A TEFL School Elective: An Interview with one of our schools!

In schools all around Ireland, the TEFL Institute offers TEFL courses explicitly designed for Transition Year and Leaving Cert Applied students. Discover how one of our affiliated schools enrolled its transition year kids in our program.

Tell us about your school and why your students enrolled in our program.

This is the first year pupils enrolled in a TEFL course at Castlerea Community School. All of our TY students engaged in the 120-hour TEFL course to advance their knowledge and skills. This gave them a lifelong credential that might lead to career experiences and international travel. Furthermore, we want our students to develop into capable, independent learners.

How did the students benefit from studying our course?

Our kids benefited greatly from the course in numerous ways. After completing the course in the classroom, our students got the chance to teach English-language in our school using their acquired knowledge and abilities. Although they were anxious, the students discovered that the course material was helpful in helping them plan lessons and teach. The few lectures the students gave made it clear that they had learnt a lot about vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation as well as what a TEFL teacher must know.



Would you recommend this course to other schools?

I would suggest this course to other educational institutions. Not only because our students found it enjoyable. They will graduate with a lifelong credential. It will enable them to instruct English as a foreign language to students anywhere in the world who are not native English speakers. I would suggest this course to other educational institutions. Not only because our students enjoy it but also because they will graduate with a lifelong credential that will enable them to instruct English as a foreign language to students anywhere in the world who are not native English speakers.

If you work in a secondary school or know of a school that would be interested, please contact us at recruitment@teflinstitute.com for more information.

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and it’s a certificate you need if you want to teach non-native speakers English. With a TEFL certificate, you can teach students of all ages – from young learners to adult business language learners – anywhere in the world. It’s recognised globally and is the key to kick-starting your English teaching career abroad, home or online.

To get a TEFL certificate you must take an accredited TEFL course. The minimum training required by employers worldwide is 120 hours. You can choose between accredited, government regulated Level 5 or combined TEFL courses. You’ll find TEFL courses are either online or combined in-class and online experiences. 

Getting a TEFL certification from a recognised, trusted provider is essential when it comes to receiving high-quality training and finding a job. Always go for a globally recognised accredited certification. It’s also worth double checking company reviews to make sure customers are satisfied with their training.

What’s the difference between accredited and government regulated Level 5 TEFL courses?

The Accredited 120 Hour Premier TEFL Course is what we call one of our fast-track courses. This is the minimum recognised worldwide.

  • You have 10 modules to complete usually taking 4-6 weeks.
  • Each module has a multiple-choice test at the end, and you need 80% to pass.
  • You’ll get your digital certificate on completion and can buy a hard copy from us if you’d like one with an embossed logo.

Level 5 Ofqual-regulated courses offer more in-depth training. If we look at the 180 Hour Level 5 TEFL Diploma in comparison: 

  • Learners typically spend 12 – 14 weeks to complete 11 modules.
  • The pass mark is 100% and assessments are multiple-choice plus open-ended answers. Don’t worry, you can redo quizzes to get 100%. Our academic team will review your answers at the end of your 11 modules and may ask for some questions to be reattempted. Some questions may require you to provide academic references.
  • You’ll get your digital coursework completion certificate from us after module 11. Following successful assessment from our academic team, we’ll be able to claim the licence for your Ofqual (government) certificate from our accreditation body Highfield.

The Ofqual-regulated Level 5 course range is for those who want to gain a higher-level, more recognised qualification.

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teachers teach English in non-native English speaking countries. TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) teachers teach English in native English speaking countries. CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a separate qualification you can get to teach English.

TEFL: One of the most accepted certificates worldwide, this allows you to teach English to non-native speakers across the globe. 

TESL: As a TESL teacher, you would likely be teaching English in your home country to students who have moved or live in an English speaking country. In other words, they are continuously surrounded by the language and will be using it every day outside of the classroom, unlike TEFL students who are likely learning in their home country.

CELTA: A very prestigious certification that follows a strict regulation created by Cambridge University. You must complete a 120-hour TEFL course and six hours of teaching real ESL students. Most of the programmes are held over a month and are full time. However, you may be able to find some courses that are part-time and are spread over three months. Due to its intense nature and requirements, the cost tends to be much higher and can be up to €1700!

Yes! Teaching English as a foreign language – online or in-class – will give you an abundance of transferable skills. From time management to problem-solving and communication, you’ll have plenty of experience to impress future employers. As your TEFL certification never expires, you can get back into TEFL whenever you wish, too.

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