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An Unforgettable Teaching & Travelling Experience All In One.

Can you imagine having a team of professionals taking care of the fine details in finding you new employment in a new country? Well, thanks to our international connections with over 200 schools, we can do that for you with one of our TEFL internships. You can expect 120 hours of online TEFL training, accommodation, in-country support, orientation, and visa assistance, all while getting paid. Sounds amazing, right?

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Paid internship in Thailand

4.5 Months Placement | Start Dates: May 2023
45% Discount
Paid internship in Thailand
  • Monthly Salary approx. US$900/€880/£775
  • Pre-arranged Accommodation Included
  • Full Orientation & Training in Bangkok
  • Accredited TEFL Training Included
10 Spaces available

Paid Internship in Spain

3 Months Placement | Start Dates: April 2023
17% Discount
Paid Internship in Spain
  • Accommodation with a Spanish host family
  • 3 Meals, laundry, internet & transport
  • Full Training + Completion Bonus $100/€100
  • Accredited TEFL Training Included
5 Spaces available

Paid Internship in South Korea

12 Months Placement | Start Dates: March 2023 / July 2023
37% Discount
Paid Internship in South Korea
  • Monthly Salary approx. US$1700/€1700/£1450
  • Rent-free Accommodation
  • 1 week orientation on arrival & 2 weekend orientations in the year
  • Accredited TEFL Training Included
10 Spaces available

Paid Internship in Vietnam

12 Months Placement | Start Dates: May 2023
37% Discount
Paid Internship in Vietnam
  • Monthly Salary approx. US$1600/€1,600/£1300
  • 7-day orientation in Ho Chin Minh City
  • Airport pick-up & transfers
  • Accredited TEFL Training Included
14 Spaces available

Paid Internship in Japan

12 Months Placement | Start Date: May 2023
46% Discount
Paid Internship in Japan
  • Monthly Salary approx. US$2000/€2000/£1700
  • 40 hour Cultural Orientation
  • Full Assistance with Job Application Documents
  • Accredited TEFL Training Included
6 Spaces available

TEFL Institute Graduate Testimonials

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TEFL Institute Graduate


TEFL Institute Graduate


TEFL Institute Graduate

Verified student reviews

Based on 1592 reviews
Based on 100 reviews
Really in-depth course with good resources. Of
13:40 06 Feb 23
I have learnt loads from their 120 hour TEFL course online. Very easy to access and to do it on your own time. Cant wait to put into practice what I have learnt :)
Amalia C.
11:30 04 Feb 23
The courses are very thorough. For an online course there is lots of support from staff. Emma Coleman was very efficient and accommodating in dealing with my queries.
Jasmine L
15:48 03 Feb 23
Really enjoying my TEFL course. I am half way through it now. Emma has been super helpful with any connection errors I have had and helping me get my platform running smoothly.
Ivana C.
13:25 03 Feb 23
Really enjoyed the hands-on and practical nature of the 120 hour TEFL course. Thank you Rachel, my wondeful mentor for all of your support and assistance!
Siobhan S.
09:51 03 Feb 23
This has been a wonderful experience and the team has been so supportive and especially Annalise veenhouwer who has taken extra care of me🤗
chinead Q.
19:25 01 Feb 23
I super excited to start my new professional path. Doing the Level 5 TELF Certificate was a great experience for me, it helped me gain new knowledge at my own pace, in the 6 months I had to completed I got great support from other peers on discord as well as my tutor support Laura and Rachel.I would recommend this to everyone!
Oriana López J.
16:43 01 Feb 23
I unfortunately recently lost my certificate from when I completed my TEFL course, but Rachel was able to help me and sent me a replacement soon after I emailed. The company are overall very helpful and I really enjoy studying with them.Thank you Rachel!
Lauren D.
11:15 01 Feb 23
I have just purchased a TEFL course with the help of Emma who was lovely to deal with and very informed and helpful. I would suggest using the live chat facility to anyone booking.
Anne S.
09:41 01 Feb 23
I’m happy i made a decision to study with TEFL Institute,Much more helpful to have people like Annelies Veenhouwer who are just a mail away for any questions you may have, she is such a helpful soul especially as a beginner in this journey, if you’re planning to start your English career TEFL Istitute is the right place and hope that you get yourself an Annelies to help you with all your questions 💫
Rebecca N.
15:15 30 Jan 23

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