TEFL Mastery in Nice: Government-Endorsed Training for ESL Career Growth

TEFL in Nice, a renowned institution with government approval and regulation, offers premier teacher training courses. Our esteemed Level 5 TEFL Diploma, recognized worldwide, awaits you in the vibrant city of Nice. Elevate your ESL career through our meticulously crafted TEFL courses, ensuring the highest standards of English language teacher training.

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A Guide to TEFL in Nice, France

If there was one word to describe France and all that it had to offer, you could say it was soulful. You might also say it’s nice. Nice in France is also fairly nice. Get used to that kind of mental gymnastics if you want to teach English as a foreign language because it’s a pretty complex set of rules and words. As a resort city tucked away on the edge of France, there’s a lot to enjoy about this place. If you do want to build a TEFL career, then there are definitely worse places to put down roots.

Europe as a whole is pretty hospitable towards teaching English as foreign language. Even though every country has its own native language like French or German, most places speak English as a second language or even a third one. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for you to build a good career, and it’s pretty easy to experiment with what’s available.

If you’re prepared to work hard and put a bit of effort in, then there’s no reason why you couldn’t have a long and happy career teaching English as a foreign language. However, as is the case with any big life change, you do have to put a little bit of thought into prep work. Let’s talk about what you need to know.

Finding TEFL Training for Teachers Living In Nice, France

So, the first thing that you need to do if you want to start teaching English as a foreign language in France is to think about getting yourself a qualification. After all, if you want to move to France and start looking for jobs, it’s probably easier to have the qualification ready to go before you start looking for the jobs, because it makes applying for a permit much easier if you have evidence that you’ve got the skills necessary to find a job.

Now, the best way to study is definitely to look at doing an online course. If you are already working full-time or have commitments that would make sticking to a schedule in a physical building and going to class difficult, then you need a way to get your qualification that works around the life you already have. The great thing about an online course is that you can do it from anywhere and you can study whenever you’ve got time, even if it isn’t in the normal school hours.

If you want our recommendation on what kind of course you should do, then we would have to recommend that you try the 120 hour accredited course. It’s the fast-track program that you can use to jumpstart your career.

There are quite a few different qualifications out there, but the one that we recommend is our 120-hour accredited TEFL course. It’s got everything you could need to build a brand-new career.

Flexible Learning, Global Teaching

Our course offers adaptable learning modes, allowing you to balance your studies with other commitments. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to inspire minds and make a difference in classrooms worldwide.

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Accredited Excellence & Global Recognition

Our Level 5 TEFL diploma is not just a course; it’s a passport to global opportunities. Accredited by Highfield Qualifications UK and regulated by Ofqual, this program is synonymous with quality and professionalism in TEFL education.

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180 Hour Ofqual Level 5 TEFL Diploma
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180 hour Level 5 Online Training
Level 5 Diploma Training - 38 Credits
Highfield Level 5 TEFL Diploma digital included
Personal online TEFL tutor support
6 months of study time
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6-8 Weeks
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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300 Hour Ofqual Level 5 TEFL Diploma
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300 hour Level 5 Online Training
Level 5 Diploma Training - 54 Credits
Training approved by Highfield Qualifications and Regulated by Ofqual
Highfield Level 5 TEFL Diploma PDF Included
60 hour Level 5 Teaching Business English
60 hour Level 5 Teaching Online & One-to-One
Personal online TEFL tutor support
6 months of study time
Completion Time
8-10 weeks
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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310 Hour Ofqual Level 5 TEFL Diploma
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300 hour Level 5 Online Training
10 Hour Virtual TEFL Course with teaching practicum
Level 5 Diploma Training - 54 Credits
Training approved by Highfield Qualifications and Regulated by Ofqual
Free Level 5 Diploma + 10 Hour Certificate delivered to you in a digital version
60 hour Level 5 Teaching Business English
60 hour Level 5 Teaching Online & One-to-One
6 months of study time
Completion Time
8-12 Weeks
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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We only really offer courses that have a reputation for being both good quality and accessible for everyone. With that being said, the 120-hour course that we provide is definitely one of our most popular. Our students love it and employers are always pleased when they see it on your résumé. We have specifically made this course to be helpful for you when you want to be able to teach English quickly.

The course is 120 hours in length because this is agreed as being the minimum amount of time that you would need to learn to teach English as a foreign language. We’ve also tried to make sure that it is accessible for you regardless of what you want to do, so you will be pleased to hear that the only things you need to sign up for the course are a C1 level of proficiency in English, and a device that can access the online platform we use. However, the device that you’re using right now to read this can probably do the job.

The services that we provide are always evolving and growing. That’s why we have a dedicated app that you can use and employers can check our website to make sure that your qualifications are not only authentic but also up to standard for what you will need to teach.

If there is one thing that we definitely encourage, it’s people learning in the way that works for them because everybody learns differently. The course has 10 modules in it, and regardless of how you choose to learn, you will study the same 10 modules as everybody else. However, you’ve got access to written material, audio clips or video. This is a course which gives you universal skills. It’s not just going to help you get a job in France, it will help you get a job in Germany or America or Japan. These are universal teaching skills that you can take anywhere in the world, so if you ever want to leave France and teach somewhere else, you’ve got options.

You get six months to finish the qualification. Technically speaking, you can get qualified in four weeks, but if you don’t have four weeks exclusively to study, then you can use the six months however you please.

Looking for a job in France as a new teacher boils down to one of four options. Generally speaking, these four options are available in any country around the world, but some of them are more difficult to start than others, and it depends where you choose to go in the world and what the rules are. Let’s talk about what we mean.

Public Schools

Nearly every country in the world has a public school system, and France is no exception. French public schools teach English as a second language, and they usually start doing this from a young age, so you can pick where you want to teach. However, you also have to be aware that there are more than a few qualifications and expectations placed on you if you want to get a job in the public sector.

First and foremost, you will need to have a degree and teaching qualification. The teaching qualification is usually a specific one that you get in France, and it won’t be covered by your normal TEFL qualification. It’s like a separate qualification that goes alongside it. For this reason, most people can’t immediately start teaching in public schools in France, but it’s definitely something you could work towards. It would probably only take you a year or 2 to get the teaching qualification, and if you already have a degree, then you could start applying for jobs.

International Schools

International schools are private schools, which makes them the next step up from public school. The main difference between public school and international schools is that you have to pay to attend the international school, and you usually get a more sophisticated education as a result. If you’re a teacher, then your incentive to work at an international school is usually a much higher salary than public education can provide, as well as access to other benefits like accommodation, travel costs or a nice yearly bonus.

However, you will need even more qualifications and experience if you want to teach at a private school. They’re very picky about the staff they employ, and the competition will be fierce. This is probably the most lucrative teaching position you could get, so it’s worth trying to do after a few years.

Language Schools

If we had to recommend a good starting career path for a new teacher, we would definitely suggest that you take a look at a language school. Language schools are everywhere across France and the greater Europe area, and they are the bread and butter for a new teacher. The qualifications that you need are fairly minimal – your 120 hours certificate will most likely get you a job – and there are plenty of good contracts available.

You are going to be working with adults who are trying to learn English as a second language later in life. They will probably be looking to learn business English in a lot of situations because it can help them get a job. However, you will mostly be teaching in the evenings and on the weekends because that’s when they have the free time to learn.

The only real drawback to a language school is that they can’t usually offer a full-time contract. You will only get about 30 hours, so you may need to find other ways to boost your income.


If you want to make some extra money, then we definitely recommend that you explore being a tutor. The good thing about tutoring is that you can do it anywhere, so it doesn’t matter where in France you choose to go.

You will be responsible for running your own tutoring business. You will have to decide how much you charge for a session, and where you will teach people. You will also have to declare your income to the government, and this will involve paying taxes. You may also have to register as a small business depending on the local rules of the area.

With all of this being said, people like tutoring because it gives them a lot of freedom. It’s also a good way to supplement your income if you only have a part-time contract with a language school.

If you have a stable Internet connection, then it might be worth looking at teaching English online. The great thing about teaching online is that it doesn’t matter where you live, and you can apply for remote positions in France and pick up steady work. However, in most cases, teaching online is essentially just a freelance position, so it’s up to you to decide whether or not that’s something you want to explore.

If you want to teach English as a foreign language in any part of France, then you need to get a permit or a Visa depending on the country that you are coming from. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to travel to these places, and applying for permanent residency is quite straightforward later on. We definitely recommend researching the requirements for the country that you are travelling from, because there are some parts of the world where you have to have different forms of evidence that you are going to be able to earn money, or going through a specific application process.


As a charming resort town, Nice seemingly has it all. It’s got culture coupled with the good weather that everyone wants from life in France, so it’s definitely a strong contender for an English teacher.


As the capital of France, we would definitely be remiss not to talk about Paris and the many things it can offer. This is the culture, fashion and tourism hub for the whole country. You would definitely have a lot of career opportunities here.

Your salary as a TEFL teacher will be decided by your skillset, current occupation and side hustles. Obviously, your qualifications will influence your job, and this will decide how much you make. If you want to earn more, then you can pick up a side hustle like tutoring. The normal salary in France is €2000 per month. This is plenty to live comfortably if you are prepared to embrace local culture and cuisine.

France is normally a very comfortable place to live. It’s not usually expensive, but it is currently having a slight increase in the cost of living. The best thing you can do is live like a local. If you eat local food, use public transport, and rent just outside the city limits, then you’re more likely to have money left over to spend on enjoying life or simply saving.

  • Salary: €2000
  • Average Rent: €1000
  • Utilities: €160
  • Public Transport Pass: €60
  • Milk: €1.5
  • Bread: €2

To find the cost of living figures, we use Numbeo.com, the world’s largest cost of living comparison website.

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To teach English in Nice, you typically need a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. While a degree is not always mandatory, having one can increase your job prospects. TEFL Institute offers comprehensive online courses to help you gain the necessary qualifications.

Online TEFL courses offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to study at your own pace from anywhere in the world. The TEFL Institute’s online courses provide high-quality training with interactive materials and experienced tutors, preparing you effectively for your teaching career.

Yes, reputable online TEFL courses, like those offered by The TEFL Institute, are recognised worldwide. Employers in countries such as France value the practical training and accreditation provided by these courses.

Absolutely! Many language schools and educational institutions in Nice accept candidates with online TEFL qualifications. The TEFL Institute’s courses equip you with the necessary skills and certification to pursue teaching opportunities in Nice and beyond.

The TEFL Institute provides ongoing support throughout your course, including access to experienced tutors who provide feedback on your progress. Additionally, they offer job placement assistance and career guidance to help you kickstart your teaching journey.

No prior teaching experience is required to enrol in a TEFL course. The TEFL Institute’s courses cater to individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing comprehensive training regardless of your prior experience.

The duration of an online TEFL course varies depending on the program you choose and your study pace. Typically, courses range from 120 to 300 hours, with options for intensive or extended study periods to suit your schedule.

Yes, an online TEFL qualification from The TEFL Institute can significantly enhance your prospects of securing a teaching job in London. The institute’s reputable certification demonstrates your readiness to teach English effectively, making you a desirable candidate for schools and language centres.

While knowledge of French can be beneficial for daily life in Nice, it is not a prerequisite for teaching English. Many language schools in Nice hire English teachers who primarily communicate in English, focusing on immersive language learning experiences for students.

Getting started is easy! Simply visit The TEFL Institute’s website and explore their range of online TEFL courses. Once you’ve selected the course that suits your needs, enrolment is straightforward, and you can begin your journey towards becoming a certified English teacher in Nice and beyond.

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