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Peru is a popular destination for many reasons, including Machu Picchu, the Inca ruins and, of course, the infamous Paddington bear. While we doubt you will see him if you head to Peru to teach English, there are certainly plenty of sights to be seen as there is a wealth of traditional Peruvian culture alive and well in the area. However, it is also embracing modern commodities, and the demand for English teachers in Peru has been steadily on the increase for many years now, making this an excellent destination.

Living and working in Peru will give you the chance to strike an excellent balance between work and socialising, so be sure to take the time out to live like a tourist and see what is on offer. A great way for those of you who enjoy the outdoors to pass your time is to climb to the top of the Andes; for a more sedate but awesome experience, you could take the rainforest riverboat where you will meet and feed the many macaws who call the forest home. Finally, there are plenty of beaches to laze on, or you can swim in the Pacific. Food is also focused on a lot in Peru, and you will have the opportunity to sample local cuisine both in the many restaurants and cafés and at street offenders who are taking part in the festivals that go on throughout the year.

The economy in Peru has been growing steadily since 1993, and this has led to many positives for the area, including a desire among businesses to take part in the global market, which of course, requires a good level of English skills. So it is little wonder that the demand for English teachers in Paris has increased. You will also find plenty of opportunities to teach English in Peru at state schools, international schools, and language schools or if you have little to no experience, consider volunteering with one of the organisations that run outreach programs in the rural mountain areas. It is also a country with a booming tourist industry which has led to many locals wanting to improve their English so that they can communicate better with visitors to their country.

Read on to learn more about teaching English in Peru, from the qualifications that you need to have to obtaining a visa, finding work, and integrating yourself into the local community. You will find everything you need to help you decide if teaching English in Peru is going to be your next big adventure.

Job types


You will find opportunities to teach English in Peru at state schools and international schools, and positions are offered right across the age groups. Getting a job in Peru is fairly simple; in fact, you can turn up one day with your qualifications and start work the next day as the Visa process is not particularly complex. Contracts tend to be issued on a six-month basis which is perfect if you are planning to travel and work for a few years; however, if you enjoy the position and they are happy with your work, you can renew at the end of the term and stay for longer. Those with a Master’s degree will find that university positions are very appealing. They attract good levels of pay, and a lot of benefits, and when people secure one of these positions, they tend to hold onto it. So be aware that competition will be fierce, but if you have the qualifications they are looking for, it’s certainly worth applying.

English Language Schools

For those teachers who have a qualified teacher status and have been teaching for two years or longer, you could consider English language schools. International language schools are found mostly in Lima. In order to earn a decent wage, it is likely you will need to work every day; however, this is quite normal. Each working day will consist of around six classes, but you still get your weekends off to see the sights and make like a tourist.

Private language lessons

Many English teachers in Peru choose to top up their income by teaching private English lessons. It is also an option for making a full-time living, but it is less reliable than being employed. For those who are backpacking or do not intend to stay long, it could be the perfect way to make some extra pocket money, as the visa rules do not prohibit you from earning money on a tourist Visa. If you plan to teach English in Peru privately on a full-time basis, get creative with your marketing and consider offering block bookings. Be sure you include a cancellation policy and make it clear that charges apply if people do not turn up; otherwise, you could find yourself out of pocket. Teaching English online is also another option, and you would be able to tutor students from all over the world. Of course, you will need a reliable Internet connection to make this work. Some people have a combination of an employed job and private tutoring to give them the work-life balance they are looking for.


If you are hoping to teach English in Peru but do not have a lot of experience, you can look at the volunteer programs. Located in rural areas, the aim is to improve future prospects by helping poorer communities learn English. You get free lodgings and food in return for your time and could be a great addition to your CV.

Finding a job

Many of the roles teaching English in Peru are found in the major cities, but there are jobs on offer in the smaller towns and villages if this appeals to your more. Lima is the capital city, so it stands to reason that a lot of work can be found there. Cusco is one of the largest tourist areas, and they have a large pool of locals wanting to improve their English skills.


It is a requirement that English teachers in Peru have a TEFL qualification, but you do not have to have a bachelor’s degree. Of course, you will stand out from the crowd if you do have a degree. Generally, roles are given to those candidates who have citizenship in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. However, if you are not a native speaker but can demonstrate complete fluency, then you may still find work, especially if you have experience in classroom teaching.

Visa Requirements for English Teachers in Peru

Peru have a very relaxed attitude to working in their country. All you need to teach English in Peru is a tourist visa which currently lasts for 90 days. After this, you would need to take advice to stay long as they changed the rules in 2021 and stopped tourist visa extensions. There is no particular application process, you are just accepted on arrival, and your passport will be stamped with your visa.

Need to know

English teachers in Peru enjoy teaching a range of pupils from school starters to adult learners. One of the most popular age groups is school leavers who want to pursue their future in English-speaking countries and therefore need to have good language skills before they leave.

Teaching in Lima

It is very common to find the most opportunities in the capital city, and Lima is no exception. It is a bustling city, so you will need to enjoy this sort of lifestyle to work here. The city takes up a small metropolitan area, but Lima province is much larger, and over 25% of the population of Peru lives there. The most opportunities for English teachers in Peru who chose Lima as a base are the language schools and private tutoring. There are a lot of wealthy business people who will pay to learn English, so advertise well, and you should find yourself inundated with students. Any university roles will be in Lima, but these are like gold dust so if you find one and meet the qualifications, get your application in fast.

Teaching in Cusco

Cusco is a huge tourist area and tends to attract younger people. It is alive with parties in the streets, but in just a few minutes you can be away from the centre and into a quieter domestic area. They have some amazing local markets which make buying food a breeze, and they are open late into the evenings, so you can always grab a bargain. Many locals will be employed in the hospitality sector so learning English is really important to them. As an English teacher in Peru, you can find clients living in Cusco who want to improve their skills, but you cannot charge them as much as private clients in Lima, as this is a poorer area. However, you will also find vacancies at the local language schools where you can receive a stable salary.

Culture and Living in Peru

The salary for an English teacher in Peru may not seem much, with monthly take-home wages being around $500-$1,000/£360-£800/€500-€1000. However, the cost of living tends to be relative, and you will find that rent, transport, food, and utilities are affordable from this wage, and most people will make ends meet. If you are worried you are not making enough, you can look into private tutoring online or in person.

Classroom & work culture

Teaching English in Peru is a pleasure as you will have students who are engaged and want to learn. It is also a warm and friendly culture, and they will treat you like one of the family from the moment they meet you. However, this should also serve as a warning! If you give them your personal mobile number, you will find yourself bombarded with English questions at all hours of the day and night. So keep that information to yourself. You will find that students are good learners but really bad at timekeeping. It is a foregone conclusion that they will be late; however, as the teacher, you need to be the one that arrives on time.

Culture & etiquette tips

English teachers in Peru should remember that appropriate dress is modest and you should keep shoulders and legs covered. In rural areas, you will find that people are even more conservative and reserved than people you meet in cities.


Living costs

Peru is 75% cheaper than the rest of the countries in Latin America are making it a great place to live this means is 83% cheaper to live in Peru than it is to live anywhere else in the world. There is a wonder that it attracts a great number of tourists who have all come for very different reasons. It is also the perfect location to teach English abroad. If you are a gap year student, you may want to consider teaching English in Peru to bolster your CV and university application. While it is not paid work, you do get your accommodation and food provided for you, and the experience is something you will remember forever. If you don’t have a lot of spending money, it really doesn’t matter as there is plenty to do that is cheap or free. Street festivals are something that Peru is famous for, and they go on all around the year. The beaches are famous for their surf and attract a lot of surfers, but if you prefer to keep dry, then you can simply watch the action from the amazing beaches.

To obtain the most up-to-date cost of living figures, we use the world’s biggest cost of living comparison website, Numbio.com.

  • Accommodation: USD $470–$703
  • Utilities: USD $51
  • Health insurance: Cost of a typical visit to a GP: USD $20
  • Monthly transport pass: USD $29
  • Basic dinner out for two: USD $9
  • Cappuccino in an ex-pat area: USD $3.65
  • A beer in a pub: USD $1.95
  • 1 litre of milk: USD $1.14
  • 2 litres of Coca-Cola: USD $1.95

TEFL jobs in Peru: KEY POINTS



USD $700 - $1,000



BA degree preferred



Private schools, public schools, private tutoring, volunteering projects



120 hour TEFL Training


  • Popular locations for TEFL jobs: Lima, Cusco, Sullana, Arequipa, Trujillo
  • Average salary for EFL teachers: The basic monthly salary for full-time positions is likely to be in the region of 1,890–2,640 Sol (USD $800–$1000) per month. Freelance teaching can earn you around 1-75 Sol (USD $5–$20) per hour.
  • TEFL qualification requirements: A 120-hour TEFL qualification will be required for most positions
  • Prerequisite university degree: Having a degree is preferred but not required for all jobs
  • Term times: March–December
  • Currency: Sol (PEN)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Teaching programmes: Freelance, Voluntary, International Schools, Business English, Private Language Schools
  • Age restrictions: None
  • Previous teaching experience: Not usually required

Facts about Peru






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TEFL jobs in Peru: FAQS


How much can I earn as an English teacher in Peru?

You will earn around USD $500-$1,000 per month as an English teacher in Peru

The cost of living for English teachers in Peru is very reasonable and balances well with the wages you can earn.

You do not need a degree to teach English in Peru, but you do need a TEFL certificate.

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