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    Teach English in Bangkok- Thailand | 6 or 12 months

    Airport pick-up and transfers are all included

    Orientation: 7 nights in a hotel / Bangkok City Orientation & Training

    Monthly salary of 40,000 (THB) Thai Baht (€1,100/£945)

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    Teaching English in Thailand Nationwide - 12 months

    Small groups for maximum support

    Northern Region

    30,000 THB+

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    Teach English in Taiwan - 12 months

    Visa & Quarantine Sponsorship

    Big cities nationwide

    NT$ 46,000+

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    Get Hired in the South Africa to Teach English Online & Abroad

    EFL qualification? Check. Teaching English is one of the best paid online jobs that you can do from anywhere and among the fastest-growing careers for remote workers. There’s a particular need for online TEFL teachers and English teachers abroad; in particular there is a massive demand for English language learning in Asia, especially in China, Japan, and South Korea.

    You’ll be able to earn an income while building your experience interacting with international students and maintaining the flexibility of travel or an online TEFL job. Now it’s time to help you find the perfect teaching job. Whether you plan to teach online or abroad (or both), we have the best opportunities in the TEFL industry. All that’s missing, is YOU. Find your dream job, apply today.

    TEFL/TESOL Careers



    Verbal Planet
    £4 - 1501/month ($5 - 2000)


    £450 - 1079/month ($600 - 1440)

    TEFL Internship Programme in Spain

    Twin group
    €100 weekly living allowance, return flights and accommodation provided
    Full Time

    English Teachers Needed

    Burao Academy of Science and Technology
    Burao, Somaliland (Northern Somalia)
    Full Time

    NATIVE ENGLISH TEACHER – Concepción, Chile

    Salary equal to a Chilean teacher with the same experience and training.
    Full Time

    * * * Teach English in the...

    Active English School
    Nagano Japan
    Salary: 240,000 - 260,000 yen per month
    Full Time

    Preschool Homeroom Teacher, Toyohashi, Japan

    Cloud 9 International
    Toyohashi, Japan
    Salary range: ¥260,000 ~ 300,000/month (based on experience)
    Full Time

    Vietnam – Native English Teaching Job

    Viet ESL Jobs - New Insight
    Remuneration: $1900-$2000 or $1700 - $1800 + accommodation provision.

    Your Online Teaching Experience

    In a Nutshell

    Working Hours

    The hours you could be expected to work play an important part in your decision. If you work in a classroom, your working days will be determined by the school’s term hours (typically Monday to Friday between 7.30 am and 3.30 pm). Or, in the case of private language schools, classroom hours could be all year round and include evenings. As an online teacher, you will have more flexibility over your schedule, but you’ll have to factor in time zones if you teach students in a different country to where you live.

    Class Size

    Teaching English in a classroom means you could be teaching class sizes of 12 students up to 50, whereas online classes are usually one-on-one or with a handful of students. In both cases, classroom sizes will depend on the school and what country you are teaching in. But it’s important to think about what class size you’d prefer and feel most comfortable teaching in when deciding whether to teach online or in class.

    Your Expert TEFL Recruitment Team

    Operations Manager

    As a well-travelled professional, Becky started out as an enrollment officer, and then moved onto becoming a Partners Specialist. Now as head of operations, she has a wide range of knowledge for all departments which is why she is perfect for overseeing all the day-to-day operations.

    Online Teaching Expert

    Having a Bachelor’s of Education, a CELTA and a Level 5 TEFL, Kate’s resume and teaching experience would shock you. She’s taught in over 23 different countries and knows exactly what employers look for. She runs our 10 hour Methodologies course as well as helping Rachel with our students queries. All reviews have nothing but great things to say about her class and ongoing support.

    TEFL Academic

    Jacob sure has a lot on his shoulders daily as he runs our academic team, ensuring the highest quality courses and grades. He is dedicated to giving the students the best possible education. Jacob is constantly growing our courses and in contact with our accrediting bodies to ensure that our certificate holds an outstanding merit among the TEFL community.

    Teaching English Online Salary Calculator

    There is much information out there about the world of TEFL, mostly with conflicting answers. We have answered all of the frequent questions we are asked including questions on our programs, as well as this, we have tried to simplify and bring clarity to the different types of

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