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The TEFL Institute harbours over 30 years of experience in the English as a foreign language (EFL) industry. Together with our team of academic educators, we will assist you in choosing the perfect TEFL certification online, and help prepare you to teach English online or abroad. All of our courses are accredited and internationally recognised.

Our government and Ofqual-regulated Level 5 TEFL Diploma courses guarantee the highest standard of teacher training and qualification. Because of this, our training and teachers are highly rated and in constant demand by employers worldwide.

We have the experience, global reputation, and curriculum that employers respect and trust.

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Awards and Accreditations:

Highfield Qualifications

The Institute’s Level 5 qualification accrediting body is Highfield Qualifications. This qualification provides learners with an internationally recognised certificate/diploma and can be used to secure visas, teaching positions and other employment related to English language teaching worldwide.

[Approved Centre Number: 21335]

OFQUAL (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation)

Ofqual gives formal recognition to Awarding Organisations and regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments. Ofqual has approved Highfield, the Awarding Organisation (AO), to provide a wide range of regulated qualifications in varying sectors, including Education and Training.

The Accreditation Council for Distance Learning:

ACDL  is an accrediting body specialising in distance learning courses. Their ethos promotes an unyielding standard of excellence among providers bearing their seal of approval. This ensures that ACDL-accredited educational providers offer the best in certified quality standards to students.

[Accreditation number: 2854-2540]


The Open and Distance Learning Quality Council are an independent guardian of quality in open and distance learning. To achieve accreditation, a provider must submit to regular assessment by ODLQC, and show that the education or training offered meets those standards. This accreditation offers proof of quality, which is then reflected in our graduates.

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TEFL Courses for Everyone

Whether you are 17 or 70 years old, native or a non-native English speaker, let us help you find the perfect course for teaching English online, abroad or both! Our courses are recognised worldwide.

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120 Hour Advanced Course

99.00 70% off
Fast Track
Get access to entry-level jobs. Qualify to teach at home & abroad.
This course has been developed with some of the best schools and offers a fast-track qualification to teach English abroad or online worldwide.   
  • 24/7 Study Access
  • Internationally Recognised Certificate
  • Provides the fundamental knowledge and confidence to become a great teacher
  • Lifetime TEFL job hunting advice

180 Hour Level 5 Diploma

189.00 52% off
pay in 2
Split the cost of your purchase into 2 interest-free payments
Highly regarded by employers worldwide, this CELTA level equivalent qualification will give you expert preparation for teaching English online or abroad.      
  • 24/7 Study Access
  • Internationally recognised government regulated certificate
  • Provides the higher employment opportunities for online & abroad jobs
  • Lifetime TEFL job hunting advice

310 Hour Hybrid Level 5 Advanced Diploma

345.00 65% off
pay in 6
Split the cost of your purchase into 6 interest-free payments.
This master course is the best of all of our TEFL courses. It will give you expert preparation for a wide range of  roles, salary-boosting specialist courses, PLUS teaching practice.  
  • 24/7 Study Access
  • Internationally recognised government regulated certificate
  • Provides the higher employment opportunities & includes practical experience course
  • Lifetime job hunting advice

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Via email, I requested a callback, to which Annelies responded, instantaneously.
Shan B
15:01 29 Feb 24
Via email, I requested a callback, to which Annelies responded, instantaneously.
Shan B
15:01 29 Feb 24
Wonderful experience talking with Annelies Veenhouwer, she takes customer care to a new level. I was delighted.
14:50 28 Feb 24
I was called back by the lovely Elaine who made sure all my questions were answered and kept me in the loop about special offers available on courses that she thought would suit me! She gave me advice on what other services are available via the TEFL Institute such as the jobs board and she completely shared in my excitement about getting going! I'm looking forward to getting started, thanks Elaine ✨
lisa S.
13:43 28 Feb 24
Elaine and the team gave great advice for getting started as an TEFL teacher.
Anne R.
11:38 27 Feb 24
I really enjoyed the 10 hour online teaching course with Michelle. She has a great grasp of grammar, excellent teaching knowledge and a lively and engaging teaching style. She also is very encouraging and supportive. Thanks so much Michelle for everything. Tim.
Tim O B.
16:39 25 Feb 24
I participated in the 10 hour virtual teaching course with Michelle Benson. Michelle is knowledgeable, experienced, and patient, and she created a supportive and productive environment. The course zipped along at a jaunty pace, and was an excellent introduction to the practicalities of teaching.
Joe B.
13:17 24 Feb 24
I just finished the 10 hour Virtual TEFL course under Michelle Benson's expert tutoring. She's a fun and purely vocational teacher. She makes it rather easygoing.I had read the manual before hand but I believe it's not really necessary to do so nor to open it whilst following the course. Michelle shares the info on her screen.As a teacher myself, I expected a much more complex and demanding approach so if you're completely new to the subject, it's exactly what you need. It's just the right place to lose your fear and feel comfortable in front of others.I would have appreciated a longer course to be able to go into more detail and "polish" certain aspects but, all in all, it gives you an idea of what is expected from you as a TEFL teacher.Thanks a mil. Michelle.
Helen M.
09:44 23 Feb 24
I did the 10h Virtual TEFL course and I had a great time. I was quite nervous since I am not the most comfortable talking to new people, but the tutor, Michelle Benson, was so friendly and so were the other students. The class was engaging, some points that were taught in the 180h course where I was confused were so simply explained (how to distinguish the tenses for example). The atmosphere was great, laughs here and there. The presentation wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, I thought I'd be more nervous, but all of the encouragement from everyone towards each other was great. Very enjoyable experience. Would definitely recommend. Now I'm not as daunted by zoom classes lol. God bless :)
Salomea K.
22:42 22 Feb 24
I just completed a 180 hour TEFL course.Staff were helpful, the course was engaging and I would recommend
Maria F.
18:24 21 Feb 24

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    Yes. There are plenty of opportunities for people Who want to teach online but don’t hold a degree. Once you are qualified, you can find work online using two routes: working for an online school or starting as a freelancer. We would suggest getting some experience working with online companies in the beginning before setting out on your own. Some companies that hire candidates that are not degree holders include Cambly and Latin Hire.

    Like any job, income is mostly based on your experience working for online companies. Usually, you start at a lower rate of about $10 -$12 per hour, which is increased by bonuses based on your teacher rating or the number of classes you take. If you have experience and are working in a specific niche, such as business English, as a freelancer, you can charge anything up to $35 per hour.

    A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course is a training program that prepares individuals to teach English to non-native speakers in countries where English is not the primary language. In the Netherlands, there are several organizations that offer courses. These courses typically range in length from a few weeks to several months and may be offered in-person or online.

    To find a TEFL course in the Netherlands, you can start by searching online for organizations that offer these programs. Some options include:

    International TEFL Academy: This organization offers a range of courses in the Netherlands, including online and in-person options.

    TEFL Worldwide Prague: This organization offers a 120-hour TEFL course in Amsterdam, which includes 6 hours of observed teaching practice.

    TEFL Institute: This organization offers a range of courses in the Netherlands, including online and in-person options.

    It’s important to carefully research the reputation and accreditation of any course you are considering, as the quality of these programs can vary significantly. Look for courses that are accredited by recognized organizations and have a good track record of preparing students for successful careers as English teachers.

    Once you have completed a course, you will be qualified to teach English in a variety of settings, including language schools, private schools, and universities. Many people who complete a course go on to work in countries around the world, including in the Netherlands.

    De TEFL-certificering (Engels onderwijzen aan buitenlanders) is een professionele certificering die normen stelt voor degenen die Engels als tweede taal willen onderwijzen. Het is ontwikkeld door de Council of International Schools (CIS) en het is momenteel een van de meest populaire internationale onderwijsreferenties. Om een -certificering te behalen, moet u slagen voor een online examen dat uw kennis van grammatica, uitspraak, sociale wetenschappen en andere gerelateerde onderwerpen test. De certificering wordt ook over de hele wereld erkend, dus u kunt er zeker van zijn dat u met succes Engels kunt onderwijzen.

    Ja, het is zeker de moeite waard om een  te krijgen. Het zal je niet alleen uitstekende Engelse vaardigheden opleveren, maar het zal ook veel kansen voor je openen in de wereld van werk. Hoewel er veel scholen zijn die TEFL-cursussen aanbieden, is de beste manier om de juiste voor jou te vinden, door wat onderzoek te doen. Je kunt informatie vinden op websites als of, of door te praten met mensen die de cursus al hebben gedaan en ervan hebben geleerd. Als je eenmaal een school hebt gevonden die je interesseert, zorg er dan voor dat je hun website bezoekt en de cursusdetails zorgvuldig bekijkt, zodat je precies weet waar je aan begint.

    Het kan tot twee jaar duren om een ​​TEFL-gecertificeerde leraar te worden, maar deze hoeveelheid tijd kan veranderen afhankelijk van uw locatie en de beschikbaarheid van trainingsprogramma’s. Er zijn een aantal manieren om een ​​TEFL-gecertificeerde leraar te worden, waaronder online cursussen en persoonlijke lessen. De beste manier om erachter te komen welk programma het beste bij je past, is door wat onderzoek te doen en prijzen te vergelijken. Je moet er ook voor zorgen dat het programma dat je kiest is goedgekeurd door de TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Accreditation Council. Zodra u uw cursus heeft voltooid, moet u slagen voor een assessment dat uw kennis van het onderwijzen van Engels als tweede taal test. Ten slotte moet u slagen voor een criminele achtergrondcontrole en een professionele vergunning verkrijgen van uw land of staat. Nadat dit alles is voltooid, ben je klaar om te gaan werken als een TEFL-gecertificeerde leraar!

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