Why You Should Teach English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences you could ever do. Don’t get us wrong – it can be extremely challenging. You will have days that will tempt you to jump straight back on that plane home. You will also have days that will tempt you to make your host country home for life. Living and working somewhere abroad is a great experience that will give you the freedom to grow.

Here are the reasons why you should teach English abroad:

You Get to Travel

Travelling is probably the number one reason why you would want to teach English abroad. Combining travelling with teaching English abroad is a great way to finance your adventures. You will get to pursue your passion for adventure, see all of the places you’ve saved on Instagram and cross countries off of your bucket list.

You Need to Escape the Rain

Not being forced to look out the window at the dreary weather, reminisce of lost summers or face the harsh winters is one of the great things about teaching English abroad. The weather is a big reason for many to teach English in tropical location as they travel in search of those sunrays.

You Want Some Life Experience

No matter what age you are, if you feel like you’ve been in one place too long or are stuck in a rut, then you may feel that you’re in need of a change. By learning to teach English abroad, you’re opening up yourself to the whole world and can gain some much-needed life experience to freshen your outlook.

Earn Money

Making money while you travel is a real thing. People are doing it all the (pre-COVID-19) time, but even in the period of a pandemic, people want to be able to earn a living while travelling. Perhaps it’s a goal of yours for 2021, and if it is, then teaching English is an excellent way to make money while you travel.

Travel and teach English


You’ll Make New Friends

By travelling overseas and entering the teaching industry, you are certain to meet a whole new collection of people. By stepping out of your comfort zone to teach overseas, you’ll connect with new and interesting people who will enrich your life.

The locals will be curious of your story and will want to know everything they can about you. They will want to show you all of their favourite hotspots, practice their own English with you and you may even get a few strangers stop you from time to time for an impromptu selfie.

You’re in a Dead-end Job

There’s been too many times you’ve watched that clock tick down to 5pm and you’re in need of some excitement in your life. Your TEFL certificate qualifying you teach English will give you a new sense of purpose in life. Perhaps you’re not ready to pack your bags and have an expat life. Maybe you just want to stay at home and work online, or maybe you crave a whole new environment. Teaching English abroad offers change and a chance to expand your horizons. Whatever your ambitions are, by becoming qualified to teach English as a foreign language, you are getting out of that rut and opening up a whole new world of possibilities to yourself.

You’re Bored and In Need of a New Challenge

Ever had that feeling that the bubble that you’ve created for yourself has become claustrophobic and without realizing it, you’ve turned each day into the ‘same ol, same ol’ routine. You’re constantly seeing the same faces and you’re listening to the same conversations every week over the Sunday family dinner. What’s worse, you realise with utter horror, you’re not just bored but you’ve become boring. When did that happen? You need to prove to yourself that you’re not done yet. And there’s nothing boring about living abroad, making money and teaching English overseas. You might even pick up another language.

You’re Feeling Like You’re Being Left Behind

Those college buddies or your siblings are getting new jobs, promoted, buying houses, getting married or having children. They all seem to have something going on while you feel like you’re miles away from any such landmark. How do you keep up? Moving abroad and teaching English for a living will soon make everyone look at your Instagram stories enviously as you hit your own milestone.

Vietnam bay

Fresh Out of College – What Now?

You’ve gone to college, got your degree and your parents are so proud of you – now what? Are you ready to put that college degree straight to use, or do you suddenly find yourself needing a little bit of space to find out what you actually want to do with the rest of your life? Teaching English overseas might not be what you want to do, but it’s a great way to figure things out.

It’s Great Teaching Experience

Maybe becoming a teacher is the dream job for you. If so, then why wouldn’t you want to teach English overseas? By teaching abroad, you’d be getting a step up on the competition by clocking up hours teaching English. You’ll face challenges and will be forced to learn on the job while gaining teaching experience in a stimulating environment.

You Feel Lost and Want to Grow

Maybe you’re living with your parents or perhaps your relationship has ended. Maybe you feel empty inside and are walking around under a cloud not sure which way to turn. By doing something drastically different like working overseas and exposing yourself to new cultures, new experiences and meeting new people. You can change your life dramatically. Your own confidence will grow by the day as you take on new unfamiliar challenges. You will become a more open-minded person as you deal with different cultures and opinions.

In general, you don’t need a degree to teach English abroad or online. Our certification stands alone and you can get employment without pairing it with a degree. However, some TEFL employers do prefer their teachers to have a degree. More importantly, for some countries, it’s a visa requirement. This means you can’t obtain a work permit without a bachelor’s degree or higher. Some of these countries include China, Japan, UAE and Vietnam. 

Our advice is if you have your sights set on a certain country, look into the visa requirements first before putting time and effort into finding a job there. This will save you time and disappointment. If it’s a school preferability, and not a visa requirement, there’s sometimes some leeway. 

You do not need any prior teaching degrees or experience to teach abroad. Once you have your TEFL certificate, you can secure work as a TEFL teacher. A BA in Education would enhance your CV, but it’s not a necessity. Completing a TEFL course that includes teaching practice, like our Hybrid TEFL Courses, will also help your CV.

If you want to experience different cultures and see the world, teaching English abroad is for you. Not only will you get to explore new places, you’ll also meet new people and get the chance to make a difference to the lives of language learners. A TEFL certification lasts a lifetime. So, you can dip in and out of teaching abroad whenever you feel like it. 

It is not necessary to speak any other languages. You’ll be able to find a job and work comfortably without knowing the language spoken in your chosen country. Of course, it is always an advantage, even if it’s just the basics. We recommend learning a few phrases before you move abroad like hi, thank you, goodbye and sorry.

You’re never too old to gain new qualifications! Some TEFL employers do have age restrictions, but there are ample opportunities for more mature teachers. There are also the options to teach English from home as a private tutor or online tutor.

We recommend one of our Hybrid TEFL Courses if you would like to teach English in Europe. These hybrid courses give you the best of both worlds. You’ll get the training and certification you need, as well as teaching practice through the 10 Hour Virtual TEFL Course. 

The accredited courses are the quickest way to get TEFL certified, and are accepted by schools and institutes worldwide. Choose from a 120, 180 or 240 hour accredited TEFL course depending on the level of training you require. 

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