Teach English in beautiful Japan with our TEFL internship. Ideal for first time English teachers looking to gain valuable teaching experience in a safe and secure environment.
12 months teaching placement – 10 spaces remaining.


Teaching in Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to immerse oneself in one of the world’s most fascinating cultures. While also experiencing some of the most magnificent scenery. Japan provides teachers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in an ancient culture rich in fine traditions and art, delectable cuisine, and cutting-edge technology.

In Japan, participants are assigned to either private language centres (eikaiwas) or public schools. On one-year contracts, teachers are paid between USD 1,650 and USD 2,300 per month (€1550 – €2150). They will be able to take advantage of multiple public holidays. As well as some vacation time to travel across the country and region. Making the most of every spare moment available to them. From old Buddhist and Shinto shrines to ascending the famed Mount Fuji, discovering the nooks and crannies of huge Tokyo, and skiing in Sapporo, Japan has something for everyone. In Japan, no prior teaching experience is required, and only four-year bachelor’s or equivalent degrees are now accepted.

Essential information about this trip

12 month renewable contract
Monthly Salary of USD 1,650 and USD 2,300 per month (€1550 – €2150)
120 Hour Premier TEFL Course Included
30 Hour Teaching Young Learners Course
30 Hour Advanced Grammar Course for Teachers
Lesson Planning Guide & Grammar Guide incl.
40 hour Cultural Orientation
In-country cultural weekends during internship
Accommodation Assistance
In-Country Support
Full assistance with job application documents
Working visa guidance
Bachelor's Degree
TEFL qualification (included in the fee)
Native English speaker
Passport holder from one of the following countries: Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia, USA, South Africa or New Zealand
Applicants should be between the ages of 21 and 40 years of age. Applicants outside of this age bracket can be taken on a case by case basis (contact our recruitment team)
Applicants should be fully open regarding location preferences.
Drivers License. Not needed for eikaiwas. This is required for public schools. Not for language centres. Public schools prioritise applicants that can drive. If teachers are allocated a driving position the school will help them get set up with a car.
Applicants must be in good physical and mental health
No criminal record
COVID vaccination preferred, however please highlight to our team if you are not
Budget: Participants should be prepared with funds to cover their startup costs to cover the period of time before they receive their first paycheck (approximately 1 – 1.5 months after arriving). Participants should arrive with access of a minimum of USD 3000.
International flights
Police check: Each applicant must have a clean criminal record
Travel insurance: Comprehensive cover for travel & medical insurance
Vaccines: Consult your doctor, Vaccination against COVID preferred at some schools.
Visa costs: Specific to each country & usually cost around €100-€250

Your Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Getting there

When you arrive, our in-country team will greet you along with the other interns (unless you are required to complete a quarantine). After the one-week orientation, you’ll travel to your placement area by bus, train, or plane.

Day 2-7


When you arrive, you’ll get a full week of cultural orientation (a mix of online and in person activities according to Covid-19 regulations).

You will learn about Japanese culture, language, and society at orientation, as well as build friendships with other teachers over the welcome meal. Visits to famous landmarks local museums that bring the country’s history to life have all been previous cultural excursions.

Day 8-364

Your teaching experience

Master the local greetings, become acquainted with the local customs, put your TEFL abilities to the test, meet new people, and eat, a lot! It’s time to begin teaching English in Japan, whether at a private language school, a private primary or secondary school, or a government school.

Interns have been placed in cities all across the world in the past! As a fast developing country, interactive whiteboards and digital tools are becoming more frequent in private language school classes. Public schools have larger class sizes and less technology than private schools, but they make up for it with high levels of student engagement.

Day 365

After your internship

Congratulations, you did it! Be sure  to congratulate yourself on your accomplishment. It’s time to choose whether you want to see more of Japan, travel, or teach (or both).

By renewing your contract, you may be able to extend your stay in Japan and teach for a longer period of time. As a confident and experienced TEFL teacher, your options are limitless.


Although there are positions available in both urban and suburban areas around the country, the majority of positions are in suburban communities. Applicants should be completely honest about their preferred location. Teachers usually go through an interview process with a school or language centre that has locations throughout the country. Shortly before or during their training week, they are assigned a location. Smaller towns are typically used for placements.

Group Size
Current Availability

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    How it works

    Before you go, you’ll have an application form to fill out and documents to submit, a video chat and then you’ll be on your way.

    Explore this internship!

    Teach abroad - Explore the world and improve the lives of others

    Cultural excursions

    Outside the Classroom

    Outside the Classroom

    Japan has a well-developed and user-friendly public transportation system. High-speed trains connect many cities. This makes travelling within Japan a breeze. Begin experiencing Japan throughout your trip!

    Teach & Travel

    Teach & Travel

    With the opportunities we have available, the average monthly income ranges from $1650 to $2300. The savings potential for new starts is projected to be between $150 and $400 per month, depending on spending patterns and pay.

    Work Schedule

    Work Schedule

    There are two main types of teaching positions available in Japan – public schools and private language centres. The role is slightly different in each school type.

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          Your first steps to becoming a fully accredited, internationally recognised EFL/ESL teacher within 4 weeks!

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