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Can you imagine having a team of professionals taking care of the fine details in finding you new employment in a new country? Well, thanks to our international connections with over 200 schools we can do that for you with one of our TEFL internships. You can expect 120 hours of online TEFL training, accommodation, in-country support, orientation, visa assistance, all while getting paid. Sounds amazing, right?

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Bonus Course:
Teaching English through
Yoga & mindfulness course
Bonus Course:
30 Hour Teaching English
Online Course
Bonus Guide:
Teaching Business English
Online Lesson Plan Pack
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Teaching Young Learners
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Start-up Teaching English
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Extensive Job Hunters

Paid internship in Thailand

4.5 Months Placement | Start Dates: May 2023
45% Discount
Paid internship in Thailand
  • Monthly Salary approx. US$900/€880/£775
  • Pre-arranged Accommodation Included
  • Full Orientation & Training in Bangkok
  • Accredited TEFL Training Included
7 Spaces available

Paid Internship in Spain

3 Months Placement | Start Dates: January 2023
17% Discount
Paid Internship in Spain
  • Accommodation with a Spanish host family
  • 3 Meals, laundry, internet & transport
  • Full Training + Completion Bonus $100/€100
  • Accredited TEFL Training Included
5 Spaces available

Paid Internship in South Korea

12 Months Placement | Start Dates: March 2023 / July 2023
37% Discount
Paid Internship in South Korea
  • Monthly Salary approx. US$1700/€1700/£1450
  • Rent-free Accommodation
  • 1 week orientation on arrival & 2 CPD weekend orientations in the year
  • Accredited TEFL Training Included
10 Spaces available

Paid Internship in Vietnam

12 Months Placement | Start Dates: May 2023
37% Discount
Paid Internship in Vietnam
  • Monthly Salary approx. US$1600/€1,600/£1300
  • 7-day orientation in Ho Chin Minh City
  • Airport pick-up & transfers
  • Accredited TEFL Training Included
14 Spaces available

Paid Internship in Japan

12 Months Placement | Start Date: Spring 2023
46% Discount
Paid Internship in Japan
  • Monthly Salary approx. US$2000/€2000/£1700
  • 40 hour Cultural Orientation
  • Full Assistance with Job Application Documents
  • Accredited TEFL Training Included
6 Spaces available

TEFL Institute Graduate Testimonials

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TEFL Institute Graduate


TEFL Institute Graduate


TEFL Institute Graduate

Verified student reviews

Based on 1584 reviews
Based on 100 reviews
I’m happy i made a decision to study with TEFL Institute,Much more helpful to have people like Annelies Veenhouwer who are just a mail away for any questions you may have, she is such a helpful soul especially as a beginner in this journey, if you’re planning to start your English career TEFL Istitute is the right place and hope that you get yourself an Annelies to help you with all your questions 💫
Rebecca N.
15:15 30 Jan 23
I would like to share my awesome experience in dealing with Annelies at TEFL Institute London, she quickly came to my assistance and swiftly solved my problem. She was friendly, informative and thorough and I highly commend Annelies, the TEFL Institute and their staff. If you are considering doing a TEFL course, this is the site to do it on.
angeline S.
14:57 30 Jan 23
I really enjoyed the course I took at the TEFL Institute recently. The information is valuable, well organized and of great importance. For experienced teachers, it will be a good way to check out their knowledge.
Tatjana B.
05:58 30 Jan 23
My experience of the TEFL Institute has been excellent so far. It is outstanding in the following ways: Efficient, friendly and helpful customer service; well-designed website and course portal; amazing value for money; high standard of professionalism; high quality training resources and materials. Thank you TEFL Institute! I look forward to continuing my studies with you.
06:59 28 Jan 23
I am currently studying with this company and find them fantastic .They are very helpful and respond so quickly to any questions I have had in the past and present . I recently had an issue where I managed to pay for something 5 times 🤦🏽‍♀️ as you can imagine it was a stressful situation. Rachel was AMAZING she called me first thing the next morning to let me know she had seen my emails and that she was sorting it. She was just so so lovely, understanding and so helpful and to top it off had the issue sorted in minutes. Honestly the support that’s provided is so good, I am so glad that I’ve chosen to study with them.Thanks again guys for your ongoing supportShirley
Shirley L.
17:02 27 Jan 23
The course that is extremely useful for independent teaching
Gabriel 6.
13:57 27 Jan 23
A great course that helps to boost confidence. Michelle is extremely helpful and passionate😊
Ciara B.
21:30 26 Jan 23
I have just completed the virtual 10 hour course. It is such a useful course to take, and it fully equips you for conduct English lessons even in such a short space of time! If you are considering becoming a TEFL teacher, whether in a virtual or real-life classroom, or teaching younger learners, this course is perfect for virtually any potential teacher. You learn so much useful information in an engaging and interactive way, including what to do during a lesson, how to conduct lessons, how to grab the attention of learners, and even more.I really interacted well with and got on with the other people in my class, through group work and full-class interaction. Kate Popova was an amazing teacher to us all and delivers the lesson in a clear way, including everybody in the tasks. Don't think that this course is about listening to a long lecture and endlessly taking notes - in fact, it's all about taking part, learning through practise and having interesting discussions! The best part for me was when we teamed up and delivered practised delivering lessons to pretend A1 English learners, as well as getting useful feedback afterwards. I don't think that the value of this can be undermined, seeing as you are practising exactly what you are going to do as a job upon getting this qualification, and then receiving advice from an experienced teacher in the field!We also received invaluable advice and materials from Kate on how to proceed in terms of searching for good TEFL opportunities, what to specialise in, what countries to go to, etc. Really, the whole thing fully prepares you to embark upon your TEFL journey!I fully recommend taking part in this course. It is truly remarkable and extraordinarily interesting. You will learn many things and gain invaluable experience, gaining a certificate to prove it at the end!Don't waste any more time, get yourself onto the 10 hour classroom methodologies course now!-EDITI also want to praise the 120 hour TEFL course. It is a very thorough and engaging programme, and can be completed easily and within a short space of time. As an English teacher, it is not only necessary for me, but I feel like it has helped to enrich me as a person and work better with my students.Consider completing the course, whatever your background!Big shout out to Emma. She has helped me enormously and always readily answered my phone calls and emails whenever I needed help. The team are brilliant! Thank you!
Mairead C.
13:43 25 Jan 23
After completing the TEFL level 5 Ofqual regulated course and Teaching Online course, I decided to take my learnings a step further and took the 30-hr IELTS specialist course. Though fairly short, the course was very thorough in every aspect of the four skills assessed in the exam: Listening, reading, writing and speaking. It provided me with all the ins and outs of the assessment criteria, including the challenges teachers may face in teaching such a high-stakes exam, as well as helpful website links with reference and preparation materials for both teachers and students. I now feel totally confident to embark on an IELTS teaching specialisation, thanks to the training I received from the TEFL Institute of Ireland!Celeste Pires, Portugal (Canadian native)
Celeste P.
10:59 25 Jan 23
Great experience with the 10 hour module. It was a great opportunity to practice some of the skills that I’d been reading about for the past few months. Michelle Bensen the teacher was very good to explaining and also just leading with examples. She made the content from my TEFL course very applicable, and she showed just how easy it is to apply the tools of teaching. It was really a benefit to myself who has no teaching or tutoring experience.
aoife V.
17:10 24 Jan 23

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