Can You Teach English Abroad With Your Partner?

Many ESL teachers who work overseas do so as a couple. There are also plenty of English teachers who aren’t in a relationship who go with a friend. Completing a TEFL course is just the first step to going on a journey full of possibilities and it’s not something that you have to do alone.

Heading off overseas with your partner to teach English abroad has many factors that you have to consider. Read below to find out how you can make it an exciting journey you can share together.

TEFL Training

There’s nothing wrong with travelling solo, which you can read our tips for doing safely here, however, if you’re going with your partner then you should both consider teaching English to support your adventures overseas. Teaching English as a foreign language is a great income opportunity and you would be able to experience everything together. The TEFL Course is open to anyone who wants to do it. You can both achieve the TEFL Certificate and travel together to teach English.

Doing the TEFL Online Course together means you can help each other through any difficult parts. You can study and learn with each other while clocking up those hours to achieve the 120-hour course limit. You’ll know what the other person is going through, be able to offer encouragement when required and you can celebrate together when you both get your TEFL Certificate that qualifies you to teach English as a foreign language abroad.


Teaching Abroad with your partner


It can be hard enough for one person to find the ideal TEFL job when looking for a place to teach English as a foreign language in a school, let alone for two. However, it doesn’t have to be a disaster if only one person manages to land an ESL classroom job. Thanks to the everyone switching to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are open and adaptable to teaching English online, so if one can’t get a desired job in a classroom, they could teach online instead to help pay the bills.

It’ll be easier for both of you to find a TEFL job if you look for work in one of the country’s major cities. There’s generally a high demand for teachers in the more populated cities of Europe, Asia and Latin America compared to somewhere out in the country or near a tropical beach. If you can both do your research and narrow down your choices to a city you both are happy to live in, then you should both be able to teach English abroad.

You’ll have to work at different schools, or one could teach private students while the other in a public-school setting, but having a bit of separation is not a bad thing. You’re already living together, travelling together, sharing in this abroad experience together that it’s okay to have a little separation from each other. This will also allow you to face your own day to day challenges, grow independently while still doing so together, and your collective network of friends will expand as you make your own friends at work.

Helps Abide Any Homesickness

Whatever it might be, there will come moments during your travels when homesickness hits you. Having a friend to help you through those tough moments will allow you to deal with any culture shock experiences.

It’s such a comfort to have someone who understands you on a level no-one else around you does. Travelling together will also raise your confidence and push you towards experiencing everything that your strange and unfamiliar environment has to offer.


Teaching Abroad with my partner

Other Jobs

The TEFL Certificate can just be your key to moving abroad, it doesn’t have to be your only option. Your partner or friend could use their TEFL Certificate just as job security while searching for other work. Many TEFL Teachers who moved somewhere for many years ended up working in a completely different field. For example, hospitality is an industry, especially in Asia, where English-speaking staff are often highly desired and needed.


One of the main ways you can cut down on living costs is by sharing accommodation. This is especially handy if the teaching jobs in the country you’ve decided to move to doesn’t offer any accommodation allowance. Sharing the living costs such as food and utility bills will help you save even more money.

More Enjoyable

This doesn’t apply to everyone as some people are extremely independent and love travelling solo. If that sounds more like you then take a read of our blog posts related to the single traveller so that you can maximise your time abroad.

The vast majority of people do prefer companionship though and would love the opportunity to share the experience. It can be especially challenging and rewarding if you decide to do this with someone you’re in a loving relationship with, but this can strengthen your relationship in so many ways.

By deciding to teach English abroad with your partner, you can make this huge life change a little less intimidating and much more enjoyable.

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