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Travel to Incheon airport (ICN)  where you will take a short taxi ride to your orientation hotel.

When you arrive, you’ll get a full week of cultural orientation.
You will learn about Korean culture, language, and society at orientation, as well as develop friendships with other teachers. Visits to a Taekwondo “dojang,” a Korean cooking class, a visit to the Korean war monument, and the Hanbok experience at the Grand Palace in Seoul were among other cultural excursions.

After completing 120 hours of certified teacher training, you’ll feel confident. You will work in either a public or private language school depending on your qualifications.

Teachers in public schools work at one to three schools in the mornings and afternoons, with classrooms of up to 30 students. Private schools, also known as Hagwons, have fewer classes and usually offer after-school activities in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Your students will be largely young elementary and primary school students with a mixed level of English ability, providing you with a fantastic first-time teaching experience. During your 40-hour work week, you can expect to spend roughly 22 hours (public schools) or 30 hours (private schools) on hands-on teaching, allowing you time to develop lessons based on the in-house curriculum. Your main goal will be to help your eager pupils gain confidence as they improve their English skills through English conversational practice.

You’ll get the opportunity to seek assistance from local educators, but don’t forget to implement your own creative abilities to the classroom; this is your moment to shine!

You did it!  Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on a job well done. It’s time to decide if you want to continue to travel or teach in South Korea (or both).

By renewing your contract, you may be able to extend your stay in Korea and continue teaching. As a confident and experienced TEFL teacher, the opportunities are limitless for you.

What our teachers say

Eddie & Shannon

We both felt that teaching would be a magnificent way to enable us to travel and experience new cultures, and for me personally, I would get an insight into how schools and education systems work in other countries. After being stuck in the house during the Covid-19 pandemic, the travel itch just became too difficult to ignore, so we decided that as soon as we could go, we would.

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6 Reasons To Teach English in South Korea

If you’re thinking about teaching in Asia, have you considered South Korea? Not as populated with tourists as other countries in East Asia, South Korea is a firm favourite among TEFL teachers.  With its intriguing blend of modernity and tradition, not to mention generous teaching packages, it’s no wonder South Korea is one of the top TEFL destinations.

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Schools are located nationwide, from big cities to small towns. The South Korean HQ is in Seoul. Preferences can be given during the application process, but not guaranteed.
Group size 15
availability 3

Interested? Get in touch.

If you are interested in teaching English in South Korea and would like to learn more, request a call with one of our experienced travel advisors about this opportunity.

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    Cultural Excursions

    Unsure of what to do with your valuable spare time? Look no further! We realise that your adventure bucket list is long, so put these suggestions from our previous TEFL teachers in South Korea close to the top!

    Outside the Classroom

    Outside the Classroom

    As well as your free time while teaching English in South Korea, you can take part in two cultural orientations throughout the year. Classes and excursions will take place over three consecutive weekends. 

    Teach & Travel

    Teach & Travel

    Rent-free accommodation is your typical Asian style accommodation complete with kitchenette and you get it all to yourself! The internet in South Korea is one of the fastest in the world and quite cheap.

    Work Schedule

    Work Schedule

    Students in Korea come to learn English as a supplement to or a replacement for their public school education.

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    I recently completed the 120 Hour Premier TEFL course with TEFL Institute of Ireland. It was absolutely fantastic! I learned so much from this course. There is a wealth of information provided for a student to study. It really was so informative and affordable too. Special thanks goes to Aisling for outstanding customer service.
    07:25 05 Jun 23
    Navigated easily through the course. Thanks to Rachel Walsh for her assistance with issuing certificate.
    Marie B.
    08:03 03 Jun 23
    i recommend it to anyone! got an online course to finish in 6 months, but did it in 4! lectures have a lot of pictures, videos, audio files and the information itself. very good courses are offered. certs are available in PDF and hard copy format by post. the delivery is fast!!
    Anna S.
    12:34 02 Jun 23
    I had an amazing experience in the course 10 h grammar , amazing group of classmates, and Michelle Benson is an amazing teacher full of energy , and passion for teach and that's make easier to learn! Thanks Michael!
    Laura A.
    10:42 02 Jun 23
    The 120 hour TEFL course is extremely detailed and explains everything in way that is easy to understand. I found the use of the audio and the many examples really useful and they further helped my understanding. Would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get into teaching!
    Niamh O' S.
    06:45 02 Jun 23
    I've recently finished the 120 Hour Premier TEFL course online. The course itself was easy to understand, it gave many examples of a particular topic discussed. Whenever I didn't understand something, I emailed Aisling and she was very helpful and quick with replying back. The customer service was also fantastic in telling me how to get my course back when I thought I lost it because I didn't extend it. I learned a lot from the course, it was very interesting, although it took longer than I thought it will to complete. I would recommend it for anyone thinking of doing it.
    Renata D.
    15:53 01 Jun 23
    I'm delighted to pass this course which is very useful and informative. Especially grateful to Rachel who is always in contact and ready to help!
    Екатерина А.
    18:24 31 May 23
    I finished the 120hr TEFL course in March & have already managed to find a teaching job!
    Christine C.
    15:18 31 May 23
    Just started the course of 120 hours and I like it I really recommend.. Shauna was helping me a lot giving me lots information.
    michela C.
    19:58 30 May 23
    Emma Coleman help me a lot before deciding wich course I should take for teaching english and wich was the best option for me to start with the TEFL Institute.I apreciate all her help and support.
    Nil Casellas C.
    09:40 30 May 23

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