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Our in-country team will greet you and the other interns when you arrive. After the one-week orientation, you’ll travel to your placement area by bus, train, or plane.

You will learn about Vietnamese culture, language, and society at orientation and build friendships with other teachers over the welcome meal.

Learn the regional greetings, become familiar with the regional traditions, put your TEFL skills to the test, and make new friends. It’s time to start teaching English in Vietnam, whether at a government or private school, a language school, a primary or secondary school.

Congratulations, you did it! Be sure to congratulate yourself on your accomplishment. It’s time to choose whether you want to see more of Vietnam, travel, or teach (or both).

What our teachers say


After my final year exams, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life but I knew I wanted to go traveling again. So I completed the TEFL course, saw there was an internship in Vietnam offered and booked onto it straight away. Coming to Vietnam has probably been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!



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The Advantages of TEFL Internships

Want to travel the world and get paid while doing so? Have no experience and don’t know where to start? Or are you looking for an easy and fast way to go abroad? Paid TEFL Internships are the answer to all of these!

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From big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, to medium beach towns such as Da Nang, there are many locations to choose from all over the country!
Group size 10
availability 7

Interested? Get in touch.

If you are interested in teaching English in Vietnam and would like to learn more, request a call with one of our experienced travel advisors about this opportunity.

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    Before you go, you’ll have an application form to fill out and documents to submit, a video chat, and then you’ll be on your way.

    Explore this internship!

    Teach abroad - Explore the world and improve the lives of others
    Get the guide to Vietnam

    Cultural Excursions

    Wondering what you’re going to do with your precious free time? We know there are certain adventures that cannot be missed out on! So make sure to take a look above at these recommendations from past TEFL interns in Vietnam, and create your own Vietnam bucket list!

    Outside the Classroom

    Outside the Classroom

    Vietnam is a fascinating location, there is just so much to discover. Utilize your free time on the weekends to travel around this stunning nation. From glorious cityscapes to beautiful beaches, and awe-inspiring mountains and temples, you will not run out of things to do and see there.

    Teach & Travel

    Teach & Travel

    Our Vietnam program offers placements across the country so that you might be put anywhere, but you’ll always share a space or lodging with one or two other interns. Placements for January 2024 are concentrated in and around the stunning and more traditional northern Vietnamese cities of Hanoi and Haiphong.

    Work Schedule

    Work Schedule

    You will teach in either a private language school, private or government primary/high school, or in a university. Your students will range from the ages of 4 years old to 18+.

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    I just completed a 180 hour TEFL course.Staff were helpful, the course was engaging and I would recommend
    Maria F.
    18:24 21 Feb 24
    I'm really excited to enroll a course with The TEFL Institute of Ireland, thanks to Annelies who gave me the information and instructions that I was looking for.
    Pedro E.
    12:17 21 Feb 24
    I struggled a bit to understand how everything works in the beginning but now that I am going, it is a positive experience.
    Dalene F.
    12:41 16 Feb 24
    I completed both the 30 hour IELTS Preparation Course and found it really helpful with lots of links to resources throughout. The website is easy to navigate and there are live sessions available if you ever need them. Highly recommend!
    Heather B.
    12:26 16 Feb 24
    I really enjoyed learning through tefl institute of Ireland. The course was very informative and engaging. It covered all the important aspects you need while teaching business english.
    11:20 15 Feb 24
    I recently completed the 10 hour Virtual TEFL course in Advanced Teaching Methodologies. Michelle Benson was truly excellent in her role, providing invaluable support and experience for all of us who are considering our future with TEFL. Would highly recommend anyone considering a career as a TEFL teacher to participate in future. Thank you Michelle:)!
    Emmett H.
    00:04 12 Feb 24
    Brilliant resources provided by this institute to get teachers started on their language teaching Journey. I have completed both the 180 Hour Level 5 Diploma and the 30 hour Online Teaching Course which were both beneficial
    Daniel W.
    16:08 11 Feb 24
    Thank you so much Michelle for helping me to achieve 10 Hour Advanced TEFL Certificate in Classroom Methodologies. You are a such a gifted teacher, and I look forward to being your student again. Kindest regards Deirdre McElroy
    Deirdre M.
    15:33 09 Feb 24
    Really helpful customer service. Fast response and lots of kindness. Thank you again to Annelies Veenhouwer for helping me so much!
    19:41 07 Feb 24
    Having finished my 180 TEFL course I found the 10hr Virtual by Michelle Kaufmann very useful to get a taste of what it is like as a student of a TEFL course and the barriers and confusion that they may experience not being taught in their own language. As a class we were given demonstrations on how to overcome these barriers and also an opportunity to put them into practice. It also highlighted the areas I need to work on as a teacher. Wonderful advice given, appreciated it. 😊
    Amanda Duffy (.
    12:10 07 Feb 24

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