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Which TEFL Course is For You?

Grab a TEFL freebie to get you right on track for teaching English abroad. Find everything you need to start an international TEFL career.

From TEFL scholarships in central Europe to independent TEFL job-hunting advice to a classroom activity pack stuffed full of lesson ideas. Right here, for you…

In just a few minutes you’ll know if teaching English abroad is your calling, plus get a free English-level test and learn what type of TEFL teacher you’d make.

World of TEFL Guide

Discover the world of teaching English as a foreign language.

Our 24-page TEFL brochure has everything you need to know to get started as an English teacher. Find out which TEFL course is best for you and hear from our alumni. This comprehensive brochure has you covered!

Get the Guide

Essential Teacher Starter Pack – 3 Piece PDF

Our complete trio of lesson plan packs is here! Do you want to get started teaching English online without spending hours creating lesson ideas and printable resources?

Let us take care of your first 30 lesson plans and help you to be happy and confident in your classroom.


The Ultimate E-Book Pack

You’ve completed your TEFL course and are raring to go. Now to get that perfect job! Now is your chance to get 6 e-books in 1 pack Teaching English Online Guide, Job Hunters Guide, Lesson Planning Guide, Grammar Guide, Business Lesson Plan, and Young Learners Lesson Plan. Fantastic resources to help your TEFL journey


Teacher’s Essential E-Book Collection: 8 in 1 Pack

An essential asset for any ESL Teacher, you can now purchase an all-inclusive E-book collection for the first time! From helping you find employment to gaining the tools to create and administer lesson plans, we’ve got you covered.


Blueprint to TEFL Lesson Planning – 36 Page PDF

As a budding English teacher, planning lessons can take up lots of precious time. The time you’d much rather spend teaching more lessons or exploring your new exotic locale abroad.

That’s why we’ve done all the hard work and created your personal 36-page Ultimate Lesson Planning Resource, your go-to resource for understanding the art of lesson design.


Ultimate Grammar Guide – 124 Page PDF

The Survival Guide to English Grammar” is your portable & printable grammar resource. You’ll learn all essential grammar components, and usable examples and avoid classroom flusters. This 124-page book is the ultimate primer on English grammar for new teachers.




Warmers, Coolers & Fillers Classroom Activity Workbook – 66 Page PDF

Warmers, fillers and coolers are short 5-10 minute activities used to engage learners, fill time during a lesson or to end a lesson on a positive note.

It is also helpful to have a number of activities up your sleeve to use at a moment’s notice if you feel your lesson is running shorter than expected or students would benefit from a change of pace. This 66-page PDF resource is jam-packed with activities that will never let you down.


Young Learners Online Lesson Pack – 70 Page PDF

A 10-pack of adaptable and easy-to-follow lesson plans, including resources for teaching young learners online. Suitable for beginner to intermediate levels for one-to-one or small group classes.

Over 50+ pages of tried and tested lessons, developed by experts and ready to use



Business English Online Lesson Pack – 80 Page PDF

10 flexible lesson plans ranging from greetings and small talk vocabulary to working remotely and professional pitching skills for teaching Business English online. Suitable for adult beginners to upper intermediate levels for one-to-one or small group classes.

Over 75+ pages of tried and tested lessons, developed by experts and ready to use.


General English Online Lesson Pack – 99 Page PDF

You will find 10 of the best adaptable and easy-to-follow general English lesson plans, including resources for each level, for tutoring online. Suitable for beginner to intermediate levels for one-to-one or small group classes.

Over 90+ pages of tried and tested lessons with printable (or screen-sharing) resources, developed by experts and ready to use


TEFL Job Hunter’s Guide – 34 Page PDF

Prepare yourself for the best TEFL job opportunities by reading our TEFL Job Hunter’s Guide, written by seasoned ESL teachers. They’ve been there and done it… and want to help you avoid making the same common mistakes in pursuing a TEFL job offer.


Teaching English Online Bundle Pack - 5 in 1 Online Teacher Essentials!

Includes: 30-Hour Teaching English Online Course 3 Guides: Teaching Young Learners Lesson Plan Guide, Teaching Business English Lesson E-Book, General English Online Lesson Pack and 15-minute Job Assistance 1-to-1 Call.


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