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France is a country that has a lot to offer anybody who is an English speaker because they are in high levels of demand. The educational system is always looking for qualified English teachers who want to teach English in France. This is a good way to build up your skillset and develop vital experience working abroad.

France has come a long way in its attitude towards international languages in recent years, and now there is a thriving culture of people learning English, as it is how France helps to connect itself to the rest of Europe and indeed the world. Many people routinely travel between Paris and London, as it is one of the most accessible weekend getaways available, so they need to speak English.

Any individual who has a TEFL qualification, an appropriate degree, and some teaching experience will find that there are many different jobs in France where they can teach English as a foreign language. There is the ability to cater to any age, subject, or ability, so you do have quite a lot of choice. It’s important to recognise that many French schools prefer taking someone new and untrained and then forming them into a specialist, so having too many qualifications can hurt your chances.

The French education system seeks knowledgeable but highly motivated English teachers who are willing to adapt their teaching preferences. Too many qualifications indicate rigidity and being set in one’s ways. When you couple this with the fact that many French schools prefer to recruit teachers on a freelance basis rather than employing someone full-time, you will quickly begin to discover that the market for seeking positions is incredibly competitive. Consequently, there’s a lot to gain if you have the skills and the talent to get in. 

Types of Teaching Jobs in France

You’ve got a couple of different options when it comes to teaching jobs in France.

Private Elementary Schools and Secondary Schools

Private schooling in France is pretty competitive. These kinds of schools have access to many resources, making them tough for teachers who want to get in. However, the environment for a teacher is one of the better ones.

Private Language Schools

Private English language schools are a little bit more relaxed when it comes to admissions, simply because they accept any kind of bachelor’s degree as well as an appropriate qualification for teaching English to speakers of another language. You also need to have relevant professional experience.


Interestingly enough, the French government often hires people to tutor. If you have specialist knowledge of a certain industry, you can get a job teaching English to people in that industry, like engineering and mathematics.

Teaching Assistants

There is a selection of teaching assistant programs available for people who want to teach in France for up to 7 months at a time. This means that if you speak French well, and when I get some relevant experience, then you could very easily do so.

Popular Destinations to Teach in France

Paris is, first and foremost, the most popular destination for people to visit to teach. However, it’s also the most expensive city in the country. Therefore, other teaching opportunities further afield in places like Lyon and Bordeaux are becoming increasingly popular.

The places that you choose to go will directly influence the kind of people that you teach. In Lyon, you’re more likely to end up teaching adults. Whereas those interested in teaching students would head to places like Bordeaux due to a diverse range of work opportunities and lower living costs.

TEFL France: Visa & Sponsorship

Citizens of the European Union are prioritised when seeking a place in France. If you’re not from the EU, you’ll need a working visa. If you are outside the EU, you also need sponsorship from an educational institution.

Work Culture in France

The French education system places high expectations on its teachers. After all, French education is known to be exceptionally robust, but this does facilitate high levels of expectations in return. You will expect to work long days, and you may have to work evenings and weekends regularly. However, this is contrasted by the fact that the French educational system is a rather fulfilling career.

It’s common for teachers to take long vacations in France, but you also have to make sure that your income allows for this. Tutors, for example, are expected to travel frequently for their careers.

When to Apply for TEFL Jobs in France

It’s customary in France for most schools to determine the future needs of their teaching staff during the first quarter.

Advertisements for teachers run during the summer months, and the school year begins in September.

If you’re a teacher seeking to work in a private language school, you can reach out to employers at any time during the academic year. New teachers are simply hired as needed. To complete the Visa application process, you have to be able to budget for at least six months.

The Average Salary for an English Teacher in France

Teachers who have a bachelor’s degree in English may expect to earn up to $1600 per month, depending on their abilities and experience. In the vast majority of cases, travel, housing, and lodging allowances don’t come as part of the wage packet. Well, you might indeed get paid lower in a private language school, but the rate should never be less than $1000 per month. 


Living costs

France is typically one of the most expensive countries in the whole of Western Europe to try and live in, but in fairness, the cities are some of the most expensive in the world. Paris is one of the most costly places ever, and this makes it very difficult to try and maintain a high level of enjoyment. The problem a lot of people face is that a high cost of living is often matched by a substantially lavish lifestyle.

When it comes to travelling to the smaller, more rural towns, there are substantial price reductions that result in a much easier time, but you also see fewer work opportunities and transportation links as a result. Transportation in France can be pretty expensive, simply because it is at a high level. The quality that you receive is excellent, and that means that you do have to pay a higher price.

Accommodation is pretty much one of the most expensive aspects of trying to live. When trying to teach English in France, you’ll find that more than half of your monthly payments go into your living costs. If you take a look at even the most basic listing for maids’ quarters, which are just the term given to top floor studios, these can cost up to half a normal apartment. It’s often better to rent a room in a family house or share an apartment with someone.

Cost of living figures are taken from Numbeo, the world’s most considerable cost of living comparison site. 

  • Accommodation: USD $901–$1208
  • Utilities: USD $99 per month
  • Health insurance - All residents in France must have health insurance, either private or PUMA (the universal public insurance) - GP Visit: USD $20
  • Monthly transport pass: USD $70
  • Basic dinner out for two: USD $39
  • Cappuccino (regular): USD $2.40




USD $1000-$2000



Prerequisite university degree



120 Hour TEFL Certificate



Public, private & Language Schools


  • Popular locations for TEFL jobs: The most popular locations for jobs where you teach English as a foreign language include Paris, Nice, and Lyon.
  • The average salary for EFL teachers: The typical salary for an ESL teacher is anywhere in the region of USD $1000-$2000. This will obviously vary depending on the situation. An assistant position could pay anywhere from $965 per month, and a summer position will pay up to USD $1170 per month. The rates when it comes to babysitting, tutoring, or private tutoring will vary depending on your reputation and qualifications. There are a lot of teachers who are on the lower end of the pay spectrum that will take private tutoring jobs as a way to supplement their existing income.
  • TEFL qualification requirements: The minimum requirements for a qualification involve a 120 hours certificate. Without a qualification of this kind, you cannot expect to find any meaningful employment at all.
  • Education requirement: A prerequisite degree is often required at any level, as well as the certificate. Preferably, you should have a degree that matches up with your qualification.
  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: French
  • Previous teaching experience: Employers in the area of France are searching for smartly dressed, successful applicants who come off as both adaptive and energetic, as well as having a minimal amount of experience because that means they can mould them. They also prefer those applicants to have at least a basic level of French, and they are not likely to make a decision about hiring you until they’ve actually met you in person.

One of the best ways that you can get started is to teach as an assistant at summer school or participate in a living position teaching children and family. This helps you to pick up a lot of experience and gives you the tools that you need to get the best possible options. When it comes to establishing a profession in France, these kinds of arrangements are also an excellent way to avoid high rent costs. 

When it comes to a lot of TEFL teachers in France, the general consensus is that freelancing in moving between different contracts is perfectly normal. It can be difficult at the beginning, but you do get used to it; you just have to be aware that most industries don’t work like this, so there is a transitional period. One of the best things that you can do is create a customer base slowly and then work in a job that provides you with the main source of income, so you’re not solely dependent on one or the other. 


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TEFL Jobs In France: FAQS


Can I teach English in France without a degree?

You’ll often find that a bachelor’s degree is necessary for securing a paid teaching position in France. You may also need access to a high school diploma instead of a finished university degree if you want to work somewhere like a summer camp or as a teacher who is a volunteer. You will, however, need at least minimum teaching experience and the requisite certification to teach English as a foreign language. 

If you are going to teach in either elementary or secondary school, you have to have a bachelor’s degree, although many people prefer a Master’s degree. You also need a teaching license from your own country in most cases and previous teaching experience as well as the relevant certifications.

You can expect to make anywhere from USD $700-$1900.

Like the majority of European countries, the school year runs from September to July with five holidays. This means that you can usually match up your holiday time with family back home.

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