When looking to teach abroad, there are lots to consider; your qualifications, your experience, your preferred niche of TEFL, and of course, the country on your passport. Requirements for jobs can differ globally and there is definitely a place for every type of teacher out there with so much choice! These requirements can be for visa reasons or school preferability. Once you start researching where to go, your first thing on the to-do list is to check whether you meet the requirements for a work permit and best TEFL destinations for 2022 for Native English Speakers. 

A native English speaker is a little more strict than you’d think for TEFL destination variety. As of 2019, there were 59 sovereign states and 27 non-sovereign entities where English was an official language. However, in the world of TEFL, there are mainly only 7 countries recognized. They would be the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. 

Unfortunately, this TEFL employer’s interpretation of the word “native English speaker” is popular, and it is employed by several nations in their TEFL visa requirements. If you don’t have a passport from one of the nations listed above, working permits for such countries can be tough to come by. If you are not one from this list, head over to our next blog to see the best countries for 2022 where they accept lots of passports.

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For those with a passport from one of the 7 countries, you’re in luck! You will meet requirements almost everywhere. Here are the best TEFL destinations for 2022 for Native English Speakers.

South Korea

Pros: South Korea is an amazing country for TEFL teachers. Not only will you make enough to live, travel, AND save, but you’ll also have a great work-life balance. The lifestyle here is very zen and stress-free. 

Cons: Because of the geography of the country, it will be hard to see other countries unless you have some time off for a week. This is unlike other Asian countries, where it’s easy to hop a border and see other places for the weekend. Don’t worry though, there are lots to see in the country, you won’t get bored, we promise! 


Our Program

You will be assisting young learners if you teach English in South Korea. Outside of the classroom, though, you will have the opportunity to see South Korea. Between the festivals, concerts, restaurants, and World Heritage Sites, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Your internship will begin with a week of orientation in Seoul, South Korea. To prepare you for your exciting new TEFL experience, you’ll learn all about South Korea’s fascinating culture and teaching in the country alongside other TEFL teachers. Please see all the details here – Teaching Internship in South Korea


Pros: Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for TEFL teachers, and it’s not hard to see why. With the salaries and benefits that are offered, your teaching experience will be second to none. The biggest pro is that because it is so popular, the TEFL community is large and you’ll have no problem making friends. It’s a top pick for those who are traveling solo. 

Cons: Being a popular destination also has its cons. There are lots of applications to the schools here and schools can sometimes be overrun with CVs / resumes. You’ll need to stand in your application, so we suggest going here through a program that can help you with this. 


Our Program

Our TEFL internship Thailand program alleviates the stress of preparing to teach English in a foreign country. Our TEFL experts will take care of all the details of finding a teaching job in Thailand. You’ll receive 120 hours of TEFL training online, followed by four months of paid teaching in this stunning country. You can find out all you need to know here – Teaching Internship in Thailand. 


Pros: During the pandemic, Vietnam was fairly strict with travel restrictions and reopening schools. The country was shut down for quite a while. Now that things are getting back to normal, a huge influx of teachers is needed. This means that the jobs are plentiful and once you meet visa requirements, you’ll be a shoo-in! The culture and lifestyle are beautiful and the locals are very friendly. You’ll enjoy yourself so much. 

Cons: The visa process is quite extensive. The requirements are strict and the paperwork is plentiful. However, once you get past this part, it’s completely worth it. Program providers are great to help you with this and the experts that do this process every day will make the whole process a lot smoother. 


Our Program

With our paid TEFL internship, you’ll work alongside other teachers for a year and gain invaluable experience. During your one-week orientation, you’ll learn about living, teaching, and traveling in Vietnam so you can get the most out of your TEFL experience. Along the journey, our skilled in-country team will be there to assist you. For more information, please check out our internship page here – Teaching Internship in Vietnam. 


Pros: With so many global firms, plenty of cash, and a broad mix of well-educated ex-pats, life in the cities is cosmopolitan and glamorous, as one might expect. “How can I afford such a lifestyle on a teacher’s salary?” you might wonder. That is an excellent question. Competitive salary and generous benefits packages ensure that you’ll want to keep your teaching job.

Cons: Teaching positions in the UAE are more competitive and difficult than your usual teaching English abroad employment, with high compensation in a jet-set paradise. Employers may require a bachelor’s degree, prior teaching experience, and teaching certifications.

Our Program

We don’t have a program here just yet, but we have job assistance for all students and alumni. If this is the place for you, let us know and we’d be more than happy to help! From our resume service to the jobs board, you’ll be in good hands. We also have members of our team who have actually taught there too, so if you’re looking for some personal advice, don’t hesitate to ask. 



Q: Is there a high demand for TEFL teachers?

There has always been a huge demand for TEFL teachers in recent years, but now more than ever the industry is in dire need of teachers. During the pandemic, lots of teachers with a TEFL certification moved home from where they were working. As the world opens up again, the demand gets higher and higher. If this has been a dream of yours for a while, strike now while the iron’s hot!

Q: Which countries are in high demand for Native English Speakers?

You’ll be able to find a job in any country in the world as this job is widespread. Some of the top TEFL destinations of 2022 are South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and the UAE. These are all explained in detail above. 

Q: Which Countries Pay the Most When Teaching English Abroad?

There are many reasons to pick a destination, such as work-life balance, benefits, weather, but one thing to consider that’s always number one for TEFL teachers is the salary. The top-paying countries are ultimately all in Asia. In places like the UAE, Japan, and South Korea, you’ll find that you’ll never be living week to week. 

Q: Which English teaching certificate is the best?

There are two main choices; the 120-hour TEFL certificate and the 180-hour Level 5 TEFL certificate. The one you choose can be based on a lot of factors. Generally speaking, level 5 is the higher qualification and the best one on the market. However, depending on your situation, the 120 hour TEFL course might be the one for you. For instance, you may already be a qualified teacher at home and only looking for the minimum requirement. More times than not though, the level 5 certificate is the one to go for. 

Q: Where can I save the most money teaching English?

Saving the most money will depend on your lifestyle and living arrangements more than the country you reside in. This factor is not all about the highest wage either as the cost of living will come into play. A great site to check this out is numbeo.com. It’s a lovely feature! You’ll also need to see if you are going to be based in a rural, suburban or urban area as this will definitely have a difference. Generally speaking, Asia is again the place to be. TEFL teachers are high in demand and your salary will be well above minimum wage. It’s also inexpensive to live there in comparison to the western world. 

Q: How do I know if a TEFL course is accredited?

Being accredited is very important as it will show employers that you have been taught the right information and met the requirements to gain a certificate. Every TEFL provider should have their accreditation with their accreditation number on their website. You can simply check this up with the accreditor and they’d be happy to confirm.

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