10 Festive Ideas for Christmas Lessons in Your ESL Classroom

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, and what better way to bring this festive cheer into your ESL classroom than through Christmas-themed lessons? Seasonal holidays offer an excellent opportunity for students to learn English in a fun, engaging, and culturally enriching way. In this blog, we’ll explore 10 creative and educational Christmas lesson ideas to brighten up your ESL classroom.

1. Christmas Vocabulary Bingo: A Game of Words

Nothing says fun like a game of Bingo! Adapt this classic game for your ESL classroom by using Christmas-related words. This activity is not only exciting but also a practical way to expand your students’ holiday vocabulary. Create bingo cards with words like ‘mistletoe’, ‘eggnog’, ‘caroling’, etc., and watch your students learn as they play.

2. Exploring Holiday Traditions: A Cultural Journey

Christmas is celebrated differently around the world, and this diversity offers a rich cultural learning experience for your students. Dedicate a lesson to exploring how different countries observe Christmas. This could include unique traditions, foods, or customs, thereby enhancing students’ global awareness and cultural understanding.

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3. Sing Along with Christmas Carols: A Musical Approach

Music is a universal language, and what better way is there to practice English pronunciation and rhythm than through carols? Choose simple and popular carols, provide printed lyrics, and encourage students to sing along. This activity is not only enjoyable but also helps in improving language fluency and intonation.

4. Letter to Santa: Practicing Writing Skills

Writing a letter to Santa Claus is an excellent exercise for students to practice their writing skills in a fun and imaginative way. This activity allows students to express their wishes or gratitude and also to practice structuring sentences and paragraphs in English.

5. Christmas Storytelling: An Interactive Reading Session

Use classic Christmas stories or films as a base for reading and discussion activities. After a storytelling session, engage students in comprehension exercises and discussions about the story’s themes and morals. This not only improves reading skills but also encourages critical thinking and discussion.

6. A Taste of Christmas: A Culinary Adventure

If possible, organize a session where students learn to make a simple seasonal dish. This can be an exciting way to learn vocabulary related to cooking and food, and to give and follow instructions in English.

7. DIY Christmas Decorations: Crafting with Language

Engage students in making Christmas decorations. This craft activity can serve as a practical lesson for learning vocabulary related to materials and colors, and for practicing imperative sentences and instructions.

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8. Learning with Christmas Idioms and Phrases

Introduce your students to idioms and phrases related to Christmas. Understanding these phrases can help students grasp the cultural nuances of the language and improve their conversational skills.

9. Word Play: Christmas-themed Language Games

Incorporate word games like word searches, crosswords, or scrambles with a Christmas theme. Such games are not only entertaining but also effective in reinforcing new vocabulary in a memorable way.

10. Role-play in Santa’s Workshop: An Interactive Speaking Activity

Create a role-play scenario where students act as elves in Santa’s workshop. This could include tasks and dialogues, providing an excellent way for students to practice their speaking and listening skills in a dynamic and imaginative setting.


Incorporating Christmas themes into your ESL lessons provides a unique opportunity to teach language skills in a way that is both educational and enjoyable. These 10 ideas can be adapted to suit various proficiency levels and classroom settings, ensuring that your students not only learn English but also experience the joy and cultural richness of the holiday season. Remember, the key to successful ESL teaching is to keep the lessons interactive, engaging, and culturally inclusive. Happy teaching and happy holidays!

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