Why a TEFL Certificate is your Safety Net in 2021

Let’s face it – the landscape of the working world is changing so much and there’s not much to look forward to because no-one knows what’s going to happen. Everything has practically come to a halt and no-one knows what they’ll be doing in a year from now or if their job will even still exist as the pandemic continues to take its toll on flailing industries. A TEFL Certificate is your safety net for the future and a way you can make sure 2021 is in your control.

You Can Work from Home

Home might be where you’ll be spending most of your time in 2021, whether you want to or not. Having a TEFL certificate will allow you to teach English online so that you can work at home. If your housebound, working remotely from your own home to teach English online could be a good career move. Even if you have no personal ambitions to teach English as a foreign language.

You Could Travel

You’ve got itchy feet and the thought of spending all of 2021 grounded has the jetsetter trapped inside of you quaking in despair and screaming to be freed. You’re desperate to travel afar, learn a new language and immerse yourself in a unique culture. You’re willing to take your chances and go anywhere that would accept you. The TEFL certificate is the qualification that gives you the answer to how you would support yourself while living abroad. As a qualified TEFL teacher, you could either teach English online or in a classroom.

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Become In-Demand

By becoming a TEFL Teacher, you’re automatically making yourself a highly in-demand person. With the e-commerce market developing at an exponential rate, many industries are taking their business online. This means international communication is becoming more and more paramount. Employees require a certain command of the English language to be able to broker deals and carry out essential trades. English is the business language of the world, therefore, companies are willing to pay well for those qualified in teaching Business English as a specialist skill to tutor their employers.

Enhance Your Resume

By doing a TEFL Certificate and starting to work online from home, you’re getting ahead of the curve. You’ll be making money in your spare time while gaining valuable remote working experience. Getting into the groove of online working will allow you to learn how to create a productive working home environment. You’ll become more tech savvy naturally as you get more comfortable navigating the teaching platforms. All of these experiences will stand out on your CV to any potential employers.

Becoming a Hybrid Employee

Look, who knows what the future holds, so isn’t it better to have as many skills as possible under your belt? With businesses tightening their belts and having to make tough choices on which staff members to keep on, having additional qualifications makes you harder to let go. You have something about you that your colleagues don’t. Depending on what type of company you work for, you might all of a sudden become quite an essential asset. Rather than sending their staff to language schools, your employer could pay you to do the job.

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Time for a Change

Many people have an instinct to hunker down and try and get through an unknown crisis, but what if this is an opportunity for change? Maybe you were already half-contemplating doing something different with your life before swatting away the notion like a pesky fly. It may never seem like a good time to switch careers, but let’s be honest, when is it ever such a good time for such drastic change? The pandemic is putting everyone on a level playing field and allowing you the chance to pursue a new career if you’re brave enough to see this as a golden opportunity for a change of direction.

It’s Great Remote Working Practice

Not all employees yearn for the remote working lifestyle. Plenty will miss working in an office and the social interaction with their work colleagues. Many will fear that they won’t be as effective at their job if they work from home. Teaching English online will give you great practice in getting used to remote working life. If it became a permanent way of the future, you’ll already be well versed and have your home office set up just as you like it so you can remain as productive as ever.

In-Between Jobs

You’ve either seen the writing on the wall and decided the time was good to get out of your current job or you’ve sadly been told ‘Thank you for all your service, but it’s time to say goodbye’. That’s okay, you’re prepared for it. It might only be a few weeks before you find your next job, or it could be a couple of months. Having a TEFL certificate softens the in-between period. It takes 120-hours to complete the TEFL course and you’ll be able to teach English online. The course takes about 2-4 weeks to complete, depending on how much time you can give. Rather than waiting for a time you’re unemployed to do the course, you should do the TEFL course now part-time. That way you’ll be able to go straight into teaching English online if you’re ever job hunting.

Anticipating 2021:

Trying to figure out what 2021 has in store for you might require a crystal ball. One thing that looks likely, however, is that by being able to work remotely and online, you’ll be able to evolve with the industries adapting to the pandemic.

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