In light of our newly launched internship programs, we want to share with you what exactly they are and how it will benefit you as a teacher. Starting a new career is exciting, but can also be a little terrifying! Internships are designed to help entry level professionals get their foot in the door and get the support needed when starting a new career. TEFL Internships are exactly the same. And unlike some industry internship programs, TEFL internships are paid! 

You have landed on this page because you want to teach abroad and enjoy the life you see so much from influencers and social media platforms, but need help to get there. It may look like a pipe dream, but trust us, our teachers and see our testimonials, it’s not only possible, but can be achievable in just a few small steps! 

TEFL Training and Certification

Your first step is to get qualified. The benefits of choosing an internship to achieve your goals is that the TEFL training is included. The type of training will always include your main qualification, but will also have specialist courses that are specific to the internship, such as a teaching young learners course or teaching business English. You’ll receive instant access to your course as soon as you apply and can get started straight away. Through the training, you’ll have access to personal tutors, course materials, and alumni groups that have teachers who have had personal experience similar to what you’ll be doing. Reach out and get involved! 


The Advantages of TEFL Internships and TEFL Course

Pre-Departure Support

Internships will also include pre-departure support from both sides. What do we mean by both sides? Internships normally have two companies involved to give you the experience and most support possible. This includes support from your home country and support from the country of destination. 

So what is included in the pre-departure support? Anything and everything! Here are a few areas that are always included: 

  • Visa assistance: Applying for visas and dealing with immigration can make you want to pull your hair out! Visa assistance from the experts who do the process regularly can take a lot of time and research away from you. 
  • Emotional support: Sometimes making this big move can bring up some feelings of anxiety and stress. We are here to support your worries, whether that’s handing in your notice for your current job or personal issues. We are here to talk on the other side of the phone
  • Application support: The schools ultimately make the final decision. Although this is an internship, you are still being hired by a school. This is why all your documents, such as your CV/resume and cover letter will be sent to us first. If we spot anything that may need a little bit of changing around, we’ll let you know before sending it off to potential schools, giving you the best opportunity to get hired. 

These are the main queries that we help with, but will definitely help with anything else upon request. In the past, we’ve helped with such questions as “what to pack?” and “which flight to choose?”. No question is too trivial, so don’t be afraid to call and ask. 

At Arrivals

You have done the study, you have packed, you have got onto the plane. Now what? With internships, we always have an on the ground team ready and waiting for you. Many teachers will start their journey as an individual and it may be your first time doing anything on your own. Having this support when you arrive will definitely take the edge off and more than likely, you’ll meet a future colleague on the plane (It’s happened lots of times with our alumni!) 

You’ll be picked up from the airport (quarantine permitting), brought to a hotel or headquarters to meet everyone, and participate in an orientation or induction for the first few days to a week. This is an amazing experience where you’ll not only learn about the country specific curriculum and practice lesson plans, but also learn all about the culture, transportation, and things to do. You’ll also get some help with your teacher contracts, sim cards, bank accounts and all that jazz. 

TEFL Courses Online


You are now ready and excited to start your new journey. With internships, they are normally nationwide programs with schools all around the country. Don’t fret! You can definitely let them know your location preferences, age range preferences, and if you are travelling with a partner or friend. Program providers will do all they can to get you to a school that suits you. Getting there will be easy. Sometimes they will organize a bus if there’s enough placements in the location. If not, they will help you get to the location through public transport. 

Accommodation is sometimes included in the program, which is an amazing bonus! This can be all types of accommodation, whether it’s a dorm setting or studio apartment, they will always place you with another foreign teacher. If the accommodation is not included, they’ll help you get set up, show you a few places in your area and within your budget and suggest house shares. Your salary will reflect having to pay rent and you will never be short or struggling. 

Continuous Support

Throughout the year or semester, programs will more than likely have weekend meetups, organized excursions and CPD training. This is not always guaranteed, but will be something that is listed as a benefit on the program pages. We highly recommend participating in all of it to make your experience the best it can be! 

All internships should and will have 24/7 in-country support. Rarely, you may find an issue with a school manager or principal with schedules or something similar. This is due to the language barrier. With paid TEFL internships, you can simply contact your representative or mentor to resolve any issues that may arise. Don’t forget that we are always here to support you too as we have done many times in the past. 

Countries available for English Teaching in 2022

The TEFL Institute has now launched paid TEFL Internships for our students and the public. These include your TEFL course and certification, pre-departure support, placement with a 95% success rate and on in-country support. 

Our paid TEFL internship programmes are an excellent opportunity to gain experience and begin teaching English in another country. Choose from any one of our locations and receive 120 hours of official TEFL training to ensure you’re ready for your new journey. Plus, our staff of TEFL specialists will be there to help you with every inch of the process.

The South Korea Internship is a one year, all-inclusive placement. Embark on a teaching trip of a lifetime with our TEFL internships. You’ll gain valuable teaching experience, make incredible memories and explore an exciting country – all while getting paid! Our TEFL internship programme makes your experience abroad simple. Rather than organising a new job overseas yourself, why not let our team do it for you? We have links with over 200 schools globally to secure you a position in your chosen country. 

The Vietnam Internship is also a one year placement with all the fixings. Over twelve months, you’ll join fellow teachers for an unforgettable experience with our paid TEFL internship. During your one-week orientation, you’ll learn about living, teaching and travelling in Vietnam to make sure you get the best out of your TEFL adventure. Our dedicated in-country team will be there to support you every step of the way, too. So, get ready to join your new TEFL family! 

Countries available for English Teaching in 2022


What does TEFL Internship mean?

TEFL Internships are designed for aspiring TEFL teachers around the world to travel abroad and teach English to non-native speakers. They will include TEFL training, certification, pre-departure support, visa assistance, in-country support and job placement, and lots more! Anyone can apply, even experienced teachers who would like help getting set up in a new country. 

How useful is a TEFL Internship?

A TEFL Internship is useful in so many ways. The money and organization that goes into bringing you to the destination country and getting you into a school is a lot more than you’d think! To have this done for you as a graduate TEFL teacher is amazing! The upfront fee for an internship is looked at as an investment as there are so many little payments that are covered for you. 

How long does it take to complete the TEFL Internship program?

From application to getting there and starting teaching, this normally takes about 4 to 6 months of prep, giving you time to pack and get ready for your new journey. Internships can offer one semester programs, but the norm is one year abroad. Most internships will have job offers at the end if you are not ready to leave! 

How can I join Paid TEFL internship for non-native speakers?

There are many avenues to go down with this. The most inclusive way is through a TEFL provider. This means that all the steps are included from training and certification to job placement and salary.

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