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Stepping into a classroom in Taiwan, you will learn a thing or two yourself from these students. 

In-class teaching hours range from 22-26 hours between Monday and Saturday. Be sure to dedicate at least 15 weekly hours to lesson planning, grading and extra-curricular activities. Taiwanese students are some of the most hardworking in the world, so you won’t ever have to worry about missing homework. 

Teach English in Taiwan, and your opportunities range from kindergarten to secondary school, focusing on grammar, written and oral skills. Co-teachers will be on hand to guide you into your new role and support you in delivering practical lessons. You’ll feel yourself grow personally and professionally with development training sessions throughout your 12 months of teaching English in Taiwan. 

This internship is also ideal for friends and couples, but early application is vital to ensure availability.


If you are interested in teaching English in Taiwan and would like to learn more about this location, request a call with one of our experienced travel advisors about this opportunity. Register your interest below!
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If you are interested in teaching English in and would like to learn more, request a call with one of our experienced travel advisors about this opportunity.

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    verified student reviews

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    Excellent TEFL course with access to mentor about queries at anytime. It is structured well and very informative. Also, it provides very good examples and resources to look back on. Thankyou TEFL institute and look forward to taking more courses!
    Tracy P.
    12:50 22 Sep 23
    Within a few minutes of requesting information, a very kind and helpful Advisor - Annelies V. contacted me to assist.Helpful people are available at this institute.
    Rhonda G
    12:44 20 Sep 23
    I completed the 30 Hour Teaching English Online Course that was included in my purchase of the 150 Hour TEFL Course and thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn’t take as long as I thought it would and includes many tips and softwares that you can use during lessons. Extremely helpful and great addition to my CV ⭐️
    Nikol S.
    21:59 18 Sep 23
    The 10 hour virtual course in teaching English will I'm sure be invaluable to me on my TEFL journey . With no Zoom experience at all I was very apprehensive to begin with but Michelle Benson made the whole experience a truly memorable fun experience making each participant welcome and relaxed from the beginning ...Thank you very much Michelle
    Gerard A.
    12:30 18 Sep 23
    I gained alot of knowledge from this course and enjoyed it! Thank you for a great experience and good communication.
    Samantha L.
    14:59 16 Sep 23
    this is one of most reliable institute to study with to get an acceptable TEFL certificate. the courses are up-to-date and engaging . Many teachers can take advantage of this chance to improve their knowledge of teaching. I would totally recommend this to everyone.
    Mahsa T
    12:58 16 Sep 23
    I completed the Level 5 TEFL Diploma and thoroughly enjoyed the course from start to finish. The modules were varied and the information provided was clear. The quizzes were helpful to revise the lessons and the assessments were assessed rigorously, which highlights the quality of the courses. The support provided was second to none, the staff were friendly, extremely helpful, and responded promptly to my queries. Thank you to all the staff, especially Rachel for the support.
    Maeve W.
    15:26 15 Sep 23
    Great, Annelies was very efficient and very helpful!
    Patrick O.
    15:04 15 Sep 23
    super amazing course and help! thank you
    Mila Z.
    09:02 15 Sep 23
    My experience studying online has been mostly positive so far. It is very easy to access the course materials from the comfort of my own home. The course content is very thorough, enticing and interesting; factually complete and accurate. Very clear explanations, learning objectives, and assessments. It provides a very valuable experience for me.
    simona S.
    07:52 15 Sep 23

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