Teach English in beautiful Spain with our TEFL internship. Ideal for first-time English teachers looking to gain valuable teaching experience in a safe and secure environment.

 10 weeks teaching placement 


Do you want to live and teach English in Spain in the Catalonia region exactly? A place with the most dazzling architecture in the world, enjoying siesta time and delicious Spanish cuisine? Now is your chance to come and teach English in Spain and enjoy your new life making friends and catching the sunset with rooftop tapas.

You will be based in beachy Catalonia, a fantastic location to serve as the backdrop of your epic life abroad. The Catalonia region, in northeastern Spain, is known for the lively beach resorts of Costa Brava and the Pyrenees Mountains. Barcelona, the regional capital, has a historic Gothic Quarter, La Rambla pedestrian mall, museums and several beaches, there is so much to do and see, you will never be bored.

In addition to three perfect months in Spain, you’ll complete the 120-hour Premier TEFL Certificate plus specialist micro-credentials for teaching young learners and an in-depth Spanish culture course so that you can get to know the local culture before you head off. These courses have been created to provide you with real, comprehensive knowledge of everything you need to become a confident, influential TEFL teacher — in Spain and beyond!

We have our dedicated team in Spain on hand to give you professional assistance and support 24/7. What’s more, your host family will take you under their wing and make you feel like a local by tasting their food and chatting with them while you are living in their home. You won’t find a more immersive experience, we promise you. Teaching abroad in Spain is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but we have a hunch you’ll come back again and again.

This is the best starting point for your future TEFL career and getting experience before you step into a more permanent role. Spain is waiting for you! Make sure to read through the program requirements and apply at your earliest convenience, as places for this program are limited.

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Essential information about this trip

Accommodation with a Spanish host family
120 Hour Accredited Premier TEFL Course
30 Hour Specialist Course Focused on Teaching Young Learners
Teaching through Yoga & Mindfulness Course for Young Learners
Extensive Warmers, Fillers & Coolers Guide
Spanish Culture Course In-depth cultural awareness for ESL teachers
Access to the Spanish Public Healthcare System
3 Meals, laundry, internet & transport
Language: You will be exposed to the country's languages which can give you a great opportunity to expand your language ability.
A Tutor in the school to aid you with the cultural transition.
10 weeks of a safe and secure experience that will give you an unforgettable experience.
24/7 in-country support
Aged between 20 – 30
Native English speaker
Passport holder from Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia, USA, South Africa or New Zealand
Completed High School (Bachelors degree desirable but not required)
To be adaptable and able to socialise and interact with people
TEFL qualified (included)
Enthusiasm for working with children
A desire to live in a foreign country and make the most of the experience
International flights: return flights are a must for outside EU applicants
Police check: Each applicant must have a clean criminal record
Health check: Each applicant must provide a full health statement
Budget: For adventures and in the event of an emergency whilst you are here in Spain
Travel insurance: It’s really important to arrange this before you go!
Visa costs


Your TEFL course or teaching qualification may give you the credentials to teach abroad, but preparing yourself for the impending cultural change is a whole new ball game. Before you arrive in Spain, having a solid understanding of the culture will help you in many ways. You will find it easier to navigate social situations, make friends, perform better at work, and transition into local life.

Your Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Getting there

On arrival, you will be collected by your host family or school liaison, who will take you to your new home (or you may travel by public transport, and your host family will meet you at the station).

Day 2


During your first week, you will receive a local school induction and get the real inside scoop on teaching in Spain from other experienced teachers.

Your school liaison will review your teaching schedule, uncover the dos and don’ts of the local culture and placement, and nail down transport and logistics.

You will be fully prepared before you step into the classroom.

Day 3-89

Your teaching experience

Now that you have been trained up, it’s time for the classroom experience. Remember your 120-hour TEFL Course which includes our Teaching Young Learners Specialist Course in this package will give you the theoretical knowledge you need to start teaching. You will be working around 20 hours a week as a language assistant. You’ll be teaching students ranging in age from young learners to older teens with mixed levels of English. This will you give you an invaluable first-time teaching experience. Your goal will be focused on conversation practice and helping your eager students feel confident as they develop their skills. You’ll also be a proud ambassador for your home country by sharing your language and culture. This is a big part of this placement at school and with your Spanish host family. Your local teaching colleagues will be your go-to for teaching tips but don’t forget to bring your ideas into the classroom. We included our Teaching English Through Yoga and Mindfulness course to make your lessons unique. There will also be plenty of time outside the classroom to explore cities nearby, such as Barcelona and bond with your fellow teachers.

Day 90

After your internship

Congratulations, you did it! Make sure to celebrate this achievement.

The possibilities are endless for you now as a confident and experienced TEFL teacher, and the world is your oyster.


All successful applicants will spend 12 unforgettable weeks in the Spanish province of Catalonia

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