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Were you looking for online TEFL courses in Cape Town, Pretoria or Johannesburg? The TEFL Institute of Cape Town is an internationally-recognised and leading TEFL course provider, helping students become TEFL certified and prepared to teach English anywhere in the world or teach English online. With extensive accreditations, our qualifications are recognised globally.


Having over 30 years of teaching and EFL training experience, employers worldwide recognise and trust our TEFL courses. Choose from our range of accredited, specialist and online Level 5 Ofqual-regulated TEFL courses to teach English online or overseas – the choice is yours. Teach English in public schools, language centres, summer schools and universities with students of all ages and abilities.


Our comprehensive courses and TEFL Diploma as well as tutor support and lifetime access to our TEFL  jobs board mean we provide a high standard of teacher training to give you the best head start in your career.


6 Months Study Time
Pay in Installments
Personal Tutor Support




120 Advanced TEFL Course

The 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course is globally recognised and independently accredited. This TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) course is completed 100% online.



240 Hour Master TEFL Course

The 240 Hour Master Course will make your resume stand out. It gives you the chance to gain two exam preparation qualifications and teach students of any age.




180 Hour LEVEL 5 Regulated TEFL Course

Boost your earning potential with this government-regulated Online TEFL Course. This qualification is one of the most highly regarded courses by employers.



300 Hour LEVEL 5 Regulated TEFL Course

This TEFL Online Course is ranked at the same level as a CELTA or a foundation degree. This qualification will provide you with plenty of opportunity.

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Paid TEFL Internships

Paid Internship

Top Benefits:

Monthly salary of up to US$1,200/€985/£860
4.5-month long teaching placement
120 Hour accredited TEFL Course
Full arrival induction
All public holidays off
Accident insurance
Academic support and advice on future employment
Assistance with airport pick up
Advice and pre departure preparation
Pre arranged rent-free accommodation
Teach in primary and secondary schools
Free weekend to travel
Visa assistance
Ongoing in-country support
Option to extend your stay
Opportunity to travel as a group or individually
Cost of living is cheap, so there is the ability to save money whilst abroad!
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South Korea
Paid Internship

Top Benefits:

Salary up to $2,050 - €1,730 - £1,500 depending on qualifications & experience
One-way flight reimbursement
12-month long teaching placement
Visa Assistance
In-country teacher meet ups
Medical insurance (school covers 50%)
Ongoing in-country support
Cultural Etiquette at Korean Schools short course
Rent-free accommodation
End of contract bonus (equivalent to one month's pay)
Teach in public or private language schools
Full arrival induction
One month online Korean language lessons
Weekends off & All public holidays off
Introduction to Korean Culture course
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Paid Internship

Top Benefits:

Monthly allowance of $1200 to $2000 (USD)
12 months teaching placement
120 Hour accredited TEFL Course
Airport pick-up & transfers
Vietnamese language lessons
Meet ups and weekend excursions throughout the year
Accommodation Assistance
Extensive E-Book with lessons to teach young learners
30 Hour Teaching Young Learners Course
7-day orientation in Ho Chin Minh City
Visa, legalisation & work permit guidance
Ongoing in-country support
Ability to teach in other Asian countries once contract is complete
Join a community of other expats
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The Definitive Guides to Teaching English Abroad - Updated July 2022
verified student reviews
Based on 1400 reviews
Based on 203 reviews
I purchased the level 5 TEFL course and I’m very satisfied with it. Easy to get through in my free time at my own pace.The Course goes into much detail about the ins and outs of the language and has great resources for teaching. The staff have been very helpful throughout especially Sarah Foley
Darragh P.
13:17 09 Aug 22
I completed an online course which was very informative and very affordable.
Deborah S.
07:53 08 Aug 22
I've had a very positive experience with the TEFL Institute, first with the 180-hour online TEFL certification course and recently with the 10-hour virtual Teaching Practice course. I would like to mention Michelle Benson, who took us through 2 great days of gaining teaching practice: her guidance was crystal-clear, hands-on, inspirational and rewarding, providing the group with practical tips and useful resources. In addition, the multicultural composition of the group was an added bonus. I would greatly recommend both the certification course and the practical webinar for anybody wishing to pursue a career in EFL teaching!
Tania P.
13:18 07 Aug 22
I enrolled on a course 310 hour and ran out of time but after speaking to one of the members of the team - Emma Coleman - we managed to extend my course so I can continue on my course - the courses they offer are amazing - would recommend and staff (especially Emma) are friendly and there to help :)
Ems M.
13:15 05 Aug 22
Annelies was the most helpful in asking my questions regarding extension to tefl platform. Many thanks, Annelies
Umida A.
14:51 04 Aug 22
Finished the 120 hr Premier TEFL course. The course was detailed and easy to follow, providing plenty of examples and activities. The convience of the online course can not be stressed enough, especially for people that are too busy to follow in person/live online classes. I would highly recommend the institute to anyone wanting to obtain a TEFL certification.
Kathy V.
15:41 03 Aug 22 is professional and friendly, has fantastic resources and very efficient customer care and support. My thanks to Emma for her patience and understanding - you've been great! I have already recommended to friends of mine from all over the world, and they're all delighted with the level of learning and the affordable prices.
Melissa H.
10:40 02 Aug 22
My name is Elena, I am from Spain and I have been doing courses with TEFL Institute for a few years now.The courses offered are extremely interesting and helpful in order to learn how to teach English as a second language but also learn Grammar for your own development.I am very happy with all the help I was offered and the support during my journey given by Ola Flynn, Sarah Foley and Jessica Jeffrey among others, always willing to help and make sure you feel taken care of.Fabulous experience I will totally recomend to anyone and I will keep on doing myself.
Angel Rodriguez C.
07:03 02 Aug 22
Very lovely and friendly people and so willing to help you out. Also a very well laid out course.
Kelly M.
04:43 01 Aug 22
Enjoyed the program <3
Sagar A.
12:12 31 Jul 22



Internationally renowned and respected worldwide, a certification from the TEFL Institute will guarantee you the best chance to become a successful ESL teacher.


Our main TEFL certification, specialist courses and 10-hour methodologies course are completed online and ideal for you to learn from home or abroad.


Since 2017, the TEFL Institute has built a strong name within the TEFL industry, creating reputable certifications for our learners and connections worldwide.

level 5

Our Level 5 Government Regulated course is equivalent to a CELTA or TrinityTESOL, allowing you to work in countries that require a higher level qualification.

5* reviews

Our glowing reviews on Google and social media show a genuine, positive response to our globally recognised TEFL courses, services and quality assurance.


We’ve experienced substantial growth, with over 21,000 people from 33 different countries certified through our specialist courses that meet all needs.



Now you can have access to our courses from any device, whether you are on the go or simply at home, through our exclusive TEFL app! If you are currently working on a course or simply need to review, our app will enable you to always have it on you.

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      Your first steps to becoming a fully accredited, internationally recognised EFL/ESL teacher within 4 weeks!

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        Your first steps to becoming a fully accredited, internationally recognised EFL/ESL teacher within 4 weeks!

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