TEFL Teaching in 2022 is very popular. You will struggle with the new normal and international travel, but you have a community behind you – the TEFL and TESOL industry is a large one, but never-the-less a tight knit one. In light of the ongoing pandemic and the uncertainty that surrounds it, we won’t lie to you, you can come across a few hurdles along the way. Potential employers and program providers globally know this and are more than happy to help and accommodate any issues you may have when making the move abroad. If you have been delayed moving over due to cancelled flights or perhaps being a close contact, don’t worry, most companies are very understanding and will wait for you to arrive and even help with new arrangements. You can be assured that the TEFL industry only wants what’s best for its teachers and students alike.

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Popular and Upcoming Destinations for TEFL Teaching in 2022


1. Teaching English in South East Asia 

The destinations we hear most about that are booming are countries within the South East Asian region. With the above average populations of the countries and the high demand for young learners and business English lessons, the ESL teaching jobs are plentiful. You’ll also see an above average salary, which is a lovely bonus! In most parts, the spread of COVID was met with fast reactions and a good response and attitude towards it. Instead of losing employment, teachers could carry on their work by teaching online. 


As the regions get more westernised and in the world of social media and inclusion, TEFL teachers globally are finding it much easier to acclimatise to a different country so far from home and its cultures. You’ll also find that locals are super friendly and the children are excited and willing to learn, which brings so much joy to the job. You’ll find yourself a lot more motivated to come up with kick-ass lesson plans! 


Although it is becoming more westernized, more rural parts of the region can be very different to what you’re used to. This is what TEFL nomads look for and can be an amazing experience, but we know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea! Also, class sizes are a lot bigger, especially in the public school systems. You do get nicely compensated for it, but be prepared for classes of 30 + children. 

Our Favourite:

Right now, South Korea is employing with ease and there are plentiful jobs there. The companies here are renowned for amazing teacher benefits! The typical benefits offered by both public and private school placements make Korea one of the most attractive places to be an English teacher abroad. The benefits in Korea are more comprehensive than most other Asian countries, with accommodation and flights paid for and a severance bonus! It is entirely possible to save the majority of your salary while teaching abroad in Korea. If you are looking to go to South Korea, let us know and we’d be more than happy to help!

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2. Teaching English in Europe

If you want to immerse yourself in rich culture but don’t want to go too far, Europe is definitely the place to be! Perhaps you are from Quebec and would like to move to France or perhaps you are from Dublin and would like to move somewhere without applying for visas. There are many reasons to put Europe on your list! 


Mainland Europe has a low cost of living and its work-life balance is second to none.  Europeans do not believe that your life should revolve around work and that personal time to spend on your hobbies or with friends is a necessity. Within the EU, most visas allow you to travel between countries and the mainland is all connected by amazing transport, such as the TGV. The countries are so varied you will never be bored. Unlike most areas, within two hours you can go from sipping wine in a vineyard to skiing and hot chocolate. 


Teachers are not so high in demand and visas can be quite difficult to get. So if you are looking to move permanently to Europe and are not part of the EU, try getting some experience through an internship program first. You also won’t save as much as you would in Asia, although you will make enough to get by and have a little fun! 

Our Favourite:

Spain is without a doubt one of the most popular places in Europe to teach English. Spain is known for being laid back in comparison to the rest of Europe, and it has a better work-life balance than many other Western countries, making it excellent for English teachers working overseas.

When you’re not teaching, take advantage of Spain’s allure, which includes its rich culture, history, and, of course, cuisine. Although an English teacher’s pay in Spain is low, I can tell you from personal experience that the cost of living in Spain is far lower than in other European nations, allowing your euros to go further! If you’re short on cash, complimentary tapas, such as those served in Granada, will suffice! Spain is without a doubt one of the most popular places in Europe to teach English.


3. Teaching English in South America

Although most countries in this region have not done amazingly with the battle against COVID due to economics, they are starting to come out the other side and there are definitely some hidden gems within South and Central America. 


For US and Canadian citizens who want to stay close to home after everything with the pandemic, it’s an easy choice! Teachers are in high demand and the cost of living is nuts here! For first time travellers, you’ll stay within your time zone and never be too far away. There are also a lot of short-term contract options. Let’s not forget the weather and to-die-for cuisine! 


Don’t expect to save and come away with anything; choose this destination to experience the region and gain some teaching experience while in the sun! Choose your country wisely also depending on how authentic or westernized you’d like to go. 

Our Favourite:

Costa Rica is the most popular Central American destination for English teachers, and with good reason. Costa Rica appears to have it all—surf-friendly beaches, towering volcanoes, and healthy rainforests—despite its modest size. It’s no surprise that many teachers want to live and work here. In Costa Rica, paid teaching jobs are typically found in private schools, academies, and colleges, and with private clients. Volunteer positions in public elementary and secondary schools are common. Although the salary will normally allow you to break even. The pace of life and culture in Costa Rica will remind you that life is about more than just earning money. Costa Rica is known for its stunning scenery, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to participate in. Costa Rica is the place to go if you want to live a simple and uncluttered life.

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COVID Corner 

We wanted to also give you a little bit of information based on our experience in the past two years to the writing of this blog. This is not to say we are complete experts and can give official recommendations, as this is up to you and how comfortable you are moving to a country or starting a new career online. We would always recommend you research the government recommendations of your home country about the country of destination you had in mind. 

Ok, with that little disclaimer out of the way, here is what we have learned so far: 
  • Be ready for change: From the time you accept a TEFL job to the time you start a job, things may have changed such as country restrictions, quarantine recommendations and vaccinations being mandatory. You may end up teaching online at the start and half way through. You will still be in-country, but schools may go in and out of being run online. This is also dependent on if you go for a private school or public school. You may also need to quarantine entering a new country and the amount of days needed can also jump. 
  • You won’t fly tomorrow: With all of the changes and borders getting a bit stricter, don’t expect to be on the flight. Pre-pandemic, some teachers could fly to the country and sort their visa while there. This is now impossible in most places. Expect your visa processing time and preparation to move to be anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on embassies and documents. Patience is a virtue! 
  • Larger programs are the top choice: With larger, more well-known companies that run programs for teachers, the whole process seems easier with people who know the system and complete these tasks everyday. Yes, they may cost to do it, but they will also have benefits included, like accommodation set-up, visa cover and much more. Trust us – when the price tag of moving is totted up, you’ll save money! 

FAQs:- English Teaching in 2022, What to Expect

Q: Is there a demand for TEFL teachers?

Yes, absolutely! There is a huge demand for teachers right now. If you happen to already be in the country you’d like to teach in with the ability to work, you’ll be able to state your price. 

Q: What is the current situation for teaching English overseas?

This is dependent on where you’d like to go and the government’s policies towards COVID. 

Q: Where can I teach English in 2022?

Everywhere and Anywhere! See above for our favourite destinations for this year coming! 

Q: Which teachers are most in demand?

Exam preparation for English learners is getting more and more popular. Proficiency exams are becoming more needed for employment and visas. Young Learners’ English classes are the most stable niche to go into and will never be up and down. 

Q: How can you get TEFL certified during COVID-19?

This is easily obtainable online. You won’t even need to travel anywhere for a last exam. Just submit your assessments and get your qualification! 

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