, you must pick one that meets the international standards. The basic qualification for TEFL teachers should be the 120-hour courses, which will give you everything you need.  Another additional course to specialise in, like teaching business English or exam preparation, is also available and can bolster your qualifications and add to your CV, depending on your end goal.

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Top Tips for Teaching English in 2024


Accept Your Newbie Status

Set realistic expectations when embarking on your teaching journey, whether you are looking for work abroad or hoping to teach online. Securing a full-time teaching position could take some time, and you may start with part-time hours; language schools often offer 24-hour-a-week contracts and online could be less than that. Additionally, as a newly qualified and inexperienced TEFL teacher, earning a high hourly rate is not likely to happen. Remember, salaries usually tie into the local cost of living if you are looking abroad. You may be offered a lower wage than you hoped for, but if the cost of living is also low, you will be surprised just how far your money will go. However, with accumulated experience, your earning potential will grow over time.

Experience Does Help

Starting your journey can be challenging, and laying the foundation for future growth is vital. At first, this might mean accepting less-than-ideal pay, especially if you don’t fit the typical “ideal” candidate profile (native English speaker with a degree and teaching experience). But just like in any job, the more experience you get, the more you can earn. The other option at this stage is to volunteer – locally at a language school or by taking a working holiday. Volunteers are always in demand, and although you don’t get paid, the experience you will gain can be invaluable on a CV.


Build a Strong CV

Building a solid CV is the next part of securing a job teaching English as a foreign language. If you are new to teaching, then it might be that your existing CV needs a little bit of shuffling. It’s important that it’s easy to identify your TEFL qualification, and you can also highlight other skills from other jobs that are actually relevant to the field of teaching. It’s important that you build yourself up and make your CV as attractive as possible to a prospective employer.

Get Some Online Teaching Experience

Even if your end goal is to travel the world teaching English as a foreign language, it might be easier to secure work teaching English online initially. There are lots of tutor companies out there looking for English teachers, and not all of them require degrees and experience. Some don’t require a TEFL qualification, but it’s invaluable if you are heading out into the world. We also believe that online English teachers should have proper qualifications because our TEFL course not only equips you with skills but also gives you confidence and plenty of ideas on how to manage a class, differentiate lessons, and understand the types of learning you will encounter.

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Above All, Patience is Key

As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. Overnight, you are not going to be able to secure the best job in the world that pays all of your bills and gives you enough money to travel and see the world. Patience is a virtue if you are looking at online teaching as a way to post your income or even replace your current job again. Things take time to get started, but with perseverance and hard work, you will certainly get there.


Top TEFL Destinations for 2024


It is time to grab your passport and get ready! For a couple of years, it seemed like our usual way of travelling might never return. International business employees who used to travel the world were stuck at home, and backpackers, adventurous explorers, and TEFL teachers hoping to discover new places faced limitations. But those days are behind us. Even though many people are choosing successful online careers, there are still numerous job openings worldwide. Schools, institutions, and especially foreign governments need to address a gap in English proficiency, and the pandemic has made it harder to meet language attainment goals. 

We have a variety of new destinations that are gaining popularity. Regions like South America, which wasn’t a massive TEFL market, are now in the spotlight. It’s an excellent time to explore opportunities. 


South Korea

South Korea was one of our top picks in 2023, and it’s no surprise that it continues to be a favourite for 2024. Boasting an incredible 15 UNESCO Heritage sites, captivating cities, and a blend of forward-thinking innovation with immense pride in cultural history, it’s easy to understand why people adore it. For adventurous TEFL teachers, it’s an ideal destination. Many jobs in South Korea come with perks like accommodation and air travel. The job options range from the government-run EPIK program to the numerous private language schools known as hagwons. For more information, check out our South Korea country guide.



If your country welcomes over 7 million tourists from January to October, you’re definitely doing something right. It’s clear evidence that The Land of Smiles is incredibly appealing. It’s also becoming a popular destination for TEFL, thanks in large part to initiatives like the Thailand Teaching Programme. This program offers competitive pay and includes perks like airport pick-up, visa assistance, flexible contracts, and teacher-friendly working hours.

If you’re aiming for permanent employment right away, there’s a significant demand for teachers from kindergarten to university level and beyond. Moreover, Thailand is known for being one of the more welcoming places for non-native English speakers. If you’re eager to make your mark in the industry, but English isn’t your first language, considering the Land of Smiles as your first choice is a smart move. For more information, check out our Thailand country guide!

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We promised to discuss South America, and for 2024, we’ve singled out the captivating and continually developing country of Colombia. As Colombia aims to play a more significant role on the global stage, projecting a tourist-friendly and modern image, the demand for TEFL teachers is rapidly rising. The government is actively promoting enhanced English proficiency.

While having a degree is preferred, it’s not always a strict requirement. In many cases, a high-quality TEFL certificate is sufficient to get started. With a relatively low cost of living, especially when compared to the salaries offered to TEFL teachers, Colombia stands out as an excellent choice, especially for new TEFL teachers seeking adventure. You can find more information in our guide to teaching English in Colombia.



Vietnam still holds a lot of mystery from a Western perspective. Many people are unaware that this jewel of South Asia now boasts a rapidly growing economy, an improving educational infrastructure, and is incredibly tourist-friendly. The touristic allure of countries like Vietnam and Thailand is evident, not only because of their rich history, beautiful landscapes, and bustling cities but also because emerging economies like Vietnam demand higher proficiency in English. Consequently, the need for teachers is consistently high, and you’ll find numerous opportunities in our Jobs Centre at any given time.

Living in Vietnam offers warm and friendly interactions with locals, innovative fashion, and exceptional street food. It’s also an ideal base for exploration, making travelling to neighbouring nations like China, Laos, or Thailand easy. While a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL qualification are necessary, the rewards, especially considering the cost of living, make Vietnam a fantastic destination for any English teacher. For a comprehensive guide on teaching English in Vietnam, be sure to read our guide!


Become a Digital Nomad and Go Anywhere!

Working remotely has become quite common, especially with the changes brought about by the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Companies are recognising the advantages of a global office where people can work during different hours, bringing diverse perspectives to the table. Many individuals are also creating home offices and freelancing. The absence of a central job location means that anyone with the right skills and resources can work for various companies or even for themselves. It’s no wonder the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle is rising.

Being a digital nomad means having location independence, allowing you to work from anywhere. To be a digital nomad TEFL teacher, all you need are:

– A 120-hour TEFL certificate

– A laptop/desktop 

– Fast and reliable internet connection

– An online teaching job and/or your own freelance online teaching business

Several countries are making the nomadic life more accessible. For instance, Spain plans to introduce a digital nomad scheme in 2024, joining the ranks of Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Greece, and Portugal.


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