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Stepping into a classroom in Taiwan, you will learn a thing or two yourself from these students. 

In-class teaching hours range from 22-26 hours between Monday and Saturday. Be sure to dedicate at least 15 weekly hours to lesson planning, grading and extra-curricular activities. Taiwanese students are some of the most hardworking in the world, so you won’t ever have to worry about missing homework. 

Teach English in Taiwan, and your opportunities range from kindergarten to secondary school, focusing on grammar, written and oral skills. Co-teachers will be on hand to guide you into your new role and support you in delivering practical lessons. You’ll feel yourself grow personally and professionally with development training sessions throughout your 12 months of teaching English in Taiwan. 

This internship is also ideal for friends and couples, but early application is vital to ensure availability.


If you are interested in teaching English in Taiwan and would like to learn more about this location, request a call with one of our experienced travel advisors about this opportunity. Register your interest below!
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If you are interested in teaching English in and would like to learn more, request a call with one of our experienced travel advisors about this opportunity.

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    I joined the online webinar hosted by Jessica and Olivia.I found it very informative as there were directions on what to do way -forward. I am still early in my course journey but they responded to other people's concerns.Very helpful tutors?
    Bukky O.
    13:37 18 Jul 24
    I have now completed the level 5 Diploma with TEFL Ireland and really enjoyed the experience. The course work was easy to follow with a good mixture of interactive elements and additional reading for self-learning. The assessment process was rigorous and challenging enough to be credible, with feedback and results returned in a timely manner. All in all, this course was very rewarding and the tutors Jessica and Olivia were always on hand to offer support and help when required. I took this course with a view to offering support to the migrant community in Ireland and I really cannot wait to get started now.
    stephen F.
    19:28 17 Jul 24
    The webinar on ‘How To Gain TEFL Experience’ was truly interactive and engaging! I can say that the speakers were knowledgeable, supportive, and always available to answers any questions the attendees asked. Several Jessica & Olivia covered several topics and gave insight on ways on how to gain TEFL experience; volunteering and teaching online. They also talked about the TEFL short 10 hour training course which will help teachers to deliver interesting and useful lessons to learners of all ages and levels in any classroom setting.Thank you! I appreciated the opportunity to hear from Premier TEFL experts!
    Yassine El M.
    17:04 16 Jul 24
    Thanks Jessica and Olivia - very informative and helpful!
    Trish L.
    16:48 16 Jul 24
    I had the opportunity of attending an insightful webinar - "How to gain TEFL Experience" by Jessica and Olivia.
    Izabela J.
    16:33 16 Jul 24
    TEFL Institute keeps on getting better and better, I obtained my diploma level 5 due to the kindness they were giving me and support, and now the webinars are one of a kind they keep on updating us and giving insights on how to be a great TEFL Teacher and where to start
    Vuyo Kwazi M.
    16:16 16 Jul 24
    the support I got when choosing the right course has been exceptional!
    Marzia R.
    16:08 16 Jul 24
    Had a wonderful experience talking to Tracy today. Very lovely and helpful, answered all my questions and can't wait to start my FEFL course!
    Eleonora M.
    11:38 16 Jul 24
    It's been very good, Learning is easy if you make your own notes. Really helpful resources and study material. Very simple and effective.
    Amy M.
    19:11 15 Jul 24
    I recently contacted the TEFL Institute of Ireland to enquire about the various courses offered. Tracy was fantastic! She was so friendly and professional, answered all my questions comprehensively and followed up our call with a detailed email, recapping our conversation. I explained to Tracy what my previous TEFL experience was & what my future plans are, and she recommended exactly what course to do. Thank you!Friendly, professional customer service / Product Knowledge / Advice & recommendations ✔⭐
    11:10 15 Jul 24

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