What are the Best Online TEFL Courses

So, if you are looking to explore a new career teaching English as a foreign language, you need to make sure you pick the right course to get a qualification. The TEFL industry is constantly growing, and there is an increased demand for qualified teachers, both within the UK and abroad. 

Depending on your needs, you can teach in a traditional classroom environment or online. There are many different courses you can do, but we recommend that you look at a couple of them specifically because they open the most doors for you. Getting a qualification is all about ensuring you have as many opportunities as possible once you finish studying, and that’s what these courses aim to provide.

The 180-Hour Level 5 TEFL Diploma

So, the first course we want to discuss is our 180-Hour Level 5 TEFL diploma. This is probably our most popular qualification because it arguably delivers the most opportunities after graduation.

What’s Involved?

So, we thought we would start by discussing what’s involved in the course. When we talk about 180 hours, that’s the length of the course. You’ll need to study 180 hours to get your qualification, and this is how we differentiate between different courses and levels of skill.

The problem with having a qualification that can be used worldwide is that every country has a different idea of what specific skills make up a good TEFL teacher. Therefore, the best way to solve the problem was to look at designing courses based on study hours. For example, we also have a 120-hour course, which is considered to be the minimum amount. Therefore, if you do the 180-hour course, that means you’ve put more time into your studies and will thus be more qualified.

The Level 5 qualification is considered at the same standard as both a CELTA and Trinity Cert TESOL qualification. You’ll be considered among the most qualified candidates for any position you go in for, and it’ll help you to get any job you want.

What You’ll Learn

The 180-hour course is designed to equip you with all the skills you’ll need to teach English as a foreign language worldwide. You’ll learn the basics of teaching, access information about grammar and structure, and manage a classroom.

The 180-hour course is Ofqual-regulated, which means it has gained government approval and accreditation. As a new TEFL teacher, you’ll be able to walk away with a qualification which is recognised globally. There are 20 hours of Zoom classes to join if you work best in a classroom environment with other students, but the bulk of study is done independently (with remote support from us available 24/7).

The 300-Hour Regulated Level 5 Advanced Diploma

If there were one other course we’d recommend people take a look at, it would be the 300-hour Level 5 advanced diploma that we offer. This is the best certification that the TEFL Institute can provide—a fully comprehensive, well-designed course that will enable you to go wherever you’d like in the world, apply for the best jobs, establish yourself as a specialist in an area like Business English, and so much more. 

What’s Involved?

Let’s look at what is involved in the course to help you better understand why this is our top-shelf qualification. As the title suggests, this is a 300-hour qualification, meaning you’ll study for 300 hours to gain as much information and skills as possible. Specifically, this is broken down into our 180-hour training course. Then we also offer two additional 60-hour courses – the 60-Hour Level 5 Award in Online & One-to-One Teaching and the 60-Hour Level 5 Award in Teaching Business English Courses.

These extra qualifications mean that you can easily specialise in things like Business English, which is valuable for boosting your qualifications and earning potential – companies will pay a lot of money for professionals who can teach corporate speak to prospective employees or language schools who want to offer new courses for learners.

What You’ll Learn

In the 300-hour course, you’ll get the same amazing education as the 180-hour course. You will learn all about teaching methods, skills for controlling a classroom, and all the wisdom you need about sentence structure, grammar, and other key parts of being an English teacher. 

However, the real strength of this course is that it offers you extra training courses that you can do to improve your skillset and open up a selection of new career paths for you. The Business English course is one we’ve touched on already – it is in heavy demand. However, the other key consideration is the course, which focuses on one-to-one and online tutoring. These courses give you specialist training for different forms of working. 

Both of these courses help to expand your career prospects. Together with the 180-hour course, you’ll be able to achieve the 300-hour qualification we offer.

How to Pick a Course

Naturally, one of the most difficult things for a learner about embarking on a teaching career is knowing which course should be chosen. After all, these are only two of the courses we provide, and plenty of others are out there. Therefore, selecting the best course for you is a process which takes time and requires a certain level of thought.

We are experts at matching people with the courses they should be taking. To try and help you figure it out, we have put together a list of considerations for anybody looking to start a new career. Let’s run through them one at a time.

What Is Your Career Plan?

The first and most obvious consideration we ask every student who is curious about choosing the right course is what the career plan will look like. Do you know what you want to do when teaching English as a foreign language? 

Do you want to teach English in a private school?

Do you want to travel the world and teach in half a dozen temporary placements throughout the year? 

Do you want to teach English online from your home?

These questions are very important because they influence the kind of course that you undertake. For example, if you want to teach English in one of the most prestigious private schools in Spain or France, you must take the 300-hour course because it guarantees you the most advanced qualification. 

However, if you simply want to travel the world and live a nomadic lifestyle, moving from one country to the next teaching English to pay the bills, then you might want to consider taking the 180-hour course because it qualifies you and doesn’t take as long.

What Qualifications Do You Already Have?

We have teachers who come from all backgrounds. Some of them are university graduates looking for something to help them have a gap year after graduation. Some of our teachers are middle-aged parents who have watched their children grow up and leave home, and now they are seeking a different career path.

We are trying to make the point that everybody who comes to us has a different skill set and different experiences. 

You may already have a teaching degree, but there is no real benefit to you taking the more advanced qualifications because your degree will already be recognised around the world and help you pick up more advanced positions. However, if you’re somebody who is starting from nothing, then taking a more advanced qualification is a good way to build up a comprehensive set of skills that put you on an even playing field with other applicants for jobs.

How Much Time Do You Have?

When exploring which qualification is best for you, one of your primary considerations should be how much time you have to study and become qualified. If you are not in any urgent hurry to begin a new career, then applying for a more advanced qualification and taking longer to complete it might help you later. However, if your goal is to start teaching as soon as possible, then exploring a shorter course that still delivers the qualifications you need might be worth exploring.

We’re Here to Help

Naturally, we are available to help you figure out what you want to do as a TEFL teacher. We support our learners from the moment they look into courses until graduation and beyond. Part of our commitment to helping you is giving you advice and support on choosing a course for your needs.

Our team comprises education experts and past TEFL teachers, and we keep in contact with our alumni to get first-hand accounts of what life is like for them. Therefore, we are experienced in providing you with guidance and support during the decision-making process. Our team will talk you through each course and help you decide what is best for you. There’s no point taking a course that doesn’t fit your lifestyle or future plans. 

The Power of TEFL Training

Training to become a TEFL teacher is something you can do to make a meaningful change in your life, and we definitely recommend that you check it out. So many people have studied and become teachers, and it does make a big difference in your life when you’re free to travel the world and explore new career options. 

Obviously, there are so many things you can do when it comes to being a TEFL teacher. You can teach young people or adults in language schools. You can be a normal TEFL teacher or attempt to specialise and become someone who offers business English. There are a few options to explore. You’re free to build up the career that works for you, which means that ultimately, it’s your decision what you study, how you study it and the path you take afterwards. 

We’ll always be here to help you decide and pick the right course for you. These two courses are examples because they provide everything you could need to be a good TEFL teacher. The 180-hour course on its own would give you all you needed to build whatever kind of career you so chose, but with the 300-hour course, you get an even more diverse and comprehensive education. The beauty of what we offer is that you’re free to pick. 

Regarding future plans, we don’t expect you to know what you want to do from the beginning. That would be unfair when you’ve got a whole industry in front of you and little understanding of what to do with it. Instead, we try to focus on the idea that you can pick and choose, and we do everything we can to help you make that choice. 

We offer plenty of courses here at the TEFL Institute. It’s not just about the two we’ve discussed – although they are pretty great. We have so many courses covering a range of different ways to teach. You can filter based on length, complexity, and any other criteria.

At the end of the day, the best online TEFL course for you is whatever course works for your future plans. We will help you to figure it all out and do our best to support you – we’re committed to giving you the best support possible because we know how difficult it can be to make a decision sometimes – we want to support you in the right way. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We’d be more than happy to talk to you and offer some wisdom.

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