Explore TEFL in Lyon: Accredited Courses in France's Picturesque City

Learn about TEFL Institute and our Lyon-based programs, recognized, endorsed, and regulated by the government. The TEFL Institute proudly offers its renowned teacher training courses (TEFL) in Lyon. Enroll in our government-regulated Level 5 TEFL Diploma and experience unparalleled standards in ESL education. Elevate your career in English language teaching with TEFL courses in Lyon, ensuring the utmost excellence in training standards.

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A Guide to TEFL in Lyon, France

France is a gorgeous part of Europe which can offer a lot to visitors. Lyon is considered to be the medical capital of the country – most big pharmaceutical and medical businesses have a foothold in the city. However, outside of a thriving economy, Lyon also offers things like beautiful buildings, delicious food and a relaxed, peaceful lifestyle. It shouldn’t come as a great surprise that people flock to Lyon for holidays and often a new home. If you’re looking for a new life as a TEFL teacher, what sort of prospects might you have in Lyon?

Hopeful teachers will be pleased to know that France, much like the rest of Europe, has a strong TEFL presence. It is clear to everyone that English is a prized language in France, with many learning it as a second language to their native French. Understandably, there are more than a few TEFL opportunities in the city for anyone who wants to build a career and new life.

You’ll need to put a bit of hard work into what you do, but the good news is that you can make a career out of teaching English abroad. We’re here to take you through what you need to know, and how your future could be if you invest into a good qualification and have the resourcefulness to move to Lyon.

Finding TEFL Training for Teachers Living In Lyon, France

The first step to starting your TEFL career is to get qualified. You’ll need to study to become a proper teacher and know how to handle a classroom, and this takes time and commitment. Your best bet will be to build a new career by studying in your home country. If you apply for a permit to move to France with your TEFL qualification already in hand, then it is a lot easier to hit the ground running and find a job.

With that in mind, we definitely recommend you go in for an online course. You can study from anywhere in the world and you can access your course 24/7 – eliminating the need to keep to a schedule.

There are lots of different online TEFL qualifications you can look into. However, the one we would recommend for new teachers is the 120-hour accredited course we provide.

Flexible Learning, Global Teaching

Our course offers adaptable learning modes, allowing you to balance your studies with other commitments. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to inspire minds and make a difference in classrooms worldwide.

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Accredited Excellence & Global Recognition

Our Level 5 TEFL diploma is not just a course; it’s a passport to global opportunities. Accredited by Highfield Qualifications UK and regulated by Ofqual, this program is synonymous with quality and professionalism in TEFL education.

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Our Recommended TEFL Courses
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180 Hour Ofqual Level 5 TEFL Diploma
Course Includes:
180 hour Level 5 Online Training
Level 5 Diploma Training - 38 Credits
Highfield Level 5 TEFL Diploma digital included
Personal online TEFL tutor support
6 months of study time
Completion Time
6-8 Weeks
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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300 Hour Ofqual Level 5 TEFL Diploma
Course Includes:
300 hour Level 5 Online Training
Level 5 Diploma Training - 54 Credits
Training approved by Highfield Qualifications and Regulated by Ofqual
Highfield Level 5 TEFL Diploma PDF Included
60 hour Level 5 Teaching Business English
60 hour Level 5 Teaching Online & One-to-One
Personal online TEFL tutor support
6 months of study time
Completion Time
8-10 weeks
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Pay in 6
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310 Hour Ofqual Level 5 TEFL Diploma
Course Includes:
300 hour Level 5 Online Training
10 Hour Virtual TEFL Course with teaching practicum
Level 5 Diploma Training - 54 Credits
Training approved by Highfield Qualifications and Regulated by Ofqual
Free Level 5 Diploma + 10 Hour Certificate delivered to you in a digital version
60 hour Level 5 Teaching Business English
60 hour Level 5 Teaching Online & One-to-One
6 months of study time
Completion Time
8-12 Weeks
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Our courses have earned a reputation around the world for being accessible and accredited, but we have to confess that the 120-hour course stands out as being one that both employers and students alike are keen to explore. The 120-hour course is a fast-track program for getting into teaching, helping you to learn all the skills and knowledge necessary to teach English abroad in a short timespan.

The course length – 120 hours of study – has been recognised globally as being the minimum training period needed to be a capable and confident English teacher. After all, there are certain things you need to know if you want to teach properly,

During your qualification, you’ll get access to a lot of helpful tools and training that you’ll need to be able to teach English pretty much anywhere in the world. The skills we equip you with aren’t just useful in France, but instead you can take them out into the world and move around if you want.

The course is the fastest one we have devised for our learners because we want them to be able to start teaching as soon as possible. Technically, you can finish the course in four weeks if you have the time to put towards constant study. Naturally, we recognise that you may not have four weeks to study 24/7, so all of our learners get six months to complete the course. You’ll be able to balance your studies with other commitments, which is helpful.

We want to make this course easy to do. The only thing that you need to get started with the course is a C1 level of proficiency in English, and also a device which can access the internet. However, these are pretty basic requirements for any online study, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get going.

We know how important it can be to offer a service that you can trust, which is why we are constantly looking for new ways to improve what we offer people. For example, we’ve made it easy for you to access a dedicated app to complete your studies, and employers can use our website to check the authenticity of your qualification and reassure themselves that you are suitable for the role.

We encourage people to study for their new qualification in whatever way works for them. After all, everyone has a different style and preference when it comes to learning. There are 10 modules to complete during the course, but you can do them however you like. All of the modules can be viewed as a written material, a video or an audio file depending on your needs.

We have specifically built the course to give you all of the skills that you need to teach English as a foreign language anywhere in the world. We know how important it can be to have access not just to France, but the rest of Europe and beyond.

So, once you have gained your qualification, it’s up to you how you go and use it. You’ve got a lot of different options at your disposal so it’s easy to find something that works for you, and we are more than happy to help you get the best results.

As a new teacher, you’ve got four main options to explore within France and most of Europe. Some options are not immediately accessible to you but available later on, so it’s worth understanding what each one entails.

Public Schools
There are plenty of jobs available in the public sector in France. If you want to get a job as a schoolteacher, you would have your pick of both primary and secondary. Lots of public schools, if not all of them, teach English as a second language from a young age, which is good for you because it means that there are lots of job opportunities on offer.

However, it’s worth acknowledging that there are a couple of things you need to get before you stand a chance at getting jobs teaching in public schools. You will need a degree, and a specialist teaching qualification that is usually obtained in France rather than elsewhere. Therefore, this type of career is something you aim for as a long-term goal, and not something you can start doing straight away unless you have previous qualifications.

International Schools
You can think of private schools as being the next step up from public schools. The curriculum is more advanced and a little more international, and the compensation for teachers is much better than public schools because private schools charge money for people to attend and thus have more resources. You will earn a higher salary than public school, and there are also other benefits in most cases like a travel allowance or access to cheap accommodation.

The only real drawback to something like this is the fact that you will be expected to have even more qualifications and experience than a public school. Private education usually only takes the best of the best, and the competition will be pretty tough. However, this is also a career path you can aim for once you have established a life in France, and eventually work your way up to a position like that.

Language Schools
If you want to teach English anywhere in France, then a language school is a good way to get started because it’s one of the most accessible ways to teach and most newly qualified teachers will start at a language school as a way to build up experience from the beginning. Language schools are very open to hiring new teachers, and they can be a good way to build up experience and earn money at the same time.

Most of the time you will be teaching adults who are trying to learn English at a later point in life for work or other opportunities. They will be taking classes mostly in the evenings and on weekends, because they already have other commitments. If you can teach business English then you’ll have even more job opportunities available to you because business English is very desirable in the corporate world.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that you will only normally get a contract for up to 30 hours, which is only part time, so you will need to look for other ways to boost your income like private tutoring.

If you are after a path of complete freedom with teaching English abroad, then you can definitely look at becoming a tutor. If you set up your own tutoring business in France, then you can pick who you teach, when you decide to teach, and how much you want to charge people for your services. You have absolute control over your career, which for many people, is very appealing.

Obviously, as this is a business and your source of income, you will have to declare the money that you make accurately and pay tax on it. You will also have to register your business by following the laws laid down by the French government. However, it’s definitely an option to keep in mind.

If you live in a place with strong Internet connections, then you could look at teaching English online. Lots of people have taught online and made a successful career out of it, and it’s not exactly difficult to see why this could be a lucrative opportunity. Naturally, you will have to supply any resources you need for your teaching job, but it’s worth doing if you want to explore lots of options and make the most out of your career.

If you want to teach English in France, then you will be pleased to know that it is not particularly difficult to do. The requirements for teaching in most of Europe are fairly universal, you will just have to apply for a permit and then submit an application for permanent residency if you want to stay in France. You should definitely take a look at what the requirements are for your specific country, because this can fluctuate.


As the medical capital of France, this is one of the most interesting places to visit. There is a diverse culture here, and a thriving economy. It wouldn’t be difficult to build a career as an English teacher, so it’s worth taking a look.


As the capital of France, it’s not surprising that people choose to study in their home country and then make the move to Paris. It’s a gorgeous place with a thriving tourist industry and a strong demand for English teachers.

As an English teacher, the amount of money that you will make teaching English as a foreign language will depend on what kind of job you have and the skills that you have managed to acquire. The average monthly salary is about €2000, which may seem like not much, but France can be a cheap place to live if you are sensible.

At the time of writing, France is roughly 5% more expensive than the United Kingdom, but it is still possible to live comfortably on a teaching salary. Your best bet would be to eat locally, avoid things like owning a car, and renting just outside the limits of the city to cut down rent costs.

  • Salary: €2000
  • Average Rent: €800
  • Utilities: €175
  • Public Transport Pass: €70
  • Milk: €1.10
  • Bread: €1.70

To find the cost of living figures, we use Numbeo.com, the world’s largest cost of living comparison website.

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TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It’s vital for non-native English speakers to learn English for academic, professional, and personal growth. TEFL equips educators with the skills to effectively teach English to speakers of other languages.

Lyon, with its rich cultural heritage and vibrant international community, offers an excellent environment for TEFL training and job placements. Its diverse population provides ample opportunities to practice teaching English to non-native speakers.

By undertaking a TEFL course in Lyon, you immerse yourself in a multicultural setting while gaining hands-on teaching experience. Lyon’s renowned educational institutions and supportive community enhance your learning journey.

Absolutely! Lyon boasts a growing demand for English language teachers, both in language schools and private tutoring. Completing a TEFL course in Lyon enhances your employability and opens doors to rewarding teaching positions.

Online TEFL courses offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to study from anywhere, including Lyon. The TEFL Institute’s reputable online programs ensure quality education with accredited certification, preparing you for global teaching opportunities.

Online TEFL courses offer the same comprehensive curriculum and accreditation as traditional classroom-based courses. However, they provide greater flexibility, enabling you to balance your studies with work or other commitments.

Yes, The TEFL Institute’s online courses are internationally recognised and accredited. Whether you’re in Lyon, London, or any corner of the world, our certification equips you with the skills and recognition to teach English globally.

Absolutely! London, a global hub for English language education, offers numerous opportunities for qualified TEFL teachers. With The TEFL Institute’s online certification, you can confidently pursue teaching positions in London and beyond.

The TEFL Institute provides comprehensive job placement support, including guidance on CV preparation, interview techniques, and job search strategies. Our network of partner schools and institutions worldwide enhances your job prospects.

Take the first step towards a rewarding career in English language teaching. Enrol in our online TEFL courses, gain internationally recognised certification, and unlock exciting job opportunities worldwide. Join our global community of TEFL educators today!

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