Thinking about going abroad and teaching English? What are the first things that come into your mind? For many, we have conditions that come into our heads when it comes to choosing a location. Must have good weather. Must have a TEFL teacher/ex-pat community. Should have great opportunities for TEFL teachers to flourish. 

Do you know which country has it all? Spain! This gorgeous country is one of the most popular TEFL destinations for a reason, and we’re here to tell you all about it. 

About Spain

Whether you want to explore the beaches, walk around historic cities, enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, revel in the cuisine, or experience the vibrant nightlife Spain has it all.

Spanish food is well-known around the world for being flavorful, nutritious, traditional, inventive, and varied, as well as for its popular restaurants and fine dining, as seen by the chefs’ high standing. The legendary Mediterranean diet is one illustration of how healthful it is.

With over 570 million Hispanophones, the Spanish language is second only to Mandarin. Spain, most Latin American countries, and Equatorial Guinea have Spanish as (one of) their official languages. A total of 21 nations speak Spanish daily. Picking up the language while you’re there will definitely stand to you in the future. And, with its Latin origin, English speakers normally find it quite easy to pick up.

spain building 

Any trip to Spain will include a visit to the beach. Spanish territory can be found all over the world, not simply on the Iberian Peninsula. In the Mediterranean Sea, there are the famed Balearic Islands, which include the world-famous party island of Ibiza, and then there are the Canary Islands, which are located far out in the Atlantic Ocean. Take this opportunity to visit some islands and beaches and seriously enjoy all that sunshine! 

The cost of living in Spain is more affordable than that in most Western European countries, even if in the big cities. There is universal health care and easy-to-use public transportation, and it is one of the safest countries for travelers.

Teaching Opportunities in Spain

Despite the fact that wages in Spain are not as high as in other parts of the world, it is nevertheless a popular location for teaching English overseas. Spain is a fascinating option for teaching and living abroad, with easy access to the European continent and a great location for exploring the vibrant Spanish countryside.

In Spain, there are a variety of TEFL jobs available to you. The most popular being Language Assistances. These are popular with newbies in Spain as they are contract work and don’t require a lot of red tape. It also means that you’ll get a local teacher in the class with you to control the classroom and speak Spanish to the students if needed. Great opportunities for first-time teachers! 

There are also opportunities outside of the public school system such as private schools or private tutoring. If you are based outside of the EU, make sure to look at your contract and the route they are taking to hire you as it’s near to impossible to get work permits for Spain. 

If you can’t seem to find an opportunity to teach in Spain without being paid under the table because you are not from the EU, there are also amazing volunteer opportunities to avail of. These programs have everything covered for you and you’ll reside with other TEFL volunteers on campus. It’s a great, stress-free route to go! 

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Teaching Requirements in Spain

Spain’s teaching qualifications are substantially less stringent than those of its neighbors. Requirements differ based on the employment — whether it’s with the government, a private academy, or for private sessions — but there are a few common ones.

A huge teaching requirement here is being a native English speaker. The reason being is that Spain is geographically close and easy to get to from the UK and Ireland, and Spain has access to all of these teachers with ease. Being within the EU as well means that Irish teachers can travel and teach English in Spain without going through a visa process. 

Most schools will require a TEFL certification as well, especially public schools or long-term contracts. Even if it’s not required, a TEFL certificate is a good idea to be able to get a higher wage or a better TEFL job, like exam preparation or business English

Some schools may require a Bachelor’s degree. This is a school preference as it’s not needed visa-wise, so there’s still plenty of opportunity in Spain if you don’t have a BA. 

Basic Spanish language skills are preferred. Although the younger population is better at English, getting by outside of the classroom can be difficult. Apart from Argentina, Spain has the lowest number of English speakers among the Spanish-speaking countries. 

TEFL Institute Opportunities

At the TEFL Institute, we don’t have an internship set up here just yet at the time of writing this blog, but what we do have are many contacts in Spain! These include program providers, school chains, and language institutes. They all hire at different times of the year and it depends on when you call us what we’ll have available. But if you are interested in Spain, feel free to send us an email or call us and we’ll be happy to help! 

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Is TEFL accepted in Spain?

Spain widely accepts a TEFL certificate. Not only that, they sometimes require it. This is because TEFL teaches you how to teach English in foreign countries, this is the focus. Normally, Spanish opportunities will accept the 120 hour TEFL Course (no need for the level 5 certificate) as the most in-demand teachers right now are for young learners in their public school system. 

Do you need a TEFL to teach English in Spain?

It is not required for short-term opportunities, like summer camps. If you want a higher wage or full-time contract, the TEFL certificate is a must! 

How much do English teachers make in Spain?

On average, English teachers in Spain can expect to make anywhere between €700 to €1,100 per month through a Government Program with the option to earn additional income through private tutoring (€15 to €25 per hour) and teaching English online. This may seem unsustainable, but the cost of living in Spain is really low and it’s definitely enough to live comfortably. 

What certification do you need to teach English in Spain?

The certification you need is one that certifies you to teach English as a foreign or second language. This can be a TEFL certificate, TESOL, or CELTA. All of these will qualify you for teaching. Spain itself does not require any additional qualifications other than the international standard. 

Can you save money teaching English in Spain?

This depends on your spending habits! You can definitely save a little month by month if you are house sharing or have free accommodation. In Spain, TEFL teachers do not receive a premium salary in contrast to other industries. Places like Thailand pay TEFL teachers a lot more than others in the local community, but Spain offers a standard wage. When choosing Spain, don’t do it for the savings, do it for the experience, the adventure, and the culture! 

Where is the best place to teach English in Spain?

You’ll find TEFL opportunities all over the country, so don’t limit yourself to the few cities you’ve heard of! Places like Barcelona and Madrid have amazing TEFL communities and social life is great, but the cities are more expensive than rural areas. Ask yourself why you are moving to Sapin and make your choice accordingly. 

Are teachers paid well in Spain?

Teachers are by no means on a minimum wage in Spain, but it won’t make you a millionaire. You’ll make enough to live comfortably and maybe a little extra in your pocket for a rainy day. Teachers are paid better in private institutions, but they can be more of a demanding job. 

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