Yes, you may have seen our launch promotion, joined us for our introduction webinars or information sessions, and followed us with our journey from the start. If not, that’s okay! We are here now to give you the breakdown of our new Level 5 TEFL Course and certification. 

If you are looking for a TEFL course and qualification and don’t know where to start, you are in the right place.  Like in any industry, the highest qualified potential employees will always have the upper hand and will get that interview first. This new Level 5 TEFL Course will show employers that you have studied the most up-to-date course materials and are truly prepared for the classroom. 

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The Facts About Level 5 TEFL Courses

  • Our new Level 5 TEFL Course was created and written by our in-house assessment team under the supervision of the DELTA qualified Head of Assessments, Jacob Thomas. 
  • The course is accredited by Highfield qualifications, meaning this amazing work done by our team was deemed exceptional and fit for a level 5 status. 
  • It is OFQUAL regulated, meaning that it follows the guidelines from the UK government and is tested to show that assessments are running smoothly. 
  • It has all brand new course materials with a bigger focus on online teaching, keeping in line with the trending job growth in the TEFL industry. 
  • We have created a better and smoother assessment process, so you won’t want to pull out your hair by the end! 
  • There are a lot more videos and podcasts to update the methods of which we learn. 
  • There are free tutor-led weekly lessons, which are group interactive Zoom sessions with qualified and experienced teachers. 
  • There are extra additions added, such as forums with your peers and resource e-books. 

Assessment Process for Level 5 Course

So we’ve mentioned it a couple of times already and rave about our assessment process, but how exactly does it work? Most level 5 courses will have the ordinary test after each module or a test at the end, where the open ended questions are assessed at the end and then submitted back to you to resubmit the ones you got wrong. This is the standard process, but one thing we noticed from our students’ queries is that module one and two were a while ago and to resubmit an answer that you thought was complete can be difficult to wrap your head around. You gave us feedback and we listened! 

Now, we have split the assessment into three sections. Our academic team will check your work as you go, meaning the waiting periods for results have been severely cut and once they have passed you, you won’t need to go back. This means that the study process for you is a lot smoother and you’ll feel that motivation and sense of achievement all the way through the course. 

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Benefits of Accredited and Government Regulated Certification

Studying the most up-to-date course on the market means you’ll have the most up-to-date teaching materials for your career. You won’t have that awful Monday morning feeling of unpreparedness. We value our students feeling prepared for your new journey, and not just getting the minimum requirements to teach. 

Getting the newest accredited and government regulated certification from an institute that is globally known and respected in the TEFL and TESOL community means that you will have a kick-ass CV / resume and be more attractive to future employers. 

The course layout with the new assessment process, pre-training on how to take a test through module 0 and the top tutor support means that you’ll enjoy the course and therefore retain the information learned, making you a better teacher for your students. 

If you decide to go for the 310 hour Level 5 TEFL Course, you’ll be given the option to split payments. This means that you can start your studies earlier than budgeted. This is also absolutely interest free. Why? Again, you gave feedback and we listened. 

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Along with the actual new course, our resource books and extra materials have also been updated. Education books should be constantly updated along with the times, so you get the best education. 

UK accreditation and certifications are looked at preferably in the global TEFL and TESOL industry. This is due to the high standard that the UK government has for education. Highfield Qualifications, OFQUAL and ODLQC all have this same standard and all say that our courses live up to this. 

Study, get certified, get a job offer, live abroad, work flexibly and online, live your new life…

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Is the Level 5 TEFL Course worth it?

We can answer this in two different ways. Is a general Level 5 TEFL Course worth it? Absolutely! This will look amazing on your CV / resume. Employers know that a certification from a government regulated level 5 courses means that you are fully qualified. They are especially great if you don’t have any prior qualifications. More specifically, places like the UAE are now requiring a level 5 TEFL certificate for the work permit, so if you don’t want any restrictions with travel or work, you’ll need to go for the level 5 course. 

And now, why is our new level 5 TEFL course worth it? Courses and education evolves throughout the years. Many other TEFL providers and institutes have had the same curriculum since online level 5 courses were introduced. New and up-to-date materials for teaching and new learning methods such as Podcasts means that you will be fully prepared for your new career. Our new assessment process explained in the above blog also creates an easier and more enjoyable route to your qualification. In addition, the newer the course materials have been reviewed by accreditors (in this instance, Highfield Qualifications), the more attractive your certification will look to future employers. 

What is a Level 5 TEFL equivalent to?

Our accreditations and courses are UK based, meaning “level 5” is a UK level 5. Levels can vary globally so you can check this equivalent through a qualifications framework website with your home country. 

It means our Level 5 TEFL courses have been assessed to be the same level as a diploma of higher education (DipHE), a foundation degree, two years at university, and the CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL qualifications. 

How to get an online Level 5 Course?

Years back, getting a level 5 qualification online was unheard of. The most you could hope for would be a blended course. Where you would need to pair the online course with in-classroom tests or work experience. Now, education has evolved and getting a level 5 qualification through continuous assessment is easy to come by. This has opened up many doors for those in rural areas, full-time workers and parents. Studying at your own pace means you don’t need to put your life on hold for your education. To enrol onto an online Level 5 course, see our course packages HERE

How long does a Level 5 TEFL Course take?

Since the course is based online and self-study, this is dependent on how much time you can put in. Furthermore, it also depends on your own study skills, such as reading speed, and reassessment. As you can be asked to repeat some of your answers, this will obviously add time to the overall course. 

The course is averaged to take 180 hours. Most students, including assessment periods, will complete the course within 6 to 10 weeks. Although you get 6 months enrollment time to account for some of life’s hiccups along the way! Once passed, your government regulated certificate is issued within 24 to 48 hours. 

How to choose between 120-hours and the 180-hours Level 5 TEFL Course?

The higher qualification in any industry will always stand to you. However, there may be some instances where the 120 hour TEFL Course is the one to choose. We recommend the fast track certificate. If you already have a job offer with the condition of getting a certificate to go abroad. It is also a great option for those who may not have the time or budget for the level 5 course. Non-native English speakers may also want this route if they find the level 5 course too difficult. We would recommend that you upgrade in the future. English teachers who don’t have English as their first language will find it more difficult to gain employment. Having the level 5 qualification means that you will be more employable. 

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