How Useful is a TEFL Qualification?

Before putting in the time to complete the 120-hours to becoming a qualified TEFL teacher, you might be wondering just how useful having a TEFL qualification actually is. An accredited TEFL Certificate will open up many doors for you and is the minimum requirement in a lot of countries looking to hire someone to teach English as a language.

If you’ve ever had career aspirations to be a teacher, then moving abroad to teach English and gain experience as a TEFL teacher will put you in good stead long term. You can forge a successful teaching career abroad or it will make your CV pop when you return home after spending some time overseas teaching English as a foreign language.

Wanting to teach abroad probably stems from you having a passion for travel and having a TEFL Certificate will also allow you to earn a living while pursuing your dreams. Whether that’s through teaching English online or full-time in a classroom, the TEFL qualification allows you travel. Pursuing a career as a TEFL teacher forces you to be open-minded and in situations that will challenge you and give you unique experiences.

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